Tuesday 10 September 2019

Preventing dominance by any one club.

MSSA's President, Amanda Kwaza, experiencing VR at GEES. Amanda is vigilent in defending MSSA's Constitution.
A number of Registered players and member clubs from time-to-time express the fear that due to the democratic nature of Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), that a cabal of only one or two clubs will be able to dominate the Management Board.

It is highly unlikely that any one club will dominate MSSA’s Management Board because every member club that is fully-paid-up is not only able to propose candidates for election, but are also able to vote to decide which candidate is elected.

Voting at a General Meeting is done by representation. A non school club receives one (1) vote for every five (5) paid up registered players, and school clubs receive one (1) vote for every ten (10) paid up registered players.

However, should any member club manage to get a greater amount of representation on the Management Board, it could be attributed to either the candidates being more popular, more competent, and/or more willing to take on the duties of office.

It should be noted though, that the Constitution also has a mechanism built into it to prevent any one club from gaining control over MSSA.

The mechanism is:

“Rule 9.7 No member shall be allowed to have more than 40% representation on the Management Board if other members have delegates who are standing for the available positions.”

MSSA’s Management Board has 18 positions. The 40% limit means that no club may have more than 8 members on the Management Board if other clubs have candidates standing for the Management Board.

It is in every member club’s best interests to ensure that no one club has too much representation on the Management Board. Too much representation by any one member club may lead to a clique on the Management Board which in turn may push the member club’s interests more than the interests of MSSA.

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