Friday, 15 December 2017

MSSA's media benefits all member clubs.

With the launch of MSSA's Tuluntulu Channel, MSSA has started a closed group on Facebook -

The purpose of the group is to help all member clubs with creating their content.

The Tuluntulu Channel is only for member clubs, and as long as content from member clubs is in line with MSSA criteria, such content shall be aired.

The channel is also 24/7, so there is a lot of possibility for you to advertise your club, and give your sponsors a little coverage.

I therefore request all members to join the page so that your club may benefit in this exciting endeavour.
The channel shall cover all disciplines offered by MSSA such as board gaming, card gaming, esports, robotics and wargames. 

A special thank you must be extended to Sheraaz Nunnian (Vice-President in charge of the channel) who has taken this project under his wing, and through his efforts will see the channel take flight.

All questions must please be put on the group page as this is a learning process - for all of us.Sheraaz Nunnian can be contacted on:

MSSA has approved its schedule for all School Provincial and National LAN championships.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has already approved the new schedule for all Premier Provincial and National esports championships.

By having every such school Premier Provincial and National championship played to the same schedule, gamers are able to become used to the schedule and the procedures enforced at such championships.

Gamers are requested to thus make themselves  aware of the championship schedule and to also note the changes in terms of games/titles hosted at such events.

The schedule is as follows:

Time StarCraft II FIFA Online Counter Strike GO
09H00 Round 1 Starts Round 1 Starts Round 1 Starts
09H45 Round 2 Starts Round 1 Continues Round 1 Continues
10H30 Round 3 Starts Round 2 Starts Round 2 Starts
11H15 Round 4 Starts Round 2 Continues Round 2 Continues
12H00 Round 5 Starts Round 3 Starts Round 3 Starts
Round 3 Continues Round 3 Continues
13H00 Lunch
FIFA Online(continued) Counter Strike GO (continued)
Round 4 Starts Round 4 Starts
Round 4 Continues Round 4 Continues
Round 5 Starts Round 5 Starts
Round 5 Continues Round 5 Continues

18H00 Awards Ceremony
19H00 Doors Close
Time Dota League of Legends (LoL) TEKKEN 7 VainGlory
09H00 Round 1 Starts Round 1 Starts Round 1 Starts Round 1 Starts
09H45 Round 1 Continues Round 1 Continues Round 1 Continues Round 2 Starts
10H30 Round 2 Starts Round 2 Starts Round 2 Starts Round 3 Starts
11H15 Round 2 Continues Round 2 Continues Round 2 Continues Round 4 Starts
12H00 Round 3 Starts Round 3 Starts Round 3 Starts Round 5 Starts
12H45 Round 3 Continues Round 3 Continues Round 3 Continues
Time Dota (continued) LoL (continued) TEKKEN 7 (continued)
14H00 Round 4 Starts Round 4 Starts Round 4 Starts
14H45 Round 4 Continues Round 4 Continues Round 4 Continues
15H30 Round 5 Starts Round 5 Starts Round 5 Starts
16H15 Round 5 Continues Round 5 Continues Round 5 Continues

18H00 Awards Ceremony
19H00 Doors Close

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MSSA's umpiring course - 20 January 2017.

One of the most important aspects of a well run championship is the consistency and standard of umpiring.

Umpiring affects every aspect of a championship, and since Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is highly cognisant of such, MSSA shall be holding a number of umpires' courses during 2018.

Such umpiring courses around the country shall ensure that umpires are certified and are fully aware of their duties and responsibilities.

The first such course shall be done as follows:

Date: 20 January 2018
Time: 9H00 - 18H00
Cost: R300.00 per person
Venue: Old Edwardian Society, 9 11th Avenue, Lower Houghton, Johannesburg

The cost will include morning and afternoon tea, and lunch.

The course shall include:
* Ethics
* Background to MSSA's systems
* Roles of the different umpires
* Entry
* Basic rules to the games
* Pairings
* Data capturing of results
* How results are further used

At the end, a test will be given, and those that pass will be accredited as umpires.

Any Registered Player who is 18 or older may register for such course through their member club.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Jonathan 'CactuarKiDD' Brown - MSSA's Western Cape Provincial Director

Jonathan 'CactuarKiDD' Brown - MSSA's Western Cape Provincial Director.
Jonathan Brown AKA CactuarKiDD is a Cape Town based esports player and the Captain of Team PlayBell E-Sports. Jonathan and Team PlayBell joined Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) in early 2017, with his teams sights set on developing the Cape Town gaming community. Jonathan and his team have set up numerous successful tournaments in Cape Town, focusing on the ever evolving fighting game community. CactuarKiDD is an avid Tekken player and supporter of the local fighting game community (FGC). Playing competitively since 2008, CactuarKiDD has continued to not only better himself as a player, but bring out the potential powerhouse of players in Cape Town who have yet to be discovered, no matter what the discipline. When he isn't doing system administration in the day, Jonathan continues do dive deep into the issues which are currently facing the South Africa's local gaming community and looks towards bringing out the potential in the next era of gamers in the country. "Gaming without a community is a self explanatory problem, it cannot happen without the efforts from all fronts, whether it be organizers for tournaments or from the players themselves. Everyone has a role to play." Jonathan looks towards making sure the Western Cape does not miss any opportunities in 2018, and will be developing players from all types of games to make sure that the Western Cape creates a strong presence in the next seasons to come. Game on! Dates for championships in the Western Cape are:
CS:GO, DotA 2, FIFA, LOL, SC, Tekken 7, VainGlory
Dota 2,
CounterStrike GO,
League of Legends,
Street Fighter V
28 & 29 APRIL
Provincial School Championships for Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo, Mpumulanga, Northern Cape, North West, Western Cape
Board and Figure games

Week ending
1st round of School League for 4 term schools.
CounterStrike: GO, DotA 2, FIFA Online, League of Legends, StarCraft II, Tekken 7, VainGlory
StarCraft II, Hearthstone
eSports (PC)
25 & 26 AUGUST
22nd WESTERN CAPE Championships

Week ending
1st round of School League for 3 term schools.
CounterStrike: GO, DotA 2, FIFA Online, League of Legends, StarCraft II, Tekken 7, VainGlory

National Schools Tekken 7 Ladder.

Connor Chaplin (Northcliff High School) - 2017 National Schools Ladder Champion for the esports  title of Tekken 7.
It looks as there is going to be fierce competition in Mind Sports South Africa's National Schools Tekken 7 Ladder.

Many experts believe that the 2017 National Ladder Champion, Connor Chaplin (Northcliff High School) will have his work cut out for him as he will no doubt be challenged by Christopher Fenton (JCS Academy), Sekele Komape (Tom Naudé) and Charlize Seremak (HTS Sasolburg). Christopher, Sekele, and Charlize are all ranked in the top 5 places in the country's senior rankings, and will no doubt prove to be worthy opponents.All gamers wishing to participate in the Ladder are requested to fully acquaint themselves of the rules (

The ladder is as follows:

National TEKKEN 7 Ladder
PosName of PlayeryearSchool
1Connor Chaplin (17)17Northcliff High School
2Austin Lee17Northcliff High School
3Itumleng Moyo17Northcliff High School
4Sune van der Merwe17HTS Witbank
5Nadine Swart17HTS Witbank
6Justin Brown16Northcliff High School
7Sean Menlo16Northcliff High School
8Dylan Cook16HTS Witbank
9Filipe Batista16HTS Witbank
10Martin Van Niekerk16HTS Witbank
11Andre van Vollenstee16HTS Witbank
12Ruben van der Merwe17HTS Witbank
13James Griffiths17HTS Witbank
14Ian Erasmus17HTS Witbank
15Dewalt Oosthuizen16HTS Witbank
16Dewald Gerber16HTS Witbank
17Lwazi Mabasa17HTS Witbank
18Ian Erasmus16HTS Witbank
19Blade Burley17HTS Witbank
20Phelang Matibula17HTS Witbank
21Korben Roos16HTS Witbank
22Bongwe Mpugwa16St Conrad's
23Rudolph Hatting16HTS Witbank
24Keano Hamilton17HTS Witbank

Other National ladders are:

National Tekken 7 Ladder.

Alasdair Donaldson (2017 National Ladder Champion)
Getting into the new year, an air of enthusiasm abounds as gamers ready themselves for new experiences, new challenges, and  new accomplishments.

The TEKKEN 7 esports title probably shows more activity than most. As a result, there are tales of elation, heartbreak, and ultimate victory.

But who will Nike (the goddess who personifies victory) favour in the 2017/2018 season. After all, she is a fickle goddess, bestowing her largesse freely and showing no favouritism while doing so.

Alasdair Donaldson (who represented South Africa in the BOO! Protea Esports Team in Busan) sits at the head of the table.

Does this mean that he will pick up the 'cheque'?

nly time will tell as the season unfolds to determine the 2018 Senior National Ladder Champion.

All gamers wishing to participate in the Ladder are requested to fully acquaint themselves of the rules (

The ladder is as follows:

National TEKKEN 7 Ladder
PosName of PlayeryearClub
1Alasdair Donaldson (17)17VexxedPhoenix
2Mxolisi Lukhele17Amplified Rebellion
3Christopher Fenton17JCS Academy
4Sekele Komape17Tom Naudé
5Charlize Seremak17HTS Sasolburg
6Hlani Khaile17HTS Sasolburg
7Dewald Gerber17HTS Witbank
8Jeremy Seremak17HTS Sasolburg
9Pieter Lourens17BNKR
10Jan Hendrik Van Aswegen17Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog
11George Griffiths17HTS Witbank
12Leighton Howells17Cambridge High School
13Kaitlyn Creighton17Master of Mind Sports
14Brian Lin17Non member
15Darryl Bruce- Smith17HTS Sasolburg
16Michael Janse van Rensburg17HTS Sasolburg
17Pieter Oelofse17HTS Sasolburg
18Tetelo Mphahele17Tom Naudé
19Gawie Fick17Fakkel School
20Mpho Ntsala17Fakkel School
21Sune van de Merwe17HTS Witbank
22Yu-Hsien Lin17North West University - Vaal
23Alastair Williams17JCS Academy
24Jarred Smith17JCS Academy
25Angelique Taljaard17HTS Witbank
26Austin Lee17Northcliff High School
27Ayanda Kumalo16Fakkel School
28Baber Abbas16Knights Mind Sports Club
29Beon Bronkhorst17JCS Academy
30Bradley Niewoudt17Masters of Mind Sports
31Bruce Burke17JCS Academy
32Carl McNeil17Cape Town Mind Sports
33Connor Chaplin17Northcliff High School
34Doreen Els17Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club
35Duncan Correira17JCS Academy
36Gordon McCormack17JCS Academy
37Gregory Haripersad16Maritzburg College
38Harkus Crause17JCS Academy
39Hugo Venter17Fakkel School
40Jacques Rossouw17Fakkel School
41Jada Whitaker17Tom Naudé
42Jonathan Schneider17Non member
43Joost Loftus17Masters of Mind Sports
44Keanu De Waal17Tom Naudé
45Leonard Loftus17Masters of Mind Sports
46Leoné Loftus17Fakkel School
47Luan Joubert17BNKR
48Marchelle van Niekerk17HTS Sasolburg
49Mark Morobane17Curro Klerksdorp
50Matthew van der Merwe16Fakkel School
51Mellie Nienaber16Fakkel School
52Michael Masikeng16Fakkel School
53Molepa Magashoa17Non member
54Moloti Magashoa17Non member
55Morizané Boyes17BNKR
56Nadine Swart17HTS Witbank
57Paula Loftus17Masters of Mind Sports
58Paulosi Makhuba17Fakkel School
59Pheello Maphumane17Fakkel School
60Phoenix Janse van Vuuren17Fakkel School
61Rion Nelson16Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog
62Robyn Gertzen17Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club
63Ronin Brookes17Sasolburg High School
64Ruan Hoffman17JCS Academy
65Ruan Visagie16Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog
66Ryan Gathita17Curro Klerksdorp
67Rynhardt Engelbrecht17Fakkel School
68Shaun Coetzee16Fakkel School
69Tertius Nel17HTS Witbank
70Tshepo Matitwane17Fakkel School
71Waldo Joubert17BNKR
72Yadav Maharaj17Maritzburg College
73Aidan Chaplin17Northcliff High School
74Khanyisa Sibanda17JCS Academy
75Ruben v d Merwe17HTS Witbank
76Keagan Gunkel17Maritzburg College
77Rudi Taute15All Stars
78Merice Ferreira17JCS Academy
79James Griffiths17HTS Witbank
80Evan van Eden17HTS Sasolburg
81Mpumi Madeou17Curro Klerksdorp
82Luhan Stoltz17HGH Witbank
83Deon Robbertse17North West University - Vaal
84Kerwinn Harischancke17Maritzburg College
85William Kruger16Fakkel School
86Wynand Janse van Rensburg17JCS Academy
87Andre van Vollenstee16HTS Witbank
88Franco Janse van Rensburg17Masters of Mind Sports
89Tyrique de Bruin16Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog
90Armand Botha17Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog
91Xavier Ferreira17JCS Academy
92Kristen Cockeran17Fakkel School
93Eben Coetzer15HTS Witbank
94Logan Ortmen16Northcliff High School
95Brandon Merrington17Maritzburg College
96Khahliso Malape16Fakkel School
97Joel van Wyk17All Stars
98Owen Lotter16Affies Sasolburg
99Reinier v Wyk17JCS Academy
100Cale Barry17Uplands College
101Keanu de Waal17Tom Naudé
102Panda Botha17JCS Academy
103Durandt van Dyk17JCS Academy
104Alwyn van Wyk16Maritzburg College
105Berginkgosi Lukhele17Amplified Rebellion
106Martin Dippenaar17HTS Sasolburg
107Simoné Otto17Tom Naudé
108Phengo Madzivhandila16Masters of Mind Sports
109Bradley Duckham17Maritzburg College
110Keanu de Waal17Tom Naudé

Other National ladders are: