Monday, 19 November 2018

Oh, to be S A National Champion.

MSSA's Protea Esports Team at the Athletes' briefing at IESF's World Championships - Kaohsuing City. Such participation is only made possible through participation at MSSA's SA National Championships.
All Registered Players are reminded that MSSA's South African National Provincial Championships are an open championship. 

It is such S A National Championships (SAN) where the national titles are awarded, and where the final positions for the SA Ladders are decided.

However, more importantly, it is at the SA Nationals where it is decided in which periods (game titles) South Africa will officially compete in international competition.

MSSA may only select Protea Teams for periods which are played at the SA National Championships. It is through such system that MSSA is able to give control to the very athletes that it serves to be the deciding factor. There is, however, an exception for new periods (game titles) that are accepted during the year for inclusion in a World Championships.

You may contact MSSA at

Details are as follows:
  • Board gaming:
  • Esports:
  • Wargaming:
Hosting Club: Fakkel School
VenueFakkel School, 20 Jan Smuts Ave., Sasolburg
Date1 & 2 December 2018
Entries: Clubs must use the entry form on Google Drive to enter their teams/players.

Member clubs must enter their teams/players on the Google Drive page.

The 2018 Calendar of Events may be viewed here.

The draft Calender of Events for 2019 may be viewed here.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Ensuring gender equity in esports.

Amanda Pakade - MSSA President (left), Hsu Pei-Ching - CTeSA President (centre), and Salome de Bruyn - NeSA (right).
Over the years Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has pushed hard for gender equity.

Through such efforts, MSSA was the first organisation in Africa to hold championships for females, and is the only national federation for esports in the world that has constitutionalised the need for gender equity. MSSA is also the only national federation that has female members of its national esports team every single year from 2012. The 2018 team, sponsored by Partnermedia, North West University (NWU), and ZAG Academy, was no different.

Despite MSSA having made great achievements in the field of gender equity in South Africa, MSSA's efforts to ensure gender at an international level are seemingly being met with apathy.

As a result, at IESF's Ordinary General Meeting(OGM), only three national federations present had female delegates. Such member federations were Chinese Taipei (CTeSA), Namibia (NeSA), and South Africa (MSSA).

MSSA's proposal to greater enforce gender equity at an administrative level was, rather disapointingly, defeated. However, Amanda Pakade (MSSA President) remains upbeat that the motion will pass in future years.

IESF's numbers swell.

Delegates representing all IESF's member federations at the 2018 General 
International Esports Federation (IESF) is a non profit association consisting of member national federations. With 53 members across every continent, IESF is the only organisation that can truly claim to be the largest membership based esports organisation.

Yet the numbers continue to grow as more-and-more nations see the benefits of participating in an organised structure.

Every year new Esports National Federations apply for membership. In 2018 the following six countries were awarded full membership status by IESF at the Ordinary General Meeting (OGM), being: 

  • Japan (Japan eSports Union), 
  • Mexico (Mexican eSport Association), 
  • New Zealand (New Zealand eSports Federation), 
  • Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic & Intellectual Sport), 
  • Slovakia (Slovakia Electronic Sports Association), and 
  • United States of America (United States eSports Federation). 

Saturday, 17 November 2018

The eagle has landed.

Vlad Marinescu - Pesident of the United States of America eSports Federation (left) shakes hands with Colin Webster - President of the International Esports Federation (right).
It has long been held by a number of sporting codes that unless China, Russia, and the United States actively participates at World Championship level, then the sport, despite all its accreditation, is not a real sport.

Both Russia and China have been members of International Esports Federation (IESF) for a number of years, and ensured the upward improvement of standards from year-to-year.

However, at last, the USA has made an entry.

Without the bling and fanfare, for which the USA is famous, the United States of America eSports Federation was accepted into membership at IESF's Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) which was held on 10 November 2018 at Kaohsuing City.

The president of the United States of America eSports Federation is none other that Vlad Marinescu.

Vlad is a past Secretary General of GAISF and is absolutely committed to the growth of esports at every level, and has the belief that esports has  the ability to be a real game-changer in the years to come.

There is no doubt, that with the United States eSports Federation now a  member of IESF, the stakes have been raised.

Marisa van der Westhuizen selected to be the Protea Esports flag-bearer.

Marisa van der Westhuizen proudly bearing our beloved South Africa's flag.
There is little doubt that to be 'the' flag-bearer at an official international sporting event is indeed an honour.

MSSA's Protea Team was sponsored by Partnermedia, North West University (NWU), and ZAG Academy.

MSSA's flag-bearer is an outstanding person who bears South Africa's beloved flag honouring it above all others.

Thus the selection of Marisa van der Westhuizen to bear South Africa's flag at the Opening Ceremony of the 10th World Championships has very much honoured Marisa. 
Marisa is the first female gamer to have ever served as the flag-bearer at a IESF World Championships, as well as being the first female captain of a Counter-Strike: GO esports team at a IESF World Championships.
As South Africa's flag-bearer, Marisa joins a veritable group of who's who in international esports.

Previous South Africans who served as flag-bearers are Gregory Wessels (2017), and Taylor Rose (2015, and 2016).
Dignatories that attended the opening ceremony include members of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), sponsors, Chinese Taipei and Kaohsuing City officials, publishers, and of the International Esports Federation.

Colin Webster Elected as New President of IESF

Colin Webster giving the opening address at IESF's 10th World Championships - Kaohsuing City.
The 2018 International Esports Federation's General Meeting (GM) took place on November 10th at the ‘TESL Arena’ in Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei, during IESF's 10th Esports World Championship (WC).
Colin Webster, former IESF Board Member and General Secretary of Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), was elected as the new President of IESF to serve the role for the remaining term of presidency, which is until 2019 GM. Mr. Colin Webster has been with the IESF Board since 2013, and has been actively involved in promoting esports as a fully accredited sport, conducting dialogues with various traditional sports stakeholders.

In fact, 
Mind Sports South Africa was the first national federation to be accepted as a member of a National Olympic Committee, and MSSA was able to award Protea Colurs to its teams as far back as 2005.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

A day filled with promise...

MSSA's CS:GO team standing in front of the main stage on day 1.
Day one showed fierce competition and multiple upsets in the results. MSSA's Protea CS:GO Team (sponsored by Partnermedia, North West University, and ZAG Academy) faced off against Russia and Japan in their group. Losing to both they will not advance through to the Top 16.

In League of Legends, Group C, Israel managed to secure a win over Denmark. The South African League of Legends team will thus advance into the Top 16 out of the group stages along Israel who topped group C. With the last matches of the group phase concluded the South African League of Legends team is set to go up against Finland at 04:30(South African time.) Finland topped Group F after emerging victorious against Saudi Arabia and Namibia.

Day 2 will also see Alasdair Donaldson start his group stage journey for TEKKEN 7.
Alisadair Donaldson

Schedule for Day 2:

LOL          - South Africa vs Finland at 07:00
TEKKEN 7 - South Africa vs Saudi Arabia 05:00
TEKKEN 7 - South Africa vs Chinese Taipei 05:30
TEKKEN 7 - South Africa vs Philippines 06:30

For pictures of the event see our Facebook album that will be updated throughout the event.

Friday, 9 November 2018

A hard fought victory!

The Protea League of Legends team in action vs Denmark
Game 1 saw Mind Sports South Africa's Protea Team (sponsored by Partnermedia, North West University, and ZAG Academy) lose against an aggressive Israeli team in the best of one group stage. The team however showed great composure as they readied themselves to face Denmark in game 2.

After adjusting to the low latency and the roaring arena at the tournament they went into their clash against Denmark with determination and great mental acumen. The match against Denmark lasted over 45 minutes and saw the lead change hands time and time again. After an aggressive power play in the final moments South Africa caught Denmark off guard and secured the victory.

The match between Denmark and Israel will determine the teams fate. If Denmark loses against Israel in game 3 the South African League of Legends team will advance into the top 16. Will Israel continue to push forward or will Denmark be able to force an upset?

Find out in the next update for day one.

Further schedule for day 1(Schedule has been delayed due to technical difficulties)

CS:GO     - Game 1 - South Africa vs Russia @ 07:00
CS:GO     - Game 2 - South Africa vs Japan @ 14:00

*All times are South African local time (GMT +2)

On day 2 Alasdair Donaldson will start his competition in TEKKEN 7 by squaring up to Saudi Arabia at 05:00.

For pictures of the event see our Facebook album that will be updated throughout the event.

Carpe diem!!!

South African League of legends team.
From left to right: Maalik Rawoot, Stephen Pretorius, Donovan De Klerk,
Kyle Taylor and Brett Whitehead
The moment has arrived. Today South Africa will be measured against the best from around the world. The South African Protea Team (sponsored by Partnermedia, North West University, and ZAG Academy) will start off the day with its League of Legends team facing off against Israel at 04:00 to start their journey in the 10th IESF Group Stage. Israel is sure to put South Africa to the test in this mammoth clash in a best of one.

The South African Protea Teams are prepared and the stage is set.

The whole of South Africa is rooting for our League of Legends team and the rest of our athletes participating later in the day. We wish them the best of luck!

Further schedule for day 1:

LoL          - Game 2 - South Africa vs Denmark @ 05:00
CS:GO     - Game 1 - South Africa vs Russia @ 07:00
CS:GO     - Game 2 - South Africa vs Japan @ 14:00

*All times are South African local time (GMT +2)

On day 2 Alasdair Donaldson will start his competition in TEKKEN 7 by squaring up to Saudi Arabia at 05:00.

For pictures of the event see our Facebook album that will be updated throughout the event.

Monday, 5 November 2018

Curro Aurora affiliates to Mind Sports South Africa.

Amanda Pakade (MSSA President) welcomes Curro Aurora into the family.
Without doubt the Curro group of schools are forward thinking and endeavour to leave their mark on all aspects of education. Curro is the market leader in the provision of quality education in South Africa. Curro's goal is to develop responsible, independent and proud individuals, who will make a positive contribution to society. 
Curro Aurora believes that their core business is to nurture tomorrow’s leaders today.
 Combining their concept of a complete educational offering (academic rigour and enrichment, sports, cultural pursuits, learner leadership initiatives, community-building projects to clubs and societies) together with a commitment to embrace relevant technologies, Curro Aurora provides every learner with a golden opportunity to excel.

Thus it is with great pleasure that Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) welcomes Curro Aurora into membership.
Curro Aurora is situated in Taurus Road, Sundowner, Randburg, 2188 and and adds yet another school to the many schools in Gauteng already affiliated to MSSA.  
There are already three other Curro schools affiliated to MSSA, namely, Curro Klerksdorp, Curro Grantleigh, and Curro Durbanville.
Curro Klerksdorp in fact has already produced five members of the National Squad for the DotA 2 esports title.

There is no doubt that 
Curro Aurora will have a long and fruitful relationship with MSSA.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Partnermedia partners up with the Protea Esports Team.

Hansie du Plessis (Partnermedia) shakes hands with Amanda Pakade (Mind Sports South Africa).
There is never a shortage of companies desireous to sponsor a Protea Esports Team. After all South Africa has been represented at every IESF World championships since 2009. Thus MSSA always ensures that it has the right partnership for its Protea Esports Team.

Partnermedia has proven itself to be the perfect fit for MSSA.

Together Partnermedia and MSSA will further develop esports in South Africa on an unprecedented scale.

The vision that Partnermedia and MSSA is shared equally by both organisations, and are equally enthusiastic about the future of esports in South Africa.

Thus Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is proud to announce that 
Partnermedia is now an official part sponsor of South Africa's National Protea Esports Team that shall attend IESF's 10th World Championships - Kaohsuing City.

Past rankings of the South African team is as follows:

2017Busan – South Korea12th
2016Jakarta – Indonesia14th
2015Seoul – South Korea12th
2014Baku – Azerbaijan13th
2013Bucharest – Romania10th
2012Cheonan – South Korea18th
2011Andong – South Korea13th

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Saturday, 3 November 2018

South Africa has some tough matches looming.

IESF's group pairings.
International Esprots Federation did its group draws on 2 November 2018.

At previous IESF World Championships, the draw was aways done on the night before the commencement of play, but in 2018 it was changed (one of many such changes) to create a better world championships.

By doing the draw ahead of time, it has allowed many of the teams to strategise and further prepare for their upcoming matches.

However, there are no easy matches at the 'Worlds', and Mind Sports South Africa's players have their work cut out for them.

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North-West University sponsors South Africa's Protea Esports Team.

The North-West University is proud to be associated with the Esports Protea team.

Being ranked in the top 5% of universities globally by the QS-rankings and contributing the second largest number of graduates to the South African labour market annually, North-West University always strives to be associated with innovative and new initiatives and in the development of sporting codes.

The rate at which Esports has developed over the past years, and the initiatives that has been taken to formalise and develop international leagues, is something the NWU prides itself in which to be involved. As part of our involvement and in collaboration with all the partners we are looking to further develop the sport in schools across South-Africa.

Already NWU has made a substatial contribution to MSSA in hosting the 2017 and 2018 Sedibeng Regional Championships, as well as producing a three members of MSSA's national squads in various mind sports disciplines.

It should also be noted that NWU is the first university to sponsor esports in South Africa, and is the first university to sponsor a national esports team attending IESF's World Championships. Amanda Pakade, MSSA president, believes that the sponsorship thus speaks directly to NWU's innovative and progressive attitudes.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) welcomes aboard on this fascinating journey and is  confident that together, MSSA and NWU will be able to add even greater value to esports in South Africa.

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Friday, 2 November 2018

ZAG Academy sponsors the Protea Esports Team.

ZAG Academy turns gamers into athletes.
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is proud to annouunce that ZAG Academy is now an official part sponsor of South Africa's National Protea Esports Team that shall attend IESF's 10th World Championships - Kaohsuing City.

ZAG Academy’s aim is to grow esport in South Africa at grassroots level and to transfer that growth over to premier level esports. ZAG Academy supply a comprehensive esport support service providing everything from coaching and infrastructure to administrative support.

ZAG Academy ensures a sustainable environment for growth in South African esport by imposing a model within the industry where experience gained at the top levels are directly relayed into the grassroots. This approach ensures that they seed the next generation of top esport athletes within their program. This has been proven over the past few months through the enormous success of their pilot program. In 2018 their pilot program produced 16 members of MSSA’s National Squads. 

With exceptional results and an unwavering commitment to growing esports, ZAG Academy has already established themselves as one of the major players in South African esports.

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Thursday, 1 November 2018

IESF Group Draws to be streamed.

IESF's 10th World Championships shall be hosted by CTeSA - Kaohsuing City.

International Esports Federation (IESF) has made the decision to do the Group Draws prior to the teams departing for IESF's 10th World Championships - Kaohsuing City.
This will certainly help teams go in better prepared as the teams will have the time to consider strategies and tactics.

Certainly Mind Sports South Africa's official Protea Esports Team will have a great deal of time on the long flight from South Africa to Chinese Taipei to discuss the group draw at length.

Group Drawing will be held prior to 
IESF's 10th World Championships on the IESF Twitch channel (
Details are as follows:
Date: 2nd of November 2018, Friday (15H00 ~ 17H00 CST)
 ~  24H00 South African time).
Platform: IESF Twitch TV
Teams participating: League of Legends - 26 teams,  CounterStrike: GO - 26 teams,  Tekken 7 - 32 Players

You all know you want to watch.

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Curro Durbanville joins the fold.

Without dout the Curro group of schools are forward thinking and endeavour to leave their mark on all aspects of education. Curro is the market leader in the provision of quality, parallel- and dual-medium independent school education in South Africa. Curro's goal is to develop responsible, independent and proud individuals, who will make a positive contribution to society. 

Thus it is with great pleasure that Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) welcomes Curro Durbanville into membership.

Curro Durbanville is situated in Sonstraal Heights (1 Memento Drive) and welcomes English and Afrikaans boys and girls from 3 months old up to Grade 12. 
There are already two other Curro schools affiliated to MSSA, namely, Curro Klerksdorp, and Curro Grantleigh.
Curro Klerksdorp in fact has already produced five members of the National Squad for the DotA 2 esports title.

There is no doubt that Curro Durbanville will have a long and fruitful relationship with MSSA.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Gearing up for 2019.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is gearing up for one of its biggest years ever.

2019 is pregnant with possibilities, and MSSA is aiming to take advantage of every single opportunity. MSSA's Management Board is enthusiastic and excited about 2019

Thus with MSSA's new financial year starting on 1 November 2018, MSSA again reminds all member clubs that they need to have paid their fees by 1 November 2018 should the member club wish to:

Member clubs also need to have paid their fees before the AGM should such Member Club wish to vote.

In order to count as paid-up, all a club has to do is have paid its annual affiliation fee of R100.00 and the Registration Fees of at least 3 players.

It is that easy...

Vote on which game title you want to see played in 2019.

Registered Players are invited to have their say.
Even though Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) takes direction from its member clubs, MSSA still believes that it is important to listen directly to its players.

For such reason, the Players' Representative is directly elected by Registered Players (please see: The position of MSSA's Players' Representative is up for election at the 2018 SA National Championships.) in order to ensure that the member clubs truly represent th
e interests of their Registered Players, and to ensure that MSSA's Management Board also represents the wishes of the Registered Players.

It is for such reason that MSSA is also polling Registered Players for the choice of esports game titles to be played at the various levels of championships.

Thus there is a poll for the Premier, Student, and High School Championships and Leagues.

The polls may be found at:

  • Premier:
  • Student:
  • High School:
Only ten game titles shall be selected, so have your say.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

An official Student Esports Championship is to start in 2019.

North West University is a loyal supporter of MSSA and already has racked up a number of records.
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) the organisation which is South africa's official national Federation for esports is about to create another first.

MSSA is renown for being a frontrunner which others attempt to emulate. Just some of the areas that MSSA has taken the lead are as follows:

  • the first official online league in 2005,
  • the first school league,
  • the first school online championships,
  • get esports accredited as a sport in 2005,
  • send its first esports team as Proteas in 2005,
  • start the first competition for females,
  • become the first organisation to hold offline championships in more provinces and regions than any other,
  • become the only organisation to hold esports championships every year since 1998, and
  • have the only truly democratically elected committee.
However, MSSA is about to embark on another first.

2019 will see MSSA run its first official intervarsity championships.

The championship is only open to clubs that are recognised and legally allowed to use the name of the Universities at which the students study.

Already, MSSA is busy preparing to revise its rules to ensure that no student is left behind, and that all students who are at a tertiary level institution may partake in such championships whether they play only for the university or for another team as well.

For example, such rules will effectively allow a player who normally competes for a team like White Rabbit but also for Wits University (if such athlete is a registered student at Wits).

The championships shall also count towards Student Provincial Colours as well as for eligibility for MSSA's 2019 National Team Trials (NTT).

It is at the 2019 NTT that MSSA shall select the official Protea Team to attend IESF's 11th World Championships.

Monday, 22 October 2018

Protecting the rights of member clubs.

By protecting the rights of member clubs, the athletes' rights are also protected.

The greatest fear that a number of Registered players and member clubs has it that only one or two clubs will dominate Mind Sport South Africa’s Management Board.

It is highly unlikely that any one club will dominate MSSA’s Management Board because every member club that is fully-paid-up is not only able to propose candidates for election, but are also able to vote to decide which candidate is elected.

However, should any member club manage to get a greater amount of representation on the Management Board, it could be attributed to either the candidates being more popular, more competent, and/or more willing to take on the duties of office.

It should be noted though, that the Constitution also has a mechanism built into it to prevent any one club from gaining control over MSSA.

The mechanism is:
“Rule 9.7 No member shall be allowed to have more than 40% representation on the Management Board if other members have delegates who are standing for the available positions.”

MSSA’s Management Board has 16 positions. The 40% limit means that no club may have more than 6 members on the Management Board if other clubs have candidates standing for the Management Board.

It is in every member club’s best interests to ensure that no one club has too much representation on the Management Board. Too much representation by any one member club may lead to a clique on the Management Board which in turn may push the member club’s interests more than the interests of MSSA.

Currently the 2018 Management Board members are:

Amanda Pakade
Knights Mind Sports Club
Leonard Loftus
Masters of Mind Sports
Johan van Breda
ZAG Academy



Colin Webster
Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club
Blair Hamberger
ZAG Academy
Joseph Matlhong
NWU Vaal Mind Sports
Paula Loftus
Masters of Mind Sports
Angelique Ramos
Terence Allwright
Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club

Carl Holliday
Pretoria Boys High School
Twane Tollemache
ZAG Academy
Jason Batzofin
Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club

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Nominating Registered Players.

The nomination form.

Making a nomination is the right and duty of every one of Mind Sports South Africa’s member clubs.

This makes MSSA quite unique in South African sporting circles as a Registered Player may rapidly rise in MSSA’s administration.

Such policy means that MSSA is always open to new ideas and is able to respond to the fast changing world in which it operates.

Thus any registered player who wishes to roll up his/her sleeves get involved in order to to make a difference is welcome to do so.

The positions all come with roles and responsibilities and all officials are expected to manage and execute their portfolios.

Thus all Registered Players should contact MSSA for such duties before they stand so that an educated judgement call can be made.

However, it should be noted that when an elected office-bearer asks for help, all others do lend a willing hand. After all, this is our passion, all elected officials want MSSA to succeed, grow and prosper.

Please remember that nominations must be submitted by 1 November 2018.

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Nominating Registered Players for the position of MSSA President.

Amanda Pakade - MSSA's current president.

Although every club may nominate Registered Players for positions on the Management Board, the Selection Committee, and for Provincial and Regional Directors, only one position is ‘ring-fenced’. Such position is that for the position of MSSA president.

Nevertheless, even though the position of MSSA president is ‘ring-fenced’, every member club may still nominate eligible candidates for such position, and may still vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the valid nominations.

Only Registered Players who have already fully served all their full terms for which they were elected to the Management Board may then stand for the position of MSSA president.

Even individuals who are no longer registered, but who meet the criteria and register before the 1 November 2018 deadline are able to stand for the position. In total there are 26 individuals who fall into this category.

A full list of current Registered Players may stand for the position of President are:
  • Carl Holliday
  • Amanda Pakade
  • Era Schoeman
  • Garth Schoeman
  • Colin Webster
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Conduct of elected officials.

Johan van Breda (foreground left) discusses the pairings with Esmari Swart (foreground right).
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is fully committed to good governance and transparency.

With MSSA being a democratically run organisation, officials are nominated by member clubs. Sometimes officials are the best that one can hope for in terms of knowledge base, and sometimes the newly elected officials require a little assistance.

However, all officials need a guide by which to conduct themselves in carrying out MSSA’s affairs.

MSSA, being a member of SASCOC prescribes to the pledge as determined by SASCOC for officials and has made it a requirement for all officials to agree to before assuming their duties and responsibilities.

There is nothing worse than when an official makes use of MSSA’s knowledge base for his/her own personal benefit, or for the benefit of a different organisation. Such acts may indeed be considered to be criminal and may be in violation of several Acts of Parliament. In fact, MSSA takes a very dim view of such types of activity and always takes relevant action in such cases once it has enough evidence to lay criminal charges.

Fortunately, MSSA is blessed with many officials who have a high level of ethics and duty. This is largely due to the member clubs having total control over the nominating process, and due to the fact that every member club has the right, if not duty, to vote for the officials who are to lead MSSA.

Nominations for MSSA’s positions must be submitted by 1 November 2018.

The pledge for all MSSA’s officials is as follows:
  • Do my best to ensure that all athletes are given an equal opportunity to participate, regardless of gender, ability or ethnic background.
  • Discourage any sport program from becoming primarily an entertainment for the spectators.
  • Ensure that all programmes, equipment and facilities are safe and appropriate to the athletes ages and abilities.
  • Make sure that the age and maturity levels of the children are considered in program development, rule enforcement and scheduling.
  • Remember that participation is done for the athletes own sake and ensure that winning is kept in perspective.
  • Ensure that the code of ethics is distributed, understood and agreed upon by, coaches, athletes, and officials.
  • Ensure that coaches and officials are capable of promoting fair play as well as the development of good technical skills, and encourage them to become certified.
  • Promote and develop the game by sharing knowledge and experience.
  • Administer all issues relating to the sport in the best interest of the sport and not for my personal gain.
  • Educate and ensure that high standards of risk management are maintained.
  • Educate athletes to respect other cultures and beliefs.
  • Keep athletes and officials updated on protocol of other countries where they may compete.
  • Keep relevant information confidential.
  • Not to misuse my position or information for my own benefit.
  • Conform to my federation’s code of conduct.
  • Show common courtesy towards participants/players, other administrators, coaches, spectators, technical officials, press and sponsors.
  • No administrator shall at any time give, make, issue, authorize or endorse any public statement which will have or design to have, an effect prejudicial or detrimental to the best interest of the National Federations or sport in general.
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