Thursday 20 December 2018

Esports titles to be played at MSSA 2019 Student Championships.

North West University is an active participant in MSSA events.
On 6 April 2019 Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) shall be  holding its Provincial Online Student Championships.

The online championships are an official event for students and are designed to cater exclusively for students who attend tertiary educational institutions.

The championships shall allow players not only to earn medals, but also enable students to earn student provincial colours.

The colours shall be based upon residency, so even if a Registered Player is originally from Louis Trichardt, but is studying at Stellenbosch as a boarder, such player may earn Western Cape student provincial colours.

Due to students already being of the age of  majority (18 years and over), MSSA is able to run the championships in many of the esports titles that have age restrictions that would otherwise preclude many other athletes from competing.

The online championships shall be done in all the following esports titles:

aCS GOPC,5 v 5
bCall of Duty – Black Ops 4PS45 v 5
cFortnite – Battle RoyalPC/console4 v 4
dPaladinsPC5 v 5
eFIFA ‘19PC1 v 1
fDota 2PC5 v 5
gLeague of LegendsPC5 v 5

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