Wednesday 20 February 2019

Although Paul Roos Gimnasium wins, SAHETI takes rankings.

 SAHETI's DotA 2 esports team. (Left to right) Pavlos Galanis, Alexi Messinezi, Miguel Alves, Antonio Bechev, Aidan Pahalad
Oh sing Thespian Muses of the valour of SAHETI blessed by the goddess Arete.

SAHETI has a proud tradition in esports. Having developed Gabriella Isaacs who served in MSSA's 2012 Protea Esports Team at IeSF's 4th World Championships - Cheonan, and is the only South African to have earned a silver medal at IESF's World championships, the school has consistently maintained a high standard.

Thus at MSSA's 9th Online Schools' Provincial Championships played on 9 February 2018, SAHETI again entered a team of high quality into the DotA 2 esports title.

Going into the third round unbeaten, SAHETI faced off against the indomitable Paul Roos Gimnasium DotA 2 team. The match was indeed hard fought and ended up with 
Paul Roos Gimnasium snatching victory to end the championship having won all their games.

Nevertheless, such was the standard of play by SAHETI, and although finishing in second place, the team has managed to finish in second place, the team has managed to finish in pole position in the rankings.

However, in the third round, the 'Spartans A' faced their old adversaries, and 2nd seed, Parklands College. The contest between the two ended in a draw, which left the result of the championship uncertain.

The full rankings for the DotA 2 esports title for High Schools are as follows:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
2PRG DOTA 219Paul Roos Gimnasium208.8
3Team Theory18Oakhill College151.9
4Bishops Dota 1st team18Bishops College151.9
5Northwood DOTA18Northwood High151.9
6PRIDE18Parktown Boys151.9
7SJC Eagles18St John's151.9
8Immortal Forces18Hudson Park Primary School151.9
9Oakhill [Mr Project]17Oakhill College151.9
10Grey High Gaming17Grey High School151.9
11WYSIWYG17Jeppe High School for Boys151.9
12Sacred Heart 117SACRED HEART151.9
13HTS Witbank17HTS Witbank151.9
14MC DOTA17Maritzburg College149.7
15KES I18King Edward VII137.5
16PR0NHS19Northcliff High School114
17Curro Klerksdorp18Curro Klerksdorp106
18e-Squad18Hudson Park Primary School100.7
19Grey High Seconds17Grey High100
20Sacred Heart 217SACRED HEART75
21EagleTeam18Hudson Park Primary School75
22Hoërskool Warmbad18Hoërskool Warmbad75

Other official rankings produced by MSSA are as follows:
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