Monday, 1 March 2021

OCA Confirms AESF As Technical Delegate for Esports at 2022 Asian Games

The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF) have announced the introduction of ‘Road to Asian Games,’ the official qualifier program for esports at Asian Games, starting with the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. 

This news comes with the reconfirmation that the AESF takes charge of all the matters of technical conduct for esports at Asian Games as the sole Technical Delegate. The AESF will also be responsible for selecting the esports event titles to be contested for the qualifiers and finals at Asian Games and make the final confirmation on the selected titles in collaboration with the OCA. 
As the exclusive organizer of ‘Road to Asian Games,’ the official qualifier program and esports competition at Asian Games, the AESF will oversee the qualifying and final tournament structure for all esports events at Asian Games including the responsibility to identify the finalists for their respective esports event titles through regional qualifying competitions as part of the campaign. The campaign will begin in Hangzhou 2022, and with AESF to continue the organization of Esports through to Nagoya 2026, Doha 2030 and beyond. 
With esports making its debut as an official medal sport at the 2022 Asian Games, this campaign will lay the foundation in bringing the Olympic Values and Movement to esports to Asia as well as the world. In addition, as part of the program, the AESF plans to include virtual and simulating event titles to the ‘Road to Asian Games’ and finals competition as a demonstration event, which will further encourage and expand the esports scope from traditional titles which are recognised as console, computer or mobile esports game events. 
More than just an esports event, the ‘Road to Asian Games’ and finals at the 19th Asian Games shall exhibit the growth of esports from competitive gaming event to an official sport event.  Moreover, the ‘Road to Asian Games’ will play the important role to introduce a direct pathway that allows publishers to be part of Asian Games. This initiative will be the first of its kind to bring fair and equal opportunities to all publishers and advance esports developments not just for Asia, but worldwide.
Furthermore, the 'Road to Asian Games’ campaign will also include a focus on grassroots development, inclusion programs, career pathways, health and wellbeing support, as well as athlete’s rights and protection. As part of the Asian Games community outreach, the AESF will deliver and execute the ‘AESF Experience Program’ with full support from the OCA where AESF will aim to connect esports with athletes, fans, and local communities. This initiative will include a plan of an esports zone at the Asian Games Athletes Village, OCA House, and Fan Zones.
To officialise the partnership for the ‘Road to Asian Games’ campaign and the confirmation on the roles and responsibilities of AESF, an official Signing Ceremony was held with the OCA Director-General Dr. Husain AHZ Al-Musallam, OCA Director of Sports Mr. Haider A H E Farman, AESF President Mr. Kenneth Fok, and AESF Director-General Mr. Sebastian Lau in attendance. 

Commenting on the partnership, Director General of OCA Dr. Husain AHZ Al-Musallam declared “It is a great pleasure to officially announce our partnership between OCA and AESF for the new esports program for our Asian Games and OCA will provide full support for successful esports events at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China. We wish the best to our partner AESF on the journey ahead.”
Echoing Dr Husain’s sentiments, AESF President Kenneth Fok added “I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the continuous support and trust from the OCA. I believe that the Asian Games presents the best stage for us to share Olympic Values with the esports community and we aim to make our esports communities develop further through this opportunity. Also, we look forward to a successful collaboration with OCA as well as LOC.”
This collaboration not only marks another milestone in AESF’s continuous effort to drive esports forward, but also as testament to our constantly growing reach and network. The OCA has entrusted the AESF again with a major undertaking which would shape the world of esports for many years to come. The AESF welcomes this challenge and looks forward to delivering a momentous and unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

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Freedom of association.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) received the following question:

"Is it possible for a team within an unaffilated MGO to affiliate with MSSA and not the whole MGO?"

If a team is a member of a MGO (Multi Gaming Organisation), and such MGO does not want to affiliate, but the team within such MGO wishes to play in MSSA events in order to take advantage of MSSA events and to hopefully be selected for the South African Protea Esports Team.
Any team may affiliate itself to MSSA as a private club. A club only needs at least three individual members in order to constitute itself as a club, as, according to South African law, multiplicity of membership is required.

The biggest stumbling block, for some, may be that their current MGO has a contract in place which specifically prohibits the person from representing another club. All gamers should be aware that the South African Constitution (Chapter 2, section 18) enshrines the individual's right to freedom of association. This extends to esports as much as it does to anything else. Thus, such contracts, may very well be illegal as such contracts may very well be in conflict with the rights afforded to an individual by South Africa's Constitution. Should any athlete have any questions in this regard, please contact  

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National Ladder Champions

The amount of work behind the scenes  at  MSSA's SA National Championships (SAN) is truly phenomenal, for not only must the administration ensure the swift running of the most  prestigious championship in the country, but it must also keep an eye on the other awards  that have to be  made such as the award of colours and the determination of the National Ladder Champions.

The Ladder has a greater significance in Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) with the requirement that any player that wishes to be selected needs to be ranked in the top ten of such ladder.

Only a Registered Player that is ranked in the top ten positions on the ladder, may automatically qualify for National Team Selection. It is therefore vital for any player wishing to be considered for national team selection to actively participate in the Ladder.

The Ladder works on a system of challenges throughout the year in order to give clubs the opportunity to improve their teams/players' playing skills outside of the normal MSSA championships. The Ladder allows teams/players' to experiment with new tactics, combinations, etc.

Registered Players, through the Member Club to which they are affiliated, may challenge any Register Player on the ladder. Any Registered Player so challenged has 5 days within which to respond and play the match. Such rule allows the ladder to retain its dynamic nature and stops the challenged Registered Player from delaying unnecessarily. 

Even players within a club may challenge other club members as long as officiated by the club and done in terms of the ladder rules.

However, any 
Registered Player challenged during any official MSSA event while both such Registered Players are participating in such event, and are paired by the umpire to play against each other, must play such challenge. This means that any or all games in a MSSA Derby, Regional, Provincial, and/or National Championships may also count as ladder games.

The full rules for the ladder may be found here: 
Important changes to MSSA's Inter-Club Ladder rules.

The full list of the SA National Ladder Champions are:

National Ladder Champions
TitlesCategoryName of player or teamClub
PremierColin WebsterOld Edwardian Mind Sports Club
High Schools - MaleElwyn JonesOld Edwardian Mind Sports Club
CheckersPremierMelikaya NonyukelaVultures Draughts Club
Clash Royale
PremierWillie van RensburgHoërskool Klerksdorp
Premier - FemaleAnneke LourensHoërskool Klerksdorp
High Schools - MaleHenco VolschenkHoërskool Klerksdorp
CounterStrike: GO
PremierZAG CS:GOZAG Academy
SchoolsHBSRedhill High School
DotA 2
SeniorPr0NHSNorthcliff High School
SchoolsPR0NHSNorthcliff High School
PremierJonas LorseOakhill School
High Schools - MaleJonas LorseOakhill School
PremierAidan Vorster and Kyle VorsterZAG Academy
High Schools - MaleAidan VorsterZAG Academy
Primary Schools - MaleKyle VorsterZAG Academy
League of Legends
PremierTeam GLCCurro Grantleigh
High Schools - MaleTeam GLCCurro Grantleigh
PremierSaudah BhaimiaCurro Klerksdorp
High Schools - FemaleSaudah BhaimiaCurro Klerksdorp
PremierBooImplodeBoo Games
High Schools - MaleVikingsHigh School Zwartkops
PremierNaeem ThomasPES Society
High Schools - MaleAndile SibandaPES Society
Street Fighter V
PremierTheunis van der MerweHoërskool Klerksdorp
Premier - FemaleLeone LoftusFakkel School of Skills
High Schools - FemaleLeone LoftusFakkel School of Skills
High Schools - MaleTheunis van der MerweHoërskool Klerksdorp
Tekken 7
PremierJonathan BrownTeam PlayBell
Premier - FemaleCharlize SeremakZAG Academy
High Schools - FemaleChiney WallaceHTS Sasolburg
High Schools - MaleMichael Janse van RensburgHTS Sasolburg

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Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Entries to championships


The 2021 year is full swing.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has ensured that no gamer will be left behind, and together with its member clubs will put on a number of championships that may cover more titles than ever before through its Derby, Regional Championships, Provincial Championships, National Championships, and Inter-Regional and  Inter-Provincial Test Matches.

The first three events are:

EventDate of EventDate of EntryVenue
2nd WESTERN CAPE Online Championships27 February23 FebruaryOn-line
On-line Inter-school Provincial Championships6 March2 MarchOn-line
29th Old Edwardian Summer Championships13 &14 March8 MarchOld Edwardian Society, 11 Ninth Ave., Lower Houghton

The entry form may be found on Google Drive.

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