Thursday 28 July 2016

IeSF partners with Alisports

Internationale-Sports Federation (IeSF) has announced a partnership, so called ‘Exclusive Strategic Partnership’, with
Alibaba Sports Group (Alisports) in Shanghai, China on July 26, 2016.

Alisports and IeSF first met in Beijing early this year. Although, it is a quite short period time to make something concrete between the two different parties, it quickly became clear that both parties shared the same vision on future goals which quickly enabled IeSF and Alisports to reach consensus for such partnership.

There are three specific goals which both shared.
  • First, both parties want to have a tournament in which both amateur e-Sports players and professional e-Sports players can participate. By pursuing this objective, IeSF will fully endorse WESG Game Series initiatives.
  • Second, both parties shall work together to have e-Sports accredited as a sport.
  • Last but not least, both parties will create the unique IP necessary to support the aims and objectives as mentioned in the above points.

IeSF’s World Championship’s journey started in 2009, thus IeSF now has the necessary know-how, experience, resources and more in terms of operating tournaments as well as having global coverage through its 47 member National Federations. These various strengths from IeSF will support the World Electronic Sports Games, WESG, hosted by Alisports to be a tournament which can benefit e-Sports players, fans, and officials.

IeSF has put great efforts to enter International Sports Society. IeSF has been approved as one of the official signatories of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in 2013. IeSF is currently an international member of The Association For International Sport for All (TAFISA) and IeSF is approved as counterpart for e-Sports discipline by Olympic Council of Asia (OCA). IeSF is preparing documentation to submit to International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Sport Accord at this moment. IeSF will now spread its wings to enter International Sports Society with support from Alisports.

To make sports market-oriented and gaming sports-oriented, Alisports hosts WESG with a total prize more than $5.5 million and total investment more than 1 billion yuan ($149 million), attracting e-Sports players from over 100 countries and regions in this inauguration. Meanwhile, Alisports is also planning to build e-Sports Stadiums around China, in the hope to make e-Sports become a way of life.

Alisports CEO, Mr. Zhang Dazhong addressed the gathered audience, saying: “As the most authoritative international organization in e-sports industry, IeSF has been committed to promoting e-Sports movement into the mainstream, including pushing it into the Olympic Games, which is consistent with our ideal. We are honoured to cooperate with IeSF as the exclusive global partners in the long-term. I believe the two sides will jointly promote the development of the global e-Sports industry.

IeSF President, Mr. Byung Hun Jun said “This partnership is one big step to IeSF. I believe IeSF and Alisports will maximize each other’s strength by this partnership. I also believe e-Sports Stadium can be transformed to be a fashion place for Youth. IeSF will make our all effort to be with more e-Sports fans in more countries together with Alisports from now on.”

About IeSF

The International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) is an International Union governing e-Sports globally, established in 2008. Currently IeSF retains 47 member National Federations. As e-Sports has been perceived as one of potential Sport disciplines, those National Federations are getting closer to be recognized by National Sport Authorities such as Ministry of Sport and National Olympic Committees.

Since 2009, IeSF has been hosting e-Sports World Championship every year. Also, IeSF cooperates with various International Sport Bodies. IeSF has been approved as one of the official signatories of World Anti-Doping Agency in 2013, and since then, IeSF has been operating doping control for every event. Also, IeSF is official counterpart of Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) as well as an International member of TAFISA (The association For International Sport for All).

As taking further step, IeSF is aiming for affiliation to Sport Accord. IeSF is also an officially recognized applicant for the International Olympic Committee. IeSF has received an official letter from the IOC on April 17th. IeSF will be submitting all relevant documents by August 31st 2016 and will receive the results in December.

About Alisports
Alisports, founded in September 2015, is a sports platform established with the aim of placing the entire range of services from ticketing and broadcasting rights to rights management in one hand. It devotes to building the basic sports economy platform with the thinking of Internet and developing sports business both online and offline. Alisports consequently strives to create value and make contributions to the international and domestic sports associations.

Alisports addresses the interests of both spectators and sportspersons. The utilisation of internet-based technologies will play a decisive role in the transformation of the sports industry in China. Alisports is a subsidiary company of the Alibaba Group, the largest online and mobile commerce company in the world in terms of gross merchandise volume. 

Wednesday 27 July 2016

120 Officials from e-Sports and Sports Industries to Attend Global e-Sports Executive Summit Shanghai 2016

120 officials from e-sports and sports industries will participate in the Global e-Sports Executive Summit,which will be held by International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) in Shanghai, China for 2 days, from July 30
th to July 31st.

The goal and vision of the summit is to share ideas between key stakeholders in different e-Sports industries to align understandings and ensure e-sport develops in the right direction and manner. Also the summit will involve the participation of the international sport society to openly discuss the potentials of e-Sports and its synergies it can produce together with traditional Sports.

Key stakeholders in diverse e-sports industries will be attending the summit. Games related companies, such as Blizzard Entertainment, Wargaming, Smilegate, Mail.Ru, Tencent Games, and Garena. Professional e-sports teams from NAVI and FCShalke04 have also decided to participate in such event. e-Sports peripheral companies such as Sony Interactive Entertainment and Logitech, together with live streaming companies from Twitch, SPOTV, LeSports, and sport media from SinaSports, Daily Dot, The Score will also attend the summit.

The summit will also involve the presence of key roleplayers within the international sports society. Charmaine Crooks, the 1984 LA Olympic silver medalist who was elected to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) athlete’s commissions, and an executive board member of Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), together with Vlad Marinescu, former SportsAccord general director, and Patrick Nally, who is regarded as father of sports marketing and the CEO of West Nally, will attend as a panel member of panel discussion during the summit.

The agendas of panel discussion will be;
  • e-sports, road to official sports
  • good causes, universal value, and social responsibility in e-sports,
  • athlete welfare
  • clean e-sports environment
  • -what is the platform for the next generation e-Sports and how it can change your lives, will be discussed during the summit on July 31st
We expect the Global e-Sports Executive Summit will be the place where various e-sports and sports officials could speak together on the synergy of e-sports and traditional sports. IeSF plans to host the summit as an annual event for e-sports partners to discuss e-sports development and have relationships with international sports society. We request for all e-sports partners, fans and traditional sports officials who are interested in e-sports for your continuous interests and support,” said Byung Hun Jun, President of IeSF.

<Attachment> Agenda and Panel list of Panel Discussion on Global e-Sports Executive Summit
Panel List
eSports, Road to Official Sports
Tim Reichert (FCShalke04), Colin Webster (IeSF), Vlad Marinescu (Rsportz), Jay Shin (Smilegate), Yanfei Li (WCA)
Good causes, universal value, and social responsibility in e-sports
David Yarnton (Gfinity), Magnus Jonsson (IeSF), Akihito Furusawa (Japan e-Sports Federation), Yevhen Zolotarov (NAVI), Charmaine Crooks (NGU Consultants), Pavel Varabei (Wargaming)
Athlete welfare
Spike Laurie (ESL), Alex Lim (IeSF), Charmaine Crooks (NGU Consultants)
Leonardo Ribas ( Brazil, eSports athlete)
Clean e-sports environment
Kevin Morris (Daily Dot), Anna Rozwandowicz (ESIC), Tim Reichert (FCShalke04), Sean Conroy (Genius Sports), Colin Webster (IeSF), Patrick Nally (West Nally)
What is the future platform for e-Sports and how it can change your lives
Eddy Lim (IeSF), Tom Keefer (US e-Sports Federation), Patrick Nally (West Nally), Brian So (World Mobile Games Inc.)

Monday 25 July 2016

Results of 2016 City of Johannesburg Regional Championships

Dion Du Preez
The Old Edwardian Wargames Club hosted the City of Johannesburg Regional Championships (CoJ) on 24 July 2016.

The event had players attend from seven clubs from two provinces.

Needless to say, the competition was tough.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere was almost carnival in nature.

The Ancients period saw Jason Batzofin and Terence Allwright locked in battle throughout the championship. The end result was thus a draw between the two, and, since both finished in first place, both players earned their City of Johannesburg Regional Colours.

In Morabaraba, young Dion Du Preez from Witbank annihilated all of his opponents to earn himself Nkangala Regional Colours.

The winners are:

Year Period Name Club
2016 Ancients Tie: Jason Batzofin
       Terence Allwright
St John's College
Old Edwardian Wargames
Morabaraba Dion Du Preez Witbank

Friday 22 July 2016

MSSA's first ever female Provincial Director

Paula Loftus
Paula Loftus from Sasolburg has became Mind Sports South Africa’s first female Provincial Director representing the Free State Province. 

Not only is Paula the first female Provincial Director, but Paula becomes MSSA's first ever female Provincial Director.

Paula has a long experience in sport management structures. Having actively competed in Freshwater Angling and Marathon Running, Paula brings a wealth of administrative skill to MSSA.

Testament to Paula's competitive spirit is the  fact that she earned her Provincial Colours at the first Provincial Championships in which she competed.

She is looking forward to serve the MSSA as Provincial Director and to assist all the Clubs and Players from the Free State. Paula is a passionate and gifted game player and will be a tremendous asset to the Management of MSSA.

MSSA's Athlete's Representative is off to Shanghai

Jason Batzofin - MSSA's Athlete's Representative
Jason Batzofin (St John’s Mind Sports Club) will, on Monday, 25 July 2016, fly off to Shanghai in China to attend the IeSF's Global eSports Summit on behalf of Mind Sports South Africa.

While at the Global eSports Summit, Jason will be thrown in among many of the movers and shakers in the eSports world, and will carry South Africa’s hopes, dreams and aspirations on his shoulders.
However, not all will be work.

While there, Jason will be able to attend ‘ChinaJoy’ and see all that China has to offer the gaming world. ChinaJoy is China's largest and most  prestigious digital entertainment expo whereat it is  expected that there will  be intent transactions contracted totalling USD350,000,000.00.

Jason was elected by South Africa’s senior players (those that have at least senior Provincial Colours) at MSSA’s 2015 Annual General Meeting. The position is a three year term, and may only be held by a Registered Player who has earned Protea Colours and has represented South Africa in International Competition.  

Wednesday 20 July 2016

SA eSports expanding across the globe

The President of the IeSF - Mr. Byun Hun Jun
From the 25th of July till the 2nd of August Colin Webster, the general secretary of MSSA, along with Jason Batzofin, the MSSA player's representative, will be attending the Global eSports Executive Summit in Shanghai, China. The summit will take place at the prestigious Hyatt hotel. During the summit the IeSF along with all other federations involved hope to make plans to further the development of eSports world wide and to discuss the potential that eSports can produce with the more traditional sports. 

The summit will be hosted by the IeSF. International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) is the sole international governing body representing the discipline of e-sports. In order to deliver its mission statement, to develop global e-sports standard for promoting and settling down e-sports as official sport discipline, IeSF was founded in 2008 with its 9 founding member nations with support of the Government. As IeSF is being perceived as one of the authorized international governing bodies, IeSF is further attempting to take a role in the e-sports field to enhance and upraise global recognition of e-sports.

Swimming South Africa may be about to lose its SASCOC membership

On reviewing Swimming  South Africa's Constitution dated 12 April 2015, it is clear  that  there are a number of omissions and irregularities that put such constitution at odds with not only SASCOC's Constitution, but the South  African Constitution as well.

No South African organisation may allow its constitution to conflict with the Constitution of South Africa as the Constitution of South Africa is the supreme law of the country of South Africa. It provides the legal foundation for the existence of the republic, sets out the rights and duties of its citizens, and defines the structure of the government.

One can only wonder what FINA and the IOC think about it.

Generally in the world of sport, a national federation has to get approval from the international body before such changes may be  implemented.

Has FINA then also lost the plot?

At one stage Swimming South africa had, without doubt, the best constitution out of  all  the sporting bodies, but  it  seems as though the officials and  administrators of Swimming South Africa would rather run the risk of having their  membership of  SASCOC terminated than maintain good governance.

Tuesday 19 July 2016



  1. The rules to be used are DBM version 3.2 and the official clarifications. The 2nd edition Army Lists and current errata to the lists issued by the authors. The current IWF Clarifications and Guidelines for fair play, together with the MSSA scoring system and the current IWF Army List Interpretations. We will also be using revised terrain rules (see details below).
  1. Any army from the books specified may be chosen.
  1. The cost of all generals is halved, rounding up (Reg C-in-Cs & Sub-Gens cost +10ap instead of +20ap,  Irr C-in-Cs, Sub-Gens & Reg Ally-Gens +5ap instead of  +10ap & Irr Ally-Gens +3ap instead of  +5ap).
  1. Army lists must be submitted allocating all elements including baggage to a command. They must specify the number of element equivalents and demoralisation levels for each command and for the whole army. The total army size must not exceed 200 AP. All maxima and minima (including generals and baggage) in the lists are halved, rounding up (so each army has 3 baggage elements). The list must indicate:
  • the climate, aggression factor, year, geographical region, general where relevant and all double based elements. Once an army list has been submitted
  • it may not be changed or altered other than to correct any errors. Players may only correct their errors by making reasonable changes to their list. It is not allowed to completely re-write the list, and the list checkers decision on this is final.
  1. Army lists must be submitted for checking in advance and must be received by the List Checker not later than the date specified on the notification of the event. A penalty of 2 victory points per round, for each round of the competition (at any venue), may be imposed for late submission of lists. Any incorrect list discovered after a game has commenced (after set up dice have been rolled) must be corrected prior to the next match.
  1. Players must fully define their troops as they are placed on table.
  1. Table size is 48" x 36" and players must supply their own terrain pieces.
  1. Terrain must be to an acceptable standard, and umpires will have the discretion to remove unsightly items. For the purpose of measuring the size of and placing terrain 50p is considered to be 1/2" instead of 1", i.e. all area features are half-size.
  1. Players must be present and ready to start the match at the appointed time. Where a player has a reasonable excuse for arriving late the match start will be delayed by up to 10 minutes. After which time the effected player may be awarded a win. No player will be awarded more than one bye for any reason.
  1. If a player resigns from a game at any stage after the first set up dice have been rolled
    their opponent will be awarded a win.
  1. Matches will continue until the end of the defender's turn in the current pair of bounds when time is called. Time will be called after 1 hour and 45 minutes. Players may always commence games earlier than the stated time by mutual consent
  1. The event will be adjudicated by umpires.
  1. A modified Swiss Chess system will operate throughout the competition.
  • The draw for the first game is as per MSSA Seedings.
  • The draw in all other rounds is based on the Swiss Chess System.
  1. The timetable for each venue unless specifically notified is as
  • 08:45 hours: Check in
  • 09:00 hours: 1st Round
  • 11:00 hours: 2nd Round
  • 13:30 hours: 3rd Round
  • 15:30 hours: 4th Round
  • 17:30 hours: Prize Giving

Sunday 17 July 2016

2016 City of Johannesburg Championships - 23 July 2016


11 Ninth Avenue, LOWER HOUGHTON, 2198
Tel: 011 728 7335


As one of the oldest mind sports clubs in South Africa, having been established in 1989, Old Eds (as  it is lovingly called) has remained at the forefront of promoting all the various disciplines.

The club has produced no less than five (5) world champions, and also is actively involved in the administration of the sport at national and international levels.

The club too also is the only club in Johannesburg that has hosted City of Johannesburg Regional Championships.

Such championships have produced the following winners:

Year Period Name Club
Name Club
2014 Ancients Dr Renier van Heerden Knights Mind Sports
Elishia Retief Old Edwardian Wargames
Morabaraba Merlin Love St John’s College

2015 Ancients Colin Webster Old Edwardian Wargames

FIFA ‘15 Rowan Batzofin Wits Wargames
Blair Hamberger St Andrews
Morabaraba Simphiwe Maphumulpo Zola
Boitemulo Mako Nafeng Primary School

Thus OEWC will be hosting the 2016 City of Johannesburg Championships on 23 July 2016.
The championship also counts as a qualifier for the MSSA's National Team Trials as according to MSSA's rules, the winner of a Regional Championship automatically is invited to such National  Team Trials.

Entries will close at 8H00 on 23
 July 2016. Players who wish to compete in any of MSSA's Championships are advised to complete their annual registration forms so that they may register as Registered Players as soon as possible. Late entries will be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

All gamers are reminded that the City of Johannesburg Regional Championships is an open championship. In other words any registered player is entitled to enter the championship – no matter where they live, or their category of membership. If you have any queries, please contact the MSSA.

Championship Details:
Hosting Club
Old Edwardian Wargames Club (OEWC)
  • Venue: Blue Room, Old Edwardian Society, 11 Ninth Ave, Lower Houghton, Johannesburg
  • Date: 23 July 2016
  • Game Entry Fees: R60.00 per Registered Player per Period
  • Entries: Clubs must use the entry form on Google Drive to enter their players.
  • Schedule: No LAN / PC gaming. Only Board and Console Gaming at this championships.
  • Food & refreshments: Highly reasonable prices

Ancients 200AP   DBM 3.2FIFA '16MorabarabaTEKKEN TTII
Round 19H00-10H3009H0010H00-10H4509H00
Round 211H00 – 12H3010H3011H00 - 11H4510H30
Round 314H00 – 15H3012H0014H00 -14H4512H00
Round 416H00 – 17H3014H0015H00 - 15H4514H00
Round 5
15H3016H00 - 16H4515H30
Awards shall be awarded immediately after play has ceased.

Rules and Regulations: All Rules and Regulations pertaining to eSports are available from the MSSA. Players are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with the LAN Bylaws and all Period Specific Rules. If any Player wishes to provide advice regarding the drafting of the Period Specific Rules they are encouraged to contact MSSA who will take all comments into account.

The following Medals may be awarded at the MSSA's 2016 City of Johannesburg Regional Championship:
  • PREMIER: Medals shall be awarded to the first three players who are registered players.
  • SCHOLARS: Medals shall be awarded to the first three high school scholars, provided they have not received any Premier medals.
  • WOMEN: Women will be awarded medals as per the same basis as above, that is in both categories as above.
Colours and National Team Trials:
  • Regional Colours: All Players that win their division in a Regional Championship shall be awarded Regional Colours.
  • National Team TrialsAll Players that win their division in a Regional Championship shall earn an invitation to National Team Trials in such division. National Team Trials shall be held in the event that a National Team must be selected to represent South Africa when competing in such Period in an International Championship.
Please note that times may be changed to take into account load-shedding.

Saturday 16 July 2016

2016 On-line Championships for HearthStone, and StarCraft II - 13 August 2016

Nathan Anderson in gaming mode
The MSSA is proud to announce that the 2016 On-line Championships for HearthStone, and StarCraft II will be held on 13 August 2016.

The online championships for StarCraft II has run since 2011. It should be noted that Robert Botha and Nathan Anderson both represented South Africa in the Protea eSports Team. Both performed admirably, and Nathan so far has more caps than any South African for eSports (10). The winners over  the years are:

Year Name Club
Name Club
2011 Robert ‘PandaTank’ Botha Knights Mind Sports Club

2012 Nathan “StatiC” Anderson PolarFluke
Gabriela “Gabybear” Isaacs SAHETI
2013 Radhe ‘Illidian’ Stringer Deviation Gaming
Yolande ‘ANANKE’ Williams Deviation Gaming
2014 Nathan “StatiC” Anderson Deviation Gaming
Yolande ‘ANANKE’ Williams Deviation Gaming
2015 Edwin ‘Draga’ Williams Way2Casual
Cornelia ‘lia’ Booysen Tuks

HearthStone was only run by MSSA from 2014. Barry West, the first winner, found himself called up for duty in the Protea eSports Team that participated in the IeSF's 6th World Championships - Baku. MSSA is very proud of the players who have represented South Africa at World Championship level, as they have all done so with distinction. The previous winners are:

Year Name Club
2014 Barry 'Trend' West Tuks
2015 Francois Mouton Tuks

The championship may be used by gamers to qualify for eligibility to compete in the 2017 National Team Trials should the MSSA need to choose a team for any of the above-named titles.

Tournament Structure:

As per the MSSA's rules, being:
  • If less than six players, the championship shall be a Round Robin Championship
  • If 6 to 10 players the championship shall be four rounds as played to the Swiss System
  • If 11 to 30 players the championship shall be five rounds as played to the Swiss System
  • Any player/team who is a Registered Player affiliated to a MSSA member club may enter.
Entry fee:
  • Entry is free to all full-paid-up Registered Players.
  • Only fully-paid-up Registered Players may participate in this event.
Entry date:
  • Entries need to be submitted by no later than Monday, 10 August 2016.
  • To register, a completed registration form must be either faxed to 086 672 1911 or sent as a pdf to
Medals shall be awarded to the first three gamers for both men and women in the following categories:
  • PREMIER: The top three places (1st, 2nd, and 3rd).
  • UNIVERSITY:Medals shall be awarded to gamers the first three gamers that have not won a Premier medal and who are students currently registered at any officially recognised University.
  • SCHOLARS: Medals shall be awarded to the first three learners currently registered at any officially recognised school, or home schooled, provided they have not received any Premier medals. 
  • Protea Colours: Only Players that are selected to represent South Africa in International Championships may earn National Colours if the Protea Colours Board's criteria are met.
  • National Colours: All Players that win all of their Matches at a National Championship will earn National Colours.
  • Provincial Colours: All Players that win all of their Matches at a Provincial Championship will earn Provincial Colours. All Players who score within the top 50% in a specific Period at a Provincial Championship, and who also score within the top 50% at a National Championship in the same period and in the same year, will earn Provincial Colours.
When and Where:
  • 13 August 2016
  • The first round will start at 10H00. Players shall be given 60 minutes to complete each round. 
  • Players must all be on-line at 9H00.
The championship is accredited as being of the same status as a provincial championship. This means that the championship shall be used for the following:
  • The awarding of provincial colours;
  • The awarding of medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in Premier, Under 24, and School categories;
  • The ability to qualify for National Team Trials. 
As usual Trials shall be done at a LAN venue, and the team that can best represent South Africa shall then be selected.

Shout casting:
  • The MSSA shall decide who may shout-cast the games.
  • Anybody wishing to be appointed as a Shout-Caster must apply in writing to