Sunday 3 November 2019

MSSA plans to push for gender equality on IESF board.

Amanda Pakade - MSSA President (left), Hsu Pei-Ching - CTeSA President (centre), and Salome de Bruyn - NeSA (right).
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is at the forefront of ensuring that gender equality exists at all levels within MSSA, be it on the playing field, and all the way up to the office of the President.

For years too, MSSA has strongly advocated gender equality on International Esports Federation (IESF), but has unfortunately met with some strong resistance. Nevertheless, MSSA every year continues to advocate such at such august body's General Meeting, and, MSSA has noticed that those against are becoming fewer in number.

Today, only three esports national federations are headed by females, being Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA), Namibian eSports Association (NeSA), and Chinese Taipei Esports Association (CTeSA).

IESF too broke ground in 2019 by co-opting 
Hana Pei-Ching Hsu (CTeSA) onto IESF Board. Hana is the first female to make it onto the Board and has already made a valuable contribution to IESF.
However, MSSA does not want such appointments to the Board to be dependant on the goodwill of existing Board members, or the election of females to be at the mercy of national federations who themselves do not promote gender equity.

Thus MSSA is pushing for such gender equity as already enshrined in MSSA's own Constitution.

MSSA will, therefore be advocating changes to ensure gender equity so that esports can lead the way.
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