Thursday 28 November 2019


The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is pleased to announce that as of today, Athlete Central, the Agency’s new App that facilitates athlete compliance with Whereabouts rules under the global anti-doping program, is available for use and download from the Apple Store and Google Play. Athlete Central, which is powered by WADA’s Anti-Doping Administration & Management System (ADAMS), replaces WADA’s current App that has been operational for a few years and required modernizing.

Whereabouts rules, which are a key component of global sport’s crucial out-of-competition testing programs, are part of the International Standard for Testing and Investigations. The rules require a limited number of top-level athletes within a Registered Testing Pool (RTP) to provide their Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) with details of where they can be found for one hour every day.

WADA Director General, Olivier Niggli, said: “We are very pleased that WADA’s launch of Athlete Central will dramatically improve and facilitate the athlete experience in complying with their Whereabouts requirements. The new app will allow WADA and ADOs to better support clean athletes, who want to be able to compete on a level playing field. Since the inception of Whereabouts rules, these rules have been modified and improved to make them more user-friendly and less intrusive while retaining their impact. Today, we can proudly say that we have gone one step further in WADA’s mission to lead a collaborative worldwide movement for doping free sport.”

To better understand the needs of its key beneficiaries – the athletes, Athlete Central was developed taking careful consideration of their feedback. WADA’s project team solicited athletes’ views actively and received 2,500 unique submissions that then shaped the App’s specifications. In addition, in the lead-up to today’s launch, some ADO staff tested the App and a significant number of active athletes have been trialing it to file their Whereabouts. WADA also provided a demo of Athlete Central to interested athletes and other participants of the Agency’s Fifth World Conference on Doping in Sport, that was held from 5-7 November in Katowice, Poland.

WADA Deputy Director, Standards & Harmonization and Principal, ADAMS Advancement, Stuart Kemp, said: “This is a significant milestone in the ADAMS ‘Next Gen’ project and athlete feedback was paramount in delivering what we believe is a new, easy and secure way for athletes to provide their Whereabouts. Features such as location-based address recommendations, dashboard, push notifications and Single Sign-On (SSO), will positively impact the way athletes provide Whereabouts information, making it easier to comply anytime, anywhere. We hope Athlete Central meets athletes’ expectations and we look forward to delivering the next modules of ADAMS ‘Next Gen’ to the anti-doping community.
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 About ADAMS

ADAMS is a secure and free, web-based system that centralizes doping control-related information such as athlete Whereabouts, testing history, laboratory results, the Athlete Biological Passport, Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs) and information on Anti-Doping Rule Violations.

In 2017, significant upgrades to ADAMS’ underlying infrastructure laid the foundation for the complete rebuild of ADAMS, which will serve all athletes and anti-doping stakeholders better going forward. Referred to as ‘Next Gen’ ADAMS, the rebuild prioritizes mobility of ADAMS use, enhanced connectivity, reliability and performance, as well as general usability. All of ADAMS’ new features are also designed with privacy, information security, and transparency for end users as a priority.

Planning and development of ‘Next Gen’ ADAMS first focused on the development of Athlete Central. Other modules are to follow, which WADA will communicate to stakeholders in due course.

Monday 25 November 2019

S A Nationals - the most important championship in South Africa.

Irvine Williams (HTS Sasolburg) 2018 SA National Champion and SA Ladder Champion for FIFA '18.
Mind Sports South Africa's SA National Championships to be held on 7 and 8 December 2019 are the most important championships on the South African calendar.

Any player witshing to qualify for selection to the South African National Squad, from which the South African National Protea Team) shall be selected must participate at such SA National Championships. Of course there are exceptions in certain cases, but in such cases, MSSA must be contacted prior to the event. 

Minors, of course are given greater lee-way due to the legalities surrounding their legal poisition, and are given a second chance for attenndance purposes through  the SA National School Championships. However, it must be borne in mind that MSSA's SA National School Championships are held after the closing date for applications for selection to be submitted, thus MSSA's 2019 SA National School Championships count towards 2020 selection, and MSSA's 2020 SA National School Championships shall count towards selection of the 2021 National Squad.

Not only does MSSA's SA National Championships have a vital role towards the selection of the Protea Esports Team, but it dictates which games/periods/esports titles may have Protea teams selected. 

If a game/period/esports title is already played at Provincial and National Championship level, and is not played at MSSA's SA National Championships, then MSSA may not select a Protea team for such game/period/esports title. Such rule puts the success of the game/period/esports title in the hands of those that play.

At such MSSA's SA National Championships the National winner of the SA Ladders are also determined. The Ladders are important due to the fact that players/teams cannot be selected for the South African National Squad unless they are ranked in the top ten of such ladder at the time that the selection process begins.

So, if you have any hopes of representing South Africa as a member of the official Protea Team for Board games, Esports, or Wargames, you need to be at MSSA's SA National Championships.

Details are as follows:
Hosting Club: Fakkel School
Venue: Fakkel School, 20 Jan Smuts Ave., Sasolburg
Date7 & 8 December 2019
Entries: All entries must be entered onto the club's Google  Drive before or on 8 November 2019. Clubs must use the entry form on Google Drive to enter their teams/players. The entry form can be found on The entry form must be downloaded completed and e-mailed to

For further information, please contact

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Saturday 23 November 2019


(from left to right) His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohammed al Maktoun, President of UAE Olympic Committee, and Colin Webster, President of International Esports Federation (IESF).
The world’s fastest-growing sports sector, Esports, has expanded its global footprint with the announcement of a strategic partnership that will see its operations make significant headway in the Middle East.

The new agreement – a joint venture between the International Esports Federation (IESF) and one of the region’s most established media companies, Motivate Media Group - comes ahead of the launch of a world-class annual Esports industry summit and consumer exhibition event in Dubai in 2020.

Endorsed by the IESF, Dubai Sports Council, and Emirates Esports Association, the event will be a celebration of Dubai’s journey as a global destination hub for Esports organizations and industry leaders, thinkers, influencers and gaming enthusiasts.

Esports is the fastest-growing sports category globally with more than 300 million gamers in the Middle East alone. 

Colin Webster, President of the IESF and Ian Fairservice, Founder and Managing Partner of Motivate Media Group, signed an MoU establishing a joint venture that introduces the most significant initiative of its kind for Esports in the region.

‘IESF is really excited to be collaborating with Motivate to establish a number of world-class Esports products that represents an important step in supporting Esports growth in the UAE, the Middle East and globally,’ says Mr Webster.

‘The potential for Esports in the Middle East is now being realised. ‘A national strategy is required to establish and house this remarkable ecosystem, Dubai is an amazing city and Motivate Media Group, celebrating its 40th year, is a perfect partner that can help support this vision.’ 

Mr Fairservice concurred: ‘With the evolution of technology and the ongoing emergence of all forms of sport as a cultural and entertainment touchstone in society, there is no better time to launch an initiative that embraces this convergence.’

‘We see the future in Esports as being one of the most dynamic and rapidly expanding platforms in new media and are thrilled to be partnering with a leading institution such as the IESF to develop this in the Middle East.’ 

Colin Webster added that the IESF is absolutely delighted to be attending another world first by Dubai Sports Council.

‘Artificial Intelligence will have a considerable impact in all aspects of life, and sport is no exception. By providing thought leadership to AI in Sport, this will clearly help shape future policy and its applications for a better world. The UAE was one of the first countries, if not the first, to appoint an AI minister as part of its portfolio. HE Omar Al Olama is a remarkable person with such insight.’

‘The IESF looks forward to our continued collaboration with Dubai Sports Council for the betterment of sports and humankind.’ 

About IESF

The International Esports Federation (IESF), based in Busan, Korea, is a not-for-profit organization that works consistently to promote Esports as a true sport which transcends language, gender, race and cultural barriers. Established in 2008, with nine founding nations, its membership has now expanded to over 56 countries. 

The IESF has established robust policies that ensure the welfare of its participants, whilst protecting the integrity of Esports.

Structurally, it comprises a board, members of whom usually serve a four-year term and are duly elected by member federations.

Other initiatives that IESF has developed for the betterment of Esports include an annual Esports World Championship, which is in its 11th edition, and a Global Esports Executive Summit (GEES) which was launched four years ago. 

The 11th World Esports Championship (2019) will be held from 11-15 December 2019 in Seoul where more than 45 nations are expected to compete.

As an international federation for Esports, the IESF’s obligations include hosting international Esports tournaments, expanding the range of member nations, and establishing standards for referees, players, certifications, titles and competitions.

About Motivate Media Group

Motivate Publishing was founded in 1979 by Ian Fairservice and, together with his partner HE Obaid bin Humaid Al Tayer, the United Arab Emirates Minister of State for Financial Affairs, has developed the company to become one of the most successful media groups in the region. Motivate Media Group has more than 25 editorial titles across print and digital, and a diverse range of contract publishing, as well as a celebrated books division, content provision services, events management, diverse international joint ventures and leading cinema advertising business, Motivate Val Morgan.

White Wolf Strategies 

+971 50 6180 752 (WhatsApp)

Nigerian Esports Federation meets Thomas Bach of IOC.

Nigerian eSports Federation President, Mr Agbor Clinton (left) about to shake hands with Thomas Bach (IOC).
All competitive esports athletes concerned with having esports accredited as a sport hope that esports will soon be admitted in to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).  The International Olympic Committee IOC President Mr Thomas Bach while in Nigeria chatted with the President of Nigeria eSports Federation, Mr Agbor Clinton, in Abuja, Nigeria on this very subject.

IOC President, Mr. Thomas Bach,  was on a two day visit to Abuja, Nigeria, where he was heard to express some of his views on eSports  and speculated on possible inclusion of esports being incorporated  in to the IOC by his successor.

Nigerian eSports Federation presenting a banner
 According to Agbor Clinton, the IOC President stated that he was not certain when esports might be incorporated into the Olympic Games, but was confident that it will one day after he is out of office.

Correspondent, Adeline Shuri, who was at the MKO Abiola national Stadium,also reported that Nigerian eSports Federation also presented a banner welcoming the IOC President with the inscription, "Nigeria eSports Federation Welcomes Mr IOC President, the number one sports Icon in the world to Nigeria, a great sport nation",

The delighted IOC supremo then presented an Olympic souvenir to the president of Nigerian eSports Federation, Mr Agbor Clinton, as a symbol of friendship. Mr Agbor Clinton, the president of the Nigerian eSports  Federation described the gesture and  informal conversation as being fruitful  in nature and being of long-term interest for the development of esports in Nigeria and in the world at large.

Mr Agbor Clinton is extremely confident that one day the IOC will open its doors to the esports fraternity, is of the opinion that the journey has already began for that actuality.

Nigerian eSports Federation has put in place many activities that will drive support for esports , and now holds inter state, college and zonal qualification tournaments. Nigerian eSports Federation is also attempting to establish esports centres in major cities in Nigeria.

Through the efforts of Nigerian eSports Federation esports competitions have been widely accepted by both parents and students due to the fact that the top three winners from schools will have their  tuition fees paid for.

Nigerian eSports Federation has a data base of over three million active esports players with the majority of them being students.


IESF President, Colin Webster (of South Africa), is a strong proponent of esports being accredited as a sporting code.
On November 15, the press conference for the China Sports Culture Expo & China Sports Tourism Expo 2019 (hereinafter "CSCTE") was held at Guangzhou News Center. Guests including Huang Jin, Deputy Director of the Sports Culture Development Center of General Administration of Sport of China, Zhang Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, Tan Aiying, Deputy Director of the Administration of Sport of Guangzhou Municipality, and Zhu Dongfang, Vice President of IDG Asia, as well as media members attended the event.
The CSCTE will be taking place at PWTC Expo in Guangzhou from November 28 to 30, 2019. The China Sports Culture Expo will be organized by the General Administration of Sport of China and the Chinese Olympic Committee. The China Sports Tourism Expo will be organized by the All-China Sports Federation, the Chinese Olympic Committee, and the China Tourism Association. The CSCTE will be produced by the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, the Sports Culture Development Center of General Administration of Sport of China, International Data Group (IDG), and IDG Sports.
At the press conference, Zhang Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, said that sports industry development is highly valued in current times all over the country. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that sports play an irreplaceable role in improving the people's physical quality and health, fueling all-round development of human beings, enriching the people's spiritual and cultural life, boosting economic and social development, and inspiring people of all ethnic groups of the country to promote the spirit of pursuing excellence and breaking through oneself. At present, all sectors of society in Guangzhou are further studying and implementing the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and working to ensure the study, publicity and implementation of the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. The new development concept is being put fully into effect, with an aim to revitalize the ancient city of Guangzhou and enable innovation and excellence in four aspects. The production of national sports culture and sports tourism expos can take a greatly positive effect on Guangzhou's drive for the construction of a national central city to a new level across the board and focus on building an international metropolis. Since 2018, the CSCTE has been successfully held in Guangzhou for five years straight, becoming a new highlight of Guangzhou in sports culture and industrial development. This year's CSCTE is upgraded in all the aspects such as the internationalization of industrial services, authority of industry resources, focus on industrial innovations, integrated progress of industrial development, and diversity of business connection. Efforts will be made to enhance the expo scale, brand value and international influence, and propel industrial integration, bringing the level of exhibition and conference management to a new height.
The CSCTE this year aims to showcase the development achievements made since the founding of the People's Republic of China 70 years ago, promotes sports reform to enhance economic and social value, and drives industrial innovation and upgrading together with high-quality development, highlighting the concept of centering on the people and integrating into the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. Huang Jin, Deputy Director of the Sports Culture Development Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, pointed out that, under the guidance of the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, combining with the Outline for Building a Leading Sports Nation, the CSCTE for 2019 will strengthen reform and innovation, and deliver more abundant content, more diverse forms and more diversified activities. At the expos, not only can visitors appreciate the charm of sports culture and sports tourism, but also they can feel the spirit, value and strength of sports, gain a better understanding of the latest news and trends of sports industry and its development, and capture the investment opportunities for sports industry development.
The highlights of the CSCTE this year, which are at the crossroads of reform and innovation, are: strengthening cultural leadership, grasping the context of the times, and publicizing and demonstrating the achievements of sports development made since the founding of New China 70 years ago; pooling together high-end resources, paying attention to policy guidance, and creating a series of high-level authoritative forums; enriching sports culture and sports tourism related products, and focusing on the value of sports in facilitating economic and social development.
According to Deputy Director Huang Jin, the year of 2019 arrives just in time for the celebration of the 70th birthday of New China. With the theme of "Seven Decades of Prosperity, New Start for Sports", the CSCTE this year aims to show the brilliant achievements of Chinese sports and tell the touching stories of Chinese sports over the past 70 years. This year, the CSCTE, the only expos in its kind approved by the State Council and organized by the General Administration of Sport of China, will be oriented at mirroring national-level achievements, national policy guidance, national-level planning and layout, and national exhibition management level. Heads of the Policy and Regulation Department, Sport for All Department, Youth Sports Department, Finance Department, and Press and Publicity Department, as well as the units directly under the General Administration of Sport of China, and provincial and municipal sports bureaus will gather at the expos. Focusing on the hot issues in the construction of a sports power and economic and social development, the implementation of national strategies such as national fitness and the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, the promotion of sports among focus groups including teenagers, the popularization and development of popular sports such as ice and snow, and mountain climbing, and integrative and innovative development of sports, culture, tourism, education and other fields, the attendees will analyze the policies, and dive into the development trend of the industry as well as how to take actions to implement the requirements of the Outline for Building a Leading Sports Nation. The CSCTE this year specially incorporates the concept of International Greater Bay Area, in a bid to serve the national strategy of coordinated development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area by focusing on sports culture and tourism in the Greater Bay Area, and valuing industrial agglomeration and integration. This move aims to lead the integration and innovation of regional sports culture and sports industry, and drive and serve the prosperity and development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area. Alongside with such supporting activities as the promotion of quality sports tourism projects, this year's exhibition will feature the sports culture creative design and excellent product display as well as the China Sports Culture Tourism Venture Capital Forum and Project Docking Event for the first time, so as to further the integration of sports, culture and tourism industries.
Zhu Dongfang, Vice President of IDG Asia, briefed the investment promotion and exhibitor registration of the CSCTE. Covering an area of more than 46,000 square meters, the CSCTE attracts over 400 exhibitors, including the National Olympic Sports Center, Beijing Sport University, the Sports Lottery Administration Center of General Administration of Sport of China, and the Beijing Olympic Park Administration Committee. The Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games will also make its debut. A great number of leading sports brands from France, Uruguay, Sri Lanka, the United States, the Netherlands, South Korea, Slovenia, and other countries have confirmed their participation.
Concurrent with the China Sports Culture Expo and the China Sports Tourism Expo are the China International Sports Culture and Sports Tourism Forum–Main Conference, Sports Directors Forum, and more than 10 parallel forums. Other than the invitation to 100-plus representative figures from sports culture, sports tourism and other sectors including Poul-Erik Høyer, President of the Badminton World Federation, Colin Webster, President of International Esports Federation, Ingmar De Vos, President of the International Federation for Equestrian Sports and member of the IOC, and Thomas Lund, Secretary General of the Badminton World Federation, the CSCTE this year also brings together high-quality resources in the industry such as Ligue 1, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, the CSL, Le Tour de France and other sports event management organizations, aiming to develop a service chain for sports culture and sports industry development.
The CSCTE also features a number of high-quality project activities such as sporting events specific recommendations and the promotion of sports technology innovation, along with special buyer connection on site as well as online business matching activities, providing all-round services for exhibitors and participating teams to assist enterprises in channel expansion and resource connection. Besides, on-site business activities, such as business negotiations, online business investment and financing matching, business dockings, corporate shows, and excellent project promotion, will also be set up to promote the connection of excellent sports culture projects with capital and their implementation. On the one hand, all these activities are created to set the stage for exhibitors to conduct high-reward brand displays; on the other hand, they enable exhibitors to quickly target matching business partners according to individual business needs, to accurately connect business needs, and to quickly establish on-site business communication in a convenient manner.
At the same time, for the broad range of sports enthusiasts, the CSCTE will feature a variety of diverse and wonderful supporting activities, including traditional Chinese sports culture performances, basketball, football, RV, curling, mind sports games, and promotional events. In addition to public participation, they are also created to increase the entertainment and experience of the expos, promote the spread of sports culture, and make moves with sports for all, allowing the sports culture to be further promoted among the people.

Tuesday 19 November 2019

Age restrictions applied to games and esports titles should be taken very seriously

Every athlete at IESF's World Championships complies with age restrictions. Seen here, Jason Batzofin, Players' Commission Chairperson, taking the Players' Oath at a previous IESF World Championships.
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) maintains that it is essential for all esports athletes to comply with the age restrictions as set by the Films and Publications Board (fpb). While many gamers  may feel that the age restrictions set are unrealistic or unnecessary, all should note that the age restrictions set, are set for a reason.

It is important that esports athletes look after both their physical and mental health. It is the mental health of gamers that age restrictions are there to protect.

Age restrictions are not new, and the reasons for placing age restrictions on films and games have not.

Because children learn quickly and often imitate what they see and hear around them, parents need to shelter their children from certain types of movies, music, games and book content which is deemed to be inappropriate.

Since parents are not able to monitor all such content, age restrictions exist to provide good parents with the tools to make an informed decision.

Age restrictions therefore exist to prevent children from viewing potentially harmful content.

It is true that parents do have the freedom to choose what their kids do and don’t watch, and many are aware of the influence of inappropriate content and the lasting effects of such. However, event organisers, schools, clubs, MGO's, and team owners have no such luxury as it is illegal to allow a child to participate in a game or esports title for which the child is under-aged.

Age restrictions should be taken very seriously and adhered to at all times.

International Esports Federation (IESF) too complies with age restrictions set, and due to the nature of IESF, uses, as its default, the highest age restriction so that no member national federation is compromised.

Thus for IESF's 11th World Championships to be held in Seoul from 11 to 15 December 2019, the following age restrictions apply:
TitleAge restriction
DotA 216
PES 202012
Tekken 716

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Monday 18 November 2019

Tried-and-tested administrators contest IESF elections.

Administrators representing all IESF's federations know the importance of the annual Ordinary General Meeting.
International Esports Federation (IESF) shall be holding its annual Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) on 13 December 2019.

IESF's OGM is always held during IESF's World Championships as every member national federation has its representatives president. With every NF being represented at IESF's OGM, forward thinking NF's are able to conclude aagreements with their counterparts in order to meet their own members needs.

It is at the OGM that IESF's Board reports back to the NF's and plots the way forward for the next year.

With IESF Board members being elected in for three-year (3) terms, IESF's 2019 OGM is vitally important as a new Board will be returned.

Each member national federation is only able to nominate one person for election. The Board consists of six persons being the President, Vice-President, and four other Board members. The President is elected separately, and then the elections are then held four the other five Board members. Once all have been elected, then the Board sits and elects the Vice-President from the five other Board members who were elected.

Those standing for election are:

PresidentColin WebsterSouth Africa
Board Members
Eddy, Che Chien LimIndonesia
Ido Brosh Israel
Magnus JonssonSweden
Ramil AliyevAzerbaijan
Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifah Al-Nahyan United Arab Emirates
Young Man Kim South Korea
Hourieh Nikdast Iran
Vlad MarinescuUnited States of America
Hana, Pei-Ching HsuChinese Taipei
Boban TotovskiMacedonia

It will indeed be interesting to see who makes it onto the Board. Each candidate comes with a very special skill set, and all are tried-and-tested administrators within their home countries.

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All Protea Colours awards for esports from 2005 to 2018.

South African team members at IESF's 10th World Championships.
With Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) hurtling down the Road to Seoul to participate in IESF's 11th World Championships, it is interesting to see just how many esports athletes have benefitted from the award of Protea Colours in the past.

From 2005 to 2018 there have been 129 awards of Protea Colours for Esports.

The award of Protea Colours is a life-changing event for athletes, and the recipient of such is able to carry such  award with them for the rest off their lives. The benefits of receiving Protea Colours are immense and may affect every aspect of the recipients life.

While many see the award of Protea Colours as an end in itself, many see the award of Protea Colours as the ticket to international participation in the accredited sporting arena.

Over the years, a total of 32 clubs have produced members of the Protea Team. However, it should be noted that MSSA has had some teams that have represented South Africa for which Protea Colours weree not awarded as  the strict criteria governing such  award could not be adhered to. In such cases, MSSA itself awarded National Federation Colours to such teams. Such athletes' names are enshrined in the roll of honour which contains all the names of those who have earned such National Federation Colours.

Of the 129 awards of Protea Colours for esports, 91 of such awards come from just 10 teams. Knights Mind Sports Club takes the lion's share with having earned a massive 32 awards. Next is VexxedPhoenix with 10 awards, which is followed by Bravado Gaming on 9 such awards.

Other teams like White Rabbit, Veneration, Energy eSports, Wits University, and Good Gaming are also represented.

Only athletes who are affiliated to a club affiliated to MSSA may be considered for selection. It should also be noted that only athletes who have a valid South African passport may be considered for the award of Protea Colours.

The list of the top ten clubs is:

Name of Club#
1Knights Mind Sports Club32
2VexxedPhoenix (VxP)10
3Bravado Gaming (Bvd)9
5Tuks Mindsports8
6ZAG Academy6
8KZN Gaming5
9All Stars4
10St John's College4

The full list of all South Africans who have received Protea Colours are:

 DateName of playerPeriodClub/Team
Ryan BoyesManagerVexxedPhoenix
Donovan De Klerk (Captain)League of LegendsGood Gaming
Alasdair DonaldsonTekken 7VexxedPhoenix
Adele Janse van RensburgManagerGeneration X
Alora Ann LiebenbergCounter-Strike: GOZAG Academy
Khahliso MalapeFIFA '18Fakkel School of Skills
Amanda PakadeChef de missionKnights Mind Sports Club
Stephen PretoriusLeague of LegendsGood Gaming
Maalik RawootLeague of LegendsWhite Rabbit
Nicole RootmanCounter-Strike: GOZAG Academy
Charlize SeremakTekken 7HTS Sasolburg
Lelane SoldinCounter-Strike: GOZAG Academy
Kyle TaylorLeague of LegendsWhite Rabbit
Johan van BredaManagerZAG Academy
Marisa van der Westhuizen (Captain)Counter-Strike: GOZAG Academy
Leander van SchalkwykCounter-Strike: GOTaccor Gaming
Brett WhiteheadLeague of LegendsWhite Rabbit
Simone Beck (Team Vice-Captain)League of LegendsValhalla
Amone BekkerLeague of LegendsIntensity Esports
Ryan BoyesManagerVexxedPhoenix
Connor “Kiddo” Cryans:League of LegendsVexxedPhoenix
Alasdair DonaldsonTekken 7Knights Mind Sports Club
Brandon Fester (Team Captain)League of LegendsVexxedPhoenix
James HulettCounter-Strike: GOVexxedPhoenix
Leana JacksonLeague of LegendsValhalla
Rojuan KubaCounter-Strike: GOZAG Academy
Angelique RamosLeague of LegendsValhalla
Esmari Swart (Vice Captain)Counter-Strike: GOIntensity Esports
Kyle TaylorLeague of LegendsVexxedPhoenix
Jade ThomasLeague of LegendsValhalla
Leander Van SchalkwykCounter-Strike: GOVexxedPhoenix
Ryan van Schalkwyk (Team Captain)Counter-Strike: GOIntensity Esports
Marisa van der WesthuizenCounter-Strike: GOIntensity Esports
Gregory WesselsLeague of LegendsVexxedPhoenix
Brett WhiteheadLeague of LegendsVexxedPhoenix
Jason BatzofinManagerSt John’s College
Joline BicoFIFA ‘16HTS Witbank
Lyle JeacocksCounterStrike: GOAnteria
Jessie Joubert (Team Captain)CounterStrike: GORondebosch Boys
Dillon JustusCounterStrike: GODF Malan
Maryke KennardLeague of LegendsTuks University
Francois MoutonHearthStoneTuks University
Taylor RoseLeague of LegendsKnights Mind Sports
Matthew Smith (Team captain)League of LegendsKnights Mind Sports
Leandré SparksCounterStrike: GOAnteria
Kyle Turnbull (Team Captain)FIFA ‘16HTS Witbank
Johan UysLeague of LegendsTuks University
Johan van BredaLeague of LegendsTuks University
Simon ZandstraCounterStrike: GORondebosch Boys
Bonge ZwaneFIFA ‘16HTS Witbank
Anderson, NathanStarCraft IIKnights Mind Sports
Batzofin, JasonCounterStrike: GOSt John's College
Boucher, MichaelCounterStrike: GOBerZerK
Boyes, RyanManagerBNKR Gaming
Brown, ThomasCounterStrike: GOAll Stars
Heymans, Johan (Team Captain)CounterStrike: GOBerZerK
Kennard, Maryke (Team Captain)League of LegendsTuks Mindsports
Krugel, WilmarCounterStrike: GOBerZerK
Meiring, WynandHearthStone PlayerBerZerK Gaming
Nortjé, ThyléCounterStrike: GOAll Stars
Smale, DuncanCounterStrike: GOSt John's College
Rose, TaylorLeague of LegendsKnights Mind Sports
Smith, MatthewLeague of LegendsKnights Mind Sports
Stringer, VasudevLeague of LegendsTuks Mindsports
Tilley, CameronLeague of LegendsTuks Mindsports
Uys, JohanCoachTuks Mindsports
van Wamelen, BastionCounterStrike: GOSt John's College
Venter, CornelCounterStrike: GOBerZerK
Nathan Anderson StarCraft IIVeneration
Jason BredbergDotA 2Knights Mind Sports
Morizane BoyesTekken Tag Tournament IIBNKR Gaming
Ryan BoyesManagerBNKR Gaming
Dylan HendersonDotA 2Knights Mind Sports
Saleem ManjooDotA 2Knights Mind Sports
Ion Todd (Team Captain)DotA 2Knights Mind Sports
Timothy van Reenan Mostert DotA 2Knights Mind Sports
Barry West HearthStoneTuks Mindsports
Yolandi Williams StarCraft IISnaz Gaming
Nathan Anderson StarCraft IIVeneration
Robert BothaStarCraft IIPolarFluke
Marco BothaLeague of LegendsKnights Mind Sports
Myburg BrinkLeague of LegendsKnights Mind Sports
Anthony Hodgson (Team Captain)DotA 2Bravado Gaming
Lyrene Kühn (Team Captain)Tekken Tag Tournament IIKnights Mind Sports
Mohamed Wasim LorgatDotA 2Energy eSports
Dylan ProbynDotA 2Bravado Gaming
Justin ProbynDotA 2Bravado Gaming
Kyle RhoodieLeague of LegendsKnights Mind Sports
Willem StrȍfeldtLeague of LegendsKnights Mind Sports
Conradie van HeerdenLeague of LegendsKnights Mind Sports
Yolandi Williams StarCraft IIVeneration
Wesley Rose DotA 2Bravado Gaming
Robert BothaStarCraft IIPolarFluke
Gabriella IsaacsStarCraft IISAHETI
Lyrene Kühn Tekken Tag Tournament IIKnights Mind Sports
Vittorio PuissaTekken Tag Tournament IIHS Dojo
Robert BothaStarCraft IIPolarFluke
Olivia BurtonTextingKnights Mind Sports Club
Ginny DalyManagerKnights Mind Sports
Jaco EngelbrechtCart RiderKnights Mind Sports
Wilbur HoughTextingKnights Mind Sports Club
Ian PillayFIFAUniversity of Witwatersrand
Jason van BelkumStarCraft IIKnights Mind Sports
Rolando de AlveiroFIFA Knights Mind Sports Club
Magiel de LangeWarCraft IIIKnights Mind Sports Club
Kevin DoranGuitar HeroKnights Mind Sports Club
Abubakar EbrahiemFIFAKnights Mind Sports Club
Daniel GrundlinghCall of Duty 4KZN Gaming
Michelle MarderManager - Guitar HeroKnights Mind Sports Club
Nialle MomsenCall of Duty 4KZN Gaming
Peter MyburghCall of Duty 4KZN Gaming
Matthew PutterWarCraft IIIFraglan
Jo-Ash RajcoomerCall of Duty 4KZN Gaming
Steven SzucsCall of Duty 4KZN Gaming
Marc BowesDotABravado Gaming
Ruben de FreitasFIFAKnights Mind Sports Club
Matthew HirstDotABravado Gaming
Xola MagwazaFIFAKnights Mind Sports Club
Kgothatso MoeraneTextingTuks Mindsports
Goddy RoodtDotAClubXploit
Richard SjobergDotABravado Gaming
Heinz StaschenDotABravado Gaming
Christopher Van RielDotABravado Gaming
Natalie WitoslawskiTextingTuks Mindsports
Logan Brooke-SmithMobileExactmobile
Werner de LangeMobileExactmobile
Wayne KrugerManagerExactmobile
Ethan ReubenMobileExactmobile
Christo Janse van VuurenMobileExactmobile

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