Wednesday 27 February 2019


Montreal, 27 February 2019 – The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) can confirm that it has been in close communication with law enforcement authorities in relation to the raids and arrests that police carried out today in Austria and Germany.

The raids were part of a wider police operation targeting criminals from a number of European countries, and WADA’s Intelligence and Investigations Department has been providing information and other assistance to the authorities in the course of their operation.

This latest cooperation with Austrian law enforcement follows a WADA investigation into activities of the International Biathlon Union, which last year resulted in the initiation of a criminal investigation by police in Austria and Norway.

Given the operation is ongoing, WADA can make no further comment at this time.

Eagles fly high.

Claire Holmes (in the centre) lead her team to the top of the League of Legends esports title for females.
Team 'Eagles' of LVL 1 impressed all at Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA) 37th Gauteng Provincial Championships at Curro Aurora which the League of Legends esports title was played.

Even though this is the first year in which LVL 1 is affiliated, 'Eagles' performed well by winning the females division and with all the team members earning themselves Provincial Colours.

Team 'Eagles' is the first all female team to earn Provincial Colours for the League of Legends esports title at a Gauteng Provincial Championships.

The stellar results achieved by the team, under the direction of Claire Holmes, has allowed the team to creep into pole-position and just edge out 'Valkyrie' of Valhalla

There is no doubt that 'Valkyrie' will take 'Eagles' supremacy lightly.

All-in-all, 2019 will no doubt be an exciting year.

The full results for the League of Legends esports title for females are as follows:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1Eagles19LVL 1119.1
7Team Vengence18Valhalla100
11Rift Raiders19Helpmekaar80.8

Other official rankings produced by MSSA are as follows:

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Tuesday 26 February 2019

White Rabbit Gaming heads the official League of Legends rankings.

Kyle Taylor in action leading White Rabbit Gaming to a flawless victory.
White Rabbit Gaming's League of Legends esports team (formerly known as Goon Squad) descended on Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA) 37th Gauteng Provincial Championships with gusto.

The team consisted of four players who had previously represented South Africa as members of the  South African Protea team at IESF's World Championships as follows:

Names of playersWhen represented South Africa at IESF World ChampionshipsTest matches
Gregory Neil Wessels*Busan (2017)
Kyle Joshua TaylorBusan (2017), Kaohsuing City (2018)
Maalik Rayaan RawootKaohsuing City (2018)
Simon Westn/a
Brett Alexander WhiteheadBusan (2017), Kaohsuing City (2018)Switzerland (2017)

* dennotes being the flag-bearer.

White Rabbit Gaming's League of Legends esports team notched a perfect score having trounced all 5 teams that they played against at the Cu
rro Aurora venue. The standard of victories attained by the team has propelled the team to be the highest ranked team in the country.

The full rankings for the League of Legends esports title are as follows:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1White Rabbit Gaming19White Rabbit Gaming197.2
2PR0NHS19Northcliff High164.5
4Curro Aurora LOL19Curro Aurora119.7
5Eagles19LVL 1119.1
6Genx Nightwalkers18Generation X118.9
7St Stithians18St Stithians118.9
8Good Gaming LoL18Good Gaming118.9
9Yenex18THS Tom Naudé118.9
11Genx Prominance17Generation X118.9
12HS Parys18HSP118.9
13Tuks 118Tuks Mind Sports Club118.9
14Team GLC18Curro Grantleigh118.9
16Liquad unknown17Non members118.9
17Limbros A17FRAGCON118.9
18Legion of Shadows17We are Legion118.9
19Fuga Dracones17Hoërskool Wonderboom118.9
20MoMs17Masters of Mind Sports118.9
21The Lunar Squad18Empangeni High School118.9
22Pride17Parktown Boys118.9
24Team Try Hard18FRAGCON118.9
26Dota 4 Lyf16Northcliff High113.4
27Eternals18Paul Roos Gimnasium105.7
29GHS LoL18Eastern Cape103.6
309th Phanax17THS Tom Naudé102
31Team Vengence18Valhalla100
32Virtual Desire Gaming17Hoërskool Wonderboom100
33Team Elusium17Hoërskool Wonderboom100
34Empangeni lol17Empangeni High School100
35Northwood High School18Northwood High School100
36GWH LoL17Glenwood House99.9
37Genx Checkmate17Generation X98
39Dark Phoenix17Generation X95.3
42Rift Raiders19Helpmekaar80.8
43fantacy storm17HTS/HGH80
44Death Squad17THS Tom Naudé76.5

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