Saturday 21 September 2019

Earning Provincial Colours at S A National Championships.

Many board games, esports and wargames athletes will be fighting for their provincial colours this December.
Mind Sports South Africa's SA National Championships (SAN) provide Registered Players with an additional opportunity to earn Provincial Colours.

Currently there are three ways in which a player may earn provincial colours, being:

  • Being selected for a provincial team, and/or
  • Winning all rounds at a Provincial Championships, and/or
  • Finishing in the top 50% in a specific period (game title) at a Provincial Championship, and who also score within the top 50% at a National Championship in the same period (game title) in the same year.
Thus all those Registered Players who have just missed out on earning provincial colours during the year now have the opportunity to earn such provincial colours. For example, should a player have finished in fifth (5) place, out of ten (10) players, at a provincial championships, and then finishes in fifteenth (15) position out of thirty (30) players at MSSA's SA National Championships, then such Registered Player shall automatically be awarded Provincial Colours for the Province in which he/she is resident.

It should be noted that all MSSA's online championships and leagues are deemed to have the same standing and status of a provincial championships. Thus all those who finished in the top 50% of a MSSA online championship and/or league are able to earn their provincial colours before the year end.

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