Monday 25 November 2019

S A Nationals - the most important championship in South Africa.

Irvine Williams (HTS Sasolburg) 2018 SA National Champion and SA Ladder Champion for FIFA '18.
Mind Sports South Africa's SA National Championships to be held on 7 and 8 December 2019 are the most important championships on the South African calendar.

Any player witshing to qualify for selection to the South African National Squad, from which the South African National Protea Team) shall be selected must participate at such SA National Championships. Of course there are exceptions in certain cases, but in such cases, MSSA must be contacted prior to the event. 

Minors, of course are given greater lee-way due to the legalities surrounding their legal poisition, and are given a second chance for attenndance purposes through  the SA National School Championships. However, it must be borne in mind that MSSA's SA National School Championships are held after the closing date for applications for selection to be submitted, thus MSSA's 2019 SA National School Championships count towards 2020 selection, and MSSA's 2020 SA National School Championships shall count towards selection of the 2021 National Squad.

Not only does MSSA's SA National Championships have a vital role towards the selection of the Protea Esports Team, but it dictates which games/periods/esports titles may have Protea teams selected. 

If a game/period/esports title is already played at Provincial and National Championship level, and is not played at MSSA's SA National Championships, then MSSA may not select a Protea team for such game/period/esports title. Such rule puts the success of the game/period/esports title in the hands of those that play.

At such MSSA's SA National Championships the National winner of the SA Ladders are also determined. The Ladders are important due to the fact that players/teams cannot be selected for the South African National Squad unless they are ranked in the top ten of such ladder at the time that the selection process begins.

So, if you have any hopes of representing South Africa as a member of the official Protea Team for Board games, Esports, or Wargames, you need to be at MSSA's SA National Championships.

Details are as follows:
Hosting Club: Fakkel School
Venue: Fakkel School, 20 Jan Smuts Ave., Sasolburg
Date7 & 8 December 2019
Entries: All entries must be entered onto the club's Google  Drive before or on 8 November 2019. Clubs must use the entry form on Google Drive to enter their teams/players. The entry form can be found on The entry form must be downloaded completed and e-mailed to

For further information, please contact

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