Saturday, 19 October 2019


The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) wishes to remind stakeholders that it is seeking nominations for 2020 for the Chairs of four (of its five) Standing Committees, which report into WADA's Executive Committee (ExCo) and Foundation Board (Board) and act as advisory committees, providing guidance for the Agency’s programs.

The current Standing Committee Chair terms end on 31 December 2019. This public call applies to the following four vacancies:
  1. Athlete Committee
  2. Education Committee
  3. Finance and Administration Committee
  4. Health, Medical and Research Committee
The deadline to submit applications for the Athlete Committee is 24 October 2019; and, for the other Standing Committees is 1 November 2019.

The successful candidates will take office on 23 January 2020 [the date that WADA’s ExCo will approve the nominations]; and, their terms will conclude on 31 December 2022; after which, candidates may reapply to continue for two further three-year periods.

The term of the Agency’s Compliance Review Committee Chair also concludes on 31 December 2019; however, this role will be filled via a different process due to a stricter requirement for independence. The newly formed Nominations Committee will be responsible for recruiting, reviewing and vetting the candidates for this specific position, and for setting the related processes.

Standing Committee Chair Role
Below, WADA is pleased to provide links to the revised Role Description/Position Profiles and Terms of Reference for each of the Committee Chair positions, which outline the scope of work and detail the functioning of the respective Committees. How to apply

With the exception of the Athlete Committee, applications for the other committees must be forwarded by Friday, 1 November 2019 to Mr Olivier Niggli, WADA Director General, (c/o e-mail: or fax: +1 514 904 8743).

In the case of the Athlete Committee, the closing date to submit applications is Thursday, 24 October 2019. This special timeline is required as the WADA Athlete Committee will be reviewing the applications, which is not the case for the other committees.

All nominations must include the following:
  • a maximum one-page cover (motivational) letter;
  • an updated curriculum vitae, which fully captures the candidate’s experience and expertise;
  • letters of endorsement from at least two members of WADA’s Board (one representing the Olympic Movement and one representing the Public Authorities); and
  • a signed declaration of independence form.
Any questions can also be directed to Mr Niggli, c/o Ms Chinnarassen.

Governance Reforms and Independence

In 2017 and 2018, WADA carried out a governance review, which resulted in a series of reforms that were endorsed by WADA’s Board in November 2018; including, that certain independence criteria be applied to some governance roles.
Accordingly, the Chair of each of these four Committees will need to meet the following requirements of WADA’s General Standard of Independence as stipulated below:

"An individual is considered independent when he/she remains free of undue influence, is independent in character and judgment and there are no relationships or circumstances which to an informed third party could affect, or could appear to affect, the individual's judgment."

About WADA

Formed in 1999, WADA is an international independent agency composed and funded equally by the Sports Movement and Governments of the world. As the global regulatory body, WADA’s primary role is to develop, harmonize and coordinate anti-doping rules and policies across all sports and countries. Its key activities include: ensuring and monitoring effective implementation of the World Anti-Doping Code and its related International Standards; scientific and social science research; education; intelligence and investigations; and building anti-doping capacity with anti-doping organizations worldwide.

WADA’s vision is a world where all athletes can compete in a doping-free sporting environment; and, the Agency’s mission is to lead a collaborative worldwide movement for doping-free sport.

WADA is composed of a 38-member Board, which is WADA’s supreme decision-making body; a 12-member ExCo, which is WADA’s ultimate policy-making body and several Committees. The Board and ExCo are composed equally of representatives from the Sports Movement and Governments. The Board delegates the actual management and running of the Agency, including the performance of activities and the administration of assets, to the ExCo.

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Closing date for clubs to bid to host events - 1 November 2019.

A MSSA provincial championship in full swing.
All clubs that are fully-paid-up and affiliated to Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) have the opportunity to host any MSSA event. Such events include: 
  • Coaching courses,
  • Umpires' courses,
  • Regional Championships,
  • Provincial Championships, and 
  • National Championships.
The closing date for such bids is 1 November 2019, and must be directed to . However, should there not be sufficient bids for an event, MSSA reserves the right to extend the date for such bid or to even just hold the event itself.

The ability for clubs to host is part of MSSA's policy of developing and strengthening member clubs.

By hosting events, member clubs are able to gain much needed publicity and ensure that their members are afforded the opportunity of participating in MSSA events.

Only clubs within a province may bid to host a provincial Offline championship, whereas any club may bid to host a national Offline championships.

The proposed calendar of events for 2020 may be found at:

The rules for the hosting of National and Provincial events is covered by the regulations.

For further details please contact

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Monday, 7 October 2019

High School rankings for DotA 2 are out...

Oakhill in game mode.
With the results of Mind Sports South Africa's NWU 9th Online Inter-School League having been processed, new rankings for DotA 2 for High Schools have been determined.

In order to protect the health and mental wellbeing of the learners, school teams all play from school, or at least another accredited venue, with an Educator (or accredited umpire) present. Such rules enforces good conduct and substantially reduces the risk of cheating. At the same time, the school is able to further promote its own ethos.

SAHETI retains top position, with Paul Roos Gimnasium and Oakhill College being in second and third position.
Paul Roos Gimnasium can be proud of their achievement in having two teams ranked in the top five. 

The rankings for High School teams for the DotA 2 esports title are: 
PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
2PRG DOTA 219Paul Roos Gimnasium208.8
3Team Theory18Oakhill College202.4
4PRG DOTA A19Paul Roos Gymnasium166.2
5Bishops Dota 1st team18Bishops College151.9
6Northwood DOTA18Northwood High151.9
7PRIDE18Parktown Boys151.9
8SJC Eagles18St John's151.9
9Immortal Forces18Hudson Park Primary School151.9
10Oakhill [Mr Project]17Oakhill College151.9
11Grey High Gaming17Grey High School151.9
12WYSIWYG17Jeppe High School for Boys151.9
13Sacred Heart 117SACRED HEART151.9
14HTS Witbank17HTS Witbank151.9
15MC DOTA17Maritzburg College149.7
16KES I18King Edward VII137.5
17PR0NHS19Northcliff High School125.4
18e-Squad18Hudson Park Primary School100.7
19Curro Klerksdorp18Curro Klerksdorp106
20Grey High Seconds17Grey High100
21Curro Roodeplaat19ZAG Academy100
22Sacred Heart 217SACRED HEART75
23EagleTeam18Hudson Park Primary School75
24Hoërskool Warmbad18Hoërskool Warmbad75

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Friday, 4 October 2019

Swedish qualifiers are open for registration...

Do you want to play for the Swedish national team in the IESF World Championship 2019

Register at SESF:

We are looking a swedish citizen who want to represent Sweden in the World Cup in Dota2, Tekken 7 and PES 2020!

The national team squad is going to represent Sweden at the 11th IESF World Championship in Seoul, Korea, December 11-15, 2019 with travel and accommodation paid.

Thursday, 3 October 2019


IESF President, Colin Webster, shall be speaking on behalf of esports.
The 11th edition of the ASPC Forum on Elite Sports will be a unique opportunity for everyone that works in the field of elite sports to learn about integrative performance, leadership and management models in elite sports – among many other relevant challenges such as woman in elite sports or Esports.

International Esports Federation (IESF) will be represented by IESF President, Colin Webster.

Events such as these further confirm that IESF has made great strides in having esports accepted as a true sport.

For those who wish to register please go to:

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

High School rankings out for Paladins.

Monument Park High School is the top ranked school for the 'Paladins' esports title.
With Fortnite having an age restriction of 16, the game was dropped for use in schools by Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) as unsuitable for learners.

The game of Fortnite was replaced by the exciting esports title of Paladins. The game is as competitive and is far more age appropriate as it only has an age restriction of 12.

There is no doubt that those promoting esports must always take cognisance of the mental and physical welfare of those playing in their events.

Having a lower age restriction, the esports title allows schools to add greater depth to their teams by starting team members off at an earlier age and then coach them over a number of years to vastly improve the standard of play.

Thus with Paladins only having been played as a competitive title in South Africa in 2019, it is most gratifying to see how well teams and schools have taken to the title.

No school team has taken to the title as well as that of team 'Dragon Gaming' of Monument Park High School.

The team has won both Western Cape Provincial Championships as well as MSSA's SA National Schools' Championships.

Having also won MSSA's 9th Online Inter-School Championships, team 'Dragon Gaming' has taken a well deserved lead in the official national rankings.

The rankings for High School teams for the Paladins esports title are:

PosName of TeamyearSchoolPoints
1Dragon Gaming19Monument Park259.2
2Another Bosch Boys Team19Bosch Boys252.1
3The Salty Bunch19Curro Mount Richmore200.1
4Arcturus19Hoërskool Randburg187.1
5Hyde Park19Hyde Park High113.5
6Normies Paladins A19Norman Hershilwood High School106.1
7GINX19HS Parys90.3
8Normies Paladins B19Norman Hershilwood High School75

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Monday, 30 September 2019

And the nominees are...

From left to right: Dr Janine Brandt, Amanda Pakade (MSSA President), Colin Webster, and Jermaine Craig (Saturday Star) on the way to GEES in October earlier this year.
Mind Sports South Africa's Management Board Awards are the longest running awards for gaming in South Africa, if not the world. The awards take into account all the various disciplines being, board gaming, esports, and wargaming.

MSSA requested all members 
to make submissions by 31 August 2019. The submissions poured in.

Quite interestingly there were multiple submissions made for the same candidates.

MSSA's Board is now following due process to select the winners for each category.

The following nominations have been received:

Mind Sports Person of the Year

  1. Dr. Janine Brandt (Valhalla)
  2. Colin Webster (Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club)
Board Gamer of the Year
  1. Saudah Bhaimia (Curro Klerksdorp)
  2. Reinder van Wyk (JCS Academy)
  3. Thabo Kgopane (NWU Vaal)
Esports Player of the Year
  1. Charlize Seremak (HTS Sasolburg)
  2. Terrance Broomberg (Curro Aurora)
Wargamer of the Year
  1. Angellah Sulamoyo (Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club)
  2. Garth Schoeman (Knights Mind Sports Club)
Team of the Year
  1. Dragons (Monument Park High School)
  2. ZAG Paladins (ZAG Academy)
Volunteer of the Year
  1. Riaan Vrey (Monument Park High School)
  2. Christiaan Botes (Helpmekaar Kollege)
  3. Dr Janine Brandt (Valhalla)
Umpire of the Year
  1. Jessie Joubert (ZAG Academy)
  2. Colin Webster (Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club)
  3. Johan Van Breda (ZAG Academy)
Coach of the Year
  1. Jessie Joubert (ZAG Academy)
Educator of the Year
  1. Hannes Esterhuizen (Curro Klerksdorp)
  2. Gary Blieden (Curro Aurora)
Writer of the Year
  1. Rolina Vorster (News Everyday)
  2. Colin Webster (OEMSC)
  3. Saturday Star
Social Media Person of the Year
  1. Raving Mad Gamerz
  2. Riaan Vrey (Monument Park High School)
Sponsor of the Year
  1. Tuluntulu
  2. North West University - Vaal
The names of previous winners may be seen on

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