Friday 20 January 2017

MSSA's senior StarCraft II rankings

Edwin Williams at MSSA's 2016 Gauteng Championships.
With the 2016 year  having drawn to an end, MSSA has updated its rankings.

Only players who have competed in MSSA events are included in such rankings.

It is more than encouraging to see an increase in the number of female gamers, which will in the the long term, create greater impetus to the growth of esports.

The rankings are as follows:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1Edwin Williams16BDOG515.6
2Marcus Alberts16BDOG342.2
3James Lu15NCLF321.8
4Rowan Hammond15White Rabbit320.9
5Gideon Hefer16KMSC240.7
6Daniel Froneman15MC221.8
7Pieter Piek16BDOG215.6
8Devon Hutchinson15VnR206.2
9Lourens de Jager16BDOG196.8
10Marc Magon16BDOG186.2
11Carl van Staden16BDOG173.3
12MorizanĂȘ Boyes15BNKR150
13Riaan Kruger16HGH150
14Kelvin Yang15NCLF126.6
15Beyer Kotze15HTS125
16Jaco Botha15HTS112.5
17Nathan Anderson15KMSC100
18Aidan Smale16OE100
19Jarod van Biljoen15St Conrads100
20Stephen Brooks15TMSC84.4
21Angie Magon16BDOG84.4
22Chad Schuleman16BDOG84.2
23Damien Avis16HGH75
24Dana Coleman15BNKR75
25Dewalt Oosthuizen15BNKR75
26Erna Wedemeyer16BDOG62
27Brandon Ypenburg15NCLF56.3

Other rankings published by MSSA are:

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