Monday 18 November 2019

Tried-and-tested administrators contest IESF elections.

Administrators representing all IESF's federations know the importance of the annual Ordinary General Meeting.
International Esports Federation (IESF) shall be holding its annual Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) on 13 December 2019.

IESF's OGM is always held during IESF's World Championships as every member national federation has its representatives president. With every NF being represented at IESF's OGM, forward thinking NF's are able to conclude aagreements with their counterparts in order to meet their own members needs.

It is at the OGM that IESF's Board reports back to the NF's and plots the way forward for the next year.

With IESF Board members being elected in for three-year (3) terms, IESF's 2019 OGM is vitally important as a new Board will be returned.

Each member national federation is only able to nominate one person for election. The Board consists of six persons being the President, Vice-President, and four other Board members. The President is elected separately, and then the elections are then held four the other five Board members. Once all have been elected, then the Board sits and elects the Vice-President from the five other Board members who were elected.

Those standing for election are:

PresidentColin WebsterSouth Africa
Board Members
Eddy, Che Chien LimIndonesia
Ido Brosh Israel
Magnus JonssonSweden
Ramil AliyevAzerbaijan
Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifah Al-Nahyan United Arab Emirates
Young Man Kim South Korea
Hourieh Nikdast Iran
Vlad MarinescuUnited States of America
Hana, Pei-Ching HsuChinese Taipei
Boban TotovskiMacedonia

It will indeed be interesting to see who makes it onto the Board. Each candidate comes with a very special skill set, and all are tried-and-tested administrators within their home countries.

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