Monday 30 September 2019

And the nominees are...

From left to right: Dr Janine Brandt, Amanda Pakade (MSSA President), Colin Webster, and Jermaine Craig (Saturday Star) on the way to GEES in October earlier this year.
Mind Sports South Africa's Management Board Awards are the longest running awards for gaming in South Africa, if not the world. The awards take into account all the various disciplines being, board gaming, esports, and wargaming.

MSSA requested all members 
to make submissions by 31 August 2019. The submissions poured in.

Quite interestingly there were multiple submissions made for the same candidates.

MSSA's Board is now following due process to select the winners for each category.

The following nominations have been received:

Mind Sports Person of the Year

  1. Dr. Janine Brandt (Valhalla)
  2. Colin Webster (Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club)
Board Gamer of the Year
  1. Saudah Bhaimia (Curro Klerksdorp)
  2. Reinder van Wyk (JCS Academy)
  3. Thabo Kgopane (NWU Vaal)
Esports Player of the Year
  1. Charlize Seremak (HTS Sasolburg)
  2. Terrance Broomberg (Curro Aurora)
Wargamer of the Year
  1. Angellah Sulamoyo (Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club)
  2. Garth Schoeman (Knights Mind Sports Club)
Team of the Year
  1. Dragons (Monument Park High School)
  2. ZAG Paladins (ZAG Academy)
Volunteer of the Year
  1. Riaan Vrey (Monument Park High School)
  2. Christiaan Botes (Helpmekaar Kollege)
  3. Dr Janine Brandt (Valhalla)
Umpire of the Year
  1. Jessie Joubert (ZAG Academy)
  2. Colin Webster (Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club)
  3. Johan Van Breda (ZAG Academy)
Coach of the Year
  1. Jessie Joubert (ZAG Academy)
Educator of the Year
  1. Hannes Esterhuizen (Curro Klerksdorp)
  2. Gary Blieden (Curro Aurora)
Writer of the Year
  1. Rolina Vorster (News Everyday)
  2. Colin Webster (OEMSC)
  3. Saturday Star
Social Media Person of the Year
  1. Raving Mad Gamerz
  2. Riaan Vrey (Monument Park High School)
Sponsor of the Year
  1. Tuluntulu
  2. North West University - Vaal
The names of previous winners may be seen on

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Sunday 29 September 2019

Theunis van der Merwe (Hoërskool Klerksdorp) shoots into second place.

Theunis van der Merwe (Hoërskool Klerksdorp) has moved up the rankings to challenge Unathi Nsimande's (Empangeni High School) grip of pole position.
With the completion of Mind Sports South Africa's NWU 9th Online Inter-School League the rankings for the esports title of StreetFighter V have changed substantially.

Newcomer, Theunis van der Merwe of Hoërskool Klerksdorp, who was previously unseeded, managed to win every single round to earn his provincial colours and walk away with the title of  MSSA's Theunis van der Merwe (Hoërskool Klerksdorp) champion for the StreetFighter V esports title.

Theunis' win places him fractionally behind Unathi Nsimande (Empangeni High School) whop still heads the rankings. It will indeed be interesting to see a face-to-face match between these two juggernauts.

The rankings for High School teams for the StreetFighter V esports title are:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1Unathi Nsimande19Empangeni High School156.2
2Theunis van der Merwe19Hoërskool Klerksdorp153.3
3Leone Loftus19Fakkel School of Skills143.3
4Hanke van Reede van Outshoorn19Empangeni High School139.4
5Rina Rene du Toit19Northcliff High School112.1
6Wernich Botha19JCS Academy110
7Dylan Naidoo19Northcliff High School108.6
8Chloe Moodley19Empangeni High School104.5
9Cebo Xaba19Empangeni High School104.5
10Kyle Rad19Parys High School104.5
11Connor Baron19Parys High School95
12Okkert Ras19Parys High School95
13Lesego Motatsi19Fakkel School of Skills95
14Michael Janse van Rensburg19HTS Sasolburg95
15Charlize seremak19HTS Sasolburg95
16Chiney wallace19HTS Sasolburg95
17Daniel Lewis19Norman Hershilwood High School94.9
18Angelo Ritumalta19Norman Hershilwood High School94.4
19Cleo Moodley19Empangeni High School90.3
20Koos Frederick19HTS Sasolburg90.3
21Jeremy Seremak19HTS Sasolburg90.3
22Zaharaa Hassan19Norman Hershilwood High School89.7
23Matthew Van Schoor19Norman Hershilwood High School85.8
24Ahmad Omer19Norman Hershilwood High School81.6
25Mia-Alyssa Abrahams19Norman Hershilwood High School77.6
26Ameer Begg19Norman Hershilwood High School77.6
27Mikaail Damon19Norman Hershilwood High School77.6
28Nolo Mokhathi19Norman Hershilwood High School77.6
29Alexander Nel19Norman Hershilwood High School77.6
30Thabiso Ranape19Norman Hershilwood High School77.6

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Saturday 28 September 2019


Chairman of various branches of Nigeria Esports Association.
The Nigeria E sports Association has been commended for championing  grass root E sports   development in the country, with the aim of making the game a national sporting event in Nigeria.

The Director of Sports in the Federal Capital Abuja, Chief Mrs Dilichukwu Onyedima made the recommendation when she played host to some executive members of the Nigeria Esports Association who visited her in Abuja Nigeria.

The FCT Sports administrator while thanking the body of Nigeria Esports Association stressed   government’s readiness to work hand in hand with the Nigeria Esports Association to move the game forward. 

Madam Delichuku further advised the members of Nigeria Esports Association to make judicious use of the opportunity  at hand to take the game of Esports to all parts of the country. Delichuku said the government will do the needful for Nigeria Esports to join the league of  Esports nations.

Delichuku then called on the Esports officials to commence Esports activities to keep the youths out of crime, and promised to donate a big television screen for the Nigeria Esports Association.

The Director of Sports in Abuja, the seat of the Federal Capital Territory, advised the Nigeria Esports Association to take the game to the national sporting festival in order for Esports to be accepted and admitted as a medal event in the National Sports Festival  in Edo State 2020.  

Earlier, the President of the Nigeria Esports Association, Mr Agbor Clinton, said they were in the Director’s Office to congratulate team FCT  over the success in the just concluded National Youths Games, which team FCT  finished ninth position.

Mr Agbor Clinton also requested   for the government’s support in the development of  Esports in Nigeria and thanked the Director for the opportunity given so far in the development of sports in Nigeria. 

The Esports President appealed to the government to ensure that   the Nigeria Esports Association in given all the necessary supports in the country which he said the Nigeria youths can exploit in Esports if given the right opportunity.

The Nigeria Esports Association President said over nineteen states has so far commenced the Esports activities under the Nigeria Esports Association.

The Nigeria Esports Association President also informed the Director that zonal competition ahead of 11th Esports World Championship in Korea 2019 will soon start across the country. 

In another development, the President of the Nigeria Esports Association, Agbor Clinton has described the MOU between SPORTFANZONE.COM as a welcome development which he said will boast the development of the game in Nigeria.

At the international level the Nigeria Esports Association has since commenced discussion to be welcomed into the international fraternity.

Writer: Adeline Shuri  Abuja Nigeria,

Dale Spolander (Northcliff High School) takes a commanding lead.

Dale Spolander (Northcliff High School) leads the national rankings in leaps and bounds.
2019 was the first year that the esports title Clash Royale was played in official South African Championships.

The title attracted a good following, and the standard improved from tournament to tournament.

Thus there is little surprise that Dale Spolander (Northcliff High school) has taken a commanding lead. Dale has proved to be diligent, hard working, and a dedicated player. From finishing in 3rd place at MSSA's Gauteng Provincial Championships, and then went on to win MSSA's SA Schools' National Championships as well as MSSA's Online School League.

So it is that Dale Spolander has manager to break through the magical 500 point barrier, being the only athlete to do so.

If Dale can build on the firm foundations that he has laid for himself in 2019, it is expected that Dale will be a major force with which to be reckoned.

The rankings for High School teams for the Clash Royale esports title are:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1Dale Spolander19Northcliff High School509.6
2Carlos Kori19Northcliff High School305.6
3Terrance Broomberg19Curro Aurora243
4Kian Daries19Norman Hershilwood High School235.7
5Liam Moodley19Northcliff High School211.3
6Daniel Lombard19Monument Park High School195.1
7Jayden Grobbelaar19Hoërskool Randburg193.2
8Luan Raubenheimer19Hoërskool Klerksdorp184.8
9Willem Broodryk19Parys High School181.3
10Dayaan Matthews19Norman Hershilwood High School173.3
11Tyreke Michael19Northcliff High School168.6
12Immanuel Swart19Hoërskool Klerksdorp157
13Aidan Vorster19Curro Aurora140
14Jeandre Viljoen19Parys High School135.5
15Herschelle Ncube19Hyde Park High126.4
16Peter-John Floris19Norman Hershilwood High School124.4
17Wickus Lubbe19Parys High School109.6
18Emrou Martin19Norman Hershilwood High School103.9
19Josh Naidoo19Northcliff High School103.8
20Thammy Ndlovu19Northcliff High School102.2
21Rivaan Ramdass19Hyde Park High97
22Michael Naidoo19Northcliff High School89.3
23Michael Pienaar19Northcliff High School85.5
24Rohil Shivaay Poorun19Northcliff High School85.5
25Nolo Mokhathi19Norman Hershilwood High School81.6
26Haedon Prinsloo19Norman Hershilwood High School81.6
27Khumo Mononyane19Hyde Park High80
28Dylan Nagel19Norman Hershilwood High School67.8
29Wesley Lee19Hoërskool Klerksdorp64.5
30Daniel Lewis19Norman Hershilwood High School63.5

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