Saturday 23 November 2019

Nigerian Esports Federation meets Thomas Bach of IOC.

Nigerian eSports Federation President, Mr Agbor Clinton (left) about to shake hands with Thomas Bach (IOC).
All competitive esports athletes concerned with having esports accredited as a sport hope that esports will soon be admitted in to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).  The International Olympic Committee IOC President Mr Thomas Bach while in Nigeria chatted with the President of Nigeria eSports Federation, Mr Agbor Clinton, in Abuja, Nigeria on this very subject.

IOC President, Mr. Thomas Bach,  was on a two day visit to Abuja, Nigeria, where he was heard to express some of his views on eSports  and speculated on possible inclusion of esports being incorporated  in to the IOC by his successor.

Nigerian eSports Federation presenting a banner
 According to Agbor Clinton, the IOC President stated that he was not certain when esports might be incorporated into the Olympic Games, but was confident that it will one day after he is out of office.

Correspondent, Adeline Shuri, who was at the MKO Abiola national Stadium,also reported that Nigerian eSports Federation also presented a banner welcoming the IOC President with the inscription, "Nigeria eSports Federation Welcomes Mr IOC President, the number one sports Icon in the world to Nigeria, a great sport nation",

The delighted IOC supremo then presented an Olympic souvenir to the president of Nigerian eSports Federation, Mr Agbor Clinton, as a symbol of friendship. Mr Agbor Clinton, the president of the Nigerian eSports  Federation described the gesture and  informal conversation as being fruitful  in nature and being of long-term interest for the development of esports in Nigeria and in the world at large.

Mr Agbor Clinton is extremely confident that one day the IOC will open its doors to the esports fraternity, is of the opinion that the journey has already began for that actuality.

Nigerian eSports Federation has put in place many activities that will drive support for esports , and now holds inter state, college and zonal qualification tournaments. Nigerian eSports Federation is also attempting to establish esports centres in major cities in Nigeria.

Through the efforts of Nigerian eSports Federation esports competitions have been widely accepted by both parents and students due to the fact that the top three winners from schools will have their  tuition fees paid for.

Nigerian eSports Federation has a data base of over three million active esports players with the majority of them being students.

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