Monday 3 December 2018

And the 2018 Management Board Awards are awarded to...

Back in 2009, Mind Sport South Africa (MSSA) started its Management Board Awards which takes into review the period 1 October to 30 September of each year.

The Awards were designed to recognise the contribution made by those who gave selflessly, and/or made an impact, to the promotion of the various types of gaming under the jurisdiction of MSSA.

The list is a veritable 'who's-who' in South African gaming.

Even though some of the 'names' have moved on to further their prospects in business, Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) shall always fondly remember the winners and the incredible contribution that they made towards gaming.

Special thanks must be extended to Tamzyn Pamplin of MyComLinkTamzyn Pamplin of MyComLink, has won the press award for two years in a row.

The support given by MyComLink, to all sports, is truly phenomenol, and is very much appreciated.

The Management Board has agreed to award the following:
Award Recipient Club/organisation
Mind Sports Person of the Year: Jessie Joubert ZAG Academy
Board Gamer of the Year: Chanel De Wet JCS Academy
Computer Gamer of the Year: Marisa van Der Westhuizen ZAG Academy
Wargamer of the Year: Terence Allwright Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club
Volunteer of the Year: Johan van Breda ZAG Academy
Mind Sports Writer of the Year: Tamzyn Pamplin MyComLink
Best Sponsor of the Year: TULUNTULU

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