Wednesday 13 July 2016

SUPER LEAGUE – update 12 July 2016

Simphiwe Maphumulo (MSSA President) and Colin Webster
The Super League is an opportunity for wargamers, in the Senior Section, to battle each other for the honour to be crowned as the best player throughout the season. The top three players shall be awarded medals at the South African National Championships.
Those players that have qualified to participate in the National Team Trials, for the Senior Team, in the current and previous season (1 January to 31 December) are automatically entered into such league.
Points are awarded at provincial and national championships.
At provincial championships points are awarded as follows:
10 points for a win, 9 points for second, 8 points for third, 7 points for fourth, 6 points for fifth, 5 points for sixth, 4 points for seventh, 3 points for eighth, 2 points for ninth, 1 point for tenth. Each participating player who finishes after 10th position in a Provincial event shall also earn 1 point.
Participating players that umpire a Provincial Championship shall automatically receive 5 points.
At national championships points are awarded as follows:
20 points for a win, 19 points for second, 18 points for third, 17 points for fourth, 16 points for fifth, 15 points for sixth, 14 points for seventh, 13 points for eighth, 12 points for ninth, 11 points for tenth, 10 points for eleventh, 9 points for twelfth, 8 points for thirteenth, 7 points for fourteenth, 6 points for fifteenth, 5 points for sixteenth, 4 points for seventeenth, 3 points for eighteenth, 2 points for nineteenth, and 1 point for twentieth. Each participating player who finishes after 20th position in a National event shall also earn 1 point.
Participating players that umpire a National Championship shall automatically receive 10 points.
Current standings (as 12 July 2016):
Name Club total
Colin Webster OE 25
Ewan Retief  OE 20
Terence Allright  OE 15
Jason Batzofin STJ 10
Sean Barry  RP 9
Jacques Getzner KMSC 9
Elishia Retief OE 8
With the standings so close it is any ones call as to who will top the table in December. There are still four opportunities for players to participate this year:
Western Cape: 26 and 27 August
Eastern Cape: 24 and 25 September
Limpopo: 29 and 30 October
Nationals: 3 and 4 December
The next opportunity for players to better their standings is at Western Cape on the 26th and 27th of August.

Dust off you dice, sharpen your swords, spears, arrows and all other spiky things and get to the next tournament!

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