Wednesday 6 July 2016

International e-Sports Federation and World Cyber Arena, hold 2016 Global e-Sports Executive Summit

The International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) and World Cyber Arena (WCA) will host the 2016 Global e-Sports Executive Summit, in Shanghai, China, from July 30th to July 31st, during Chinajoy 2016, the largest digital entertainment expo and conference in China.

The Key purpose of the Summit is to share ideas between key stakeholders in different e-sports industries, to align understandings and ensure e-sport develops in the right direction and manner. Moreover, the summit involves the participation of International Sports Society members to openly discuss the potentials of e-sports and its synergies which can be produced together with traditional sports.

The Summit will be gathering of the IeSF and its National Federation members (of which  MSSA is one), key roles within e-sport companies and media, major electronic companies, e-sports athletes, and also with the involvement international sports society and discuss status and direction of e-sports.

Unlike other e-Sports gatherings, the Summit plans to openly discuss topics which are generally not dealt with. The road to an official sports, good causes, universal value, and social responsibility in e-sports, global e-sports academy and athlete welfare, and clean e-sports environment, are some of the key agendas to be in discussed during the Summit. Various Sports officials will also be part of the discussion to give insights of explanations on how it has been done in traditional sports.

IeSF expects the Global e-Sports Executive Summit to be of great relevance and opportunity for all organizations involved in e-Sports to gather, share, and exchange thoughts in order to reach a consensus for the development of e-Sports.

“We hope that the different stake holders of e-Sports will be able to share the same vision by the end of the Global e-Sports Executive Summit, for future e-Sports development” said Mr Alex Lim, Secretary General of IeSF. “We also look forward to the participation of International Sports Society members, to enlighten the possibilities and potentials of e-Sports. Hopefully different sessions of the Summit will support the e-Sports recognition of SportAccord and IOC. IeSF Plans to hold the Summit on an annual basis to constantly communicate with various stakeholders and also lead e-Sports under a consensus based direction.”

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