Friday 6 September 2019

Janine wows GEES.

Five time Olympian, Charmaine Crooks seen together with Dr. Janine Brandt of South Africa.
International Esports Federation's Global Esports Executive Summit (GEES) was without a doubt the pinnacle of all esprts summits held.

While it is true that all the speakers present were extremely knowledgeable and erudite, none stood out quite so much as Dr. Janine Brandt.

Janine's presentation, "Esports: Mutually beneficial or equally detrimental" was well received by the entire audience. Associate Professor of St. John's University, was heard to enthuse that her presentation had, in fact, laid out the entire syllabus for study. There is no doubt that much of her presentation will be copied and used in future summits and conferences around the world.

Janine then participated in the panel discussion, "How esports can support physical and mental well being", and again demonstrated her vast insight and knowledge on the subject.

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