Monday, 25 April 2016

National Team Trials: The province has been determined.

The 2015 Protea eSports Team that attended the 7th World Championships - Seoul
The 2016 season has seen no less than 210 gamers qualify for the National Team Trials to be held on 4 June 2016.

The majority of those that  qualified reside in Gauteng with a close second being the Western Cape. Mpumulanga and North West came  in tie third. It  is hoped that 2017 will  see Western Cape wrest the trials down to Cape Town.

At this moment in time, it can thus be revealed that the Trials shall be held in Gauteng. MSSA is awaiting clubs to revert to MSSA as  to their ability to host such Trials.

However MSSA is delighted in the increase in both standard and quantity of gamers.

For the team events alone (CS: GO, DotA 2, and League of Legends) there are no less than 38 teams that made the grade.
Those that qualify represent 6 out of the nation's 9 provinces, proving that MSSA's  development programmes are bearing  fruit.

The  expense and effort  incurred by MSSA in hosting events  in areas which others  consider to be not worthwhile, is a vital part of creating a greater groundswell upon which eSports  in South  Africa will be able to build a bigger and better future.

National Team Trials details
Hosting Club
  •  Date: 4 June 2016
  • Game Titles: CS:GO, DotA, FIFA, HearthStone, LOL, SC, TTT II
  • Entry Fees: Nil. Only those who have qualified may participate.
  • Entries: Clubs must use the entry form on Google Drive to enter their teams/players.
  • Computers: Will be provided. Please bring your own peripherals.

All those who have qualified for National Team Trials, they must have the following at the date of Trials:
  1. A valid passport,
  2. A signed Contract, and
If under 18:

  1. An unabridged birth certificate, and
  2. A consent form signed by both parents giving permission to travel.

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