Wednesday 20 February 2019

White Rabbit to contest 37th Gauteng Provincial Championships.

Alwyn Venter - Chairperson of White Rabbit Gaming.
With four out of the five players of the White Rabbit team having earned Protea Colours for the League of Legends esports title, the White Rabbit League of Legends team is undoubtable the strongest League of Legends team in the country.

The team entered for Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA) consists of the following players:

Names of players When represented South Africa at IESF World Championships Test matches
Gregory Neil Wessels* Busan (2017)
Kyle Joshua Taylor Busan (2017), Kaohsuing City (2018)
Maalik Rayaan Rawoot Kaohsuing City (2018)
Simon West n/a
Brett Alexander Whitehead Busan (2017), Kaohsuing City (2018) Switzerland (2017)

* dennotes being the flag-bearer.

Only Simon West has not earned himself Protea Colours before, and all eyes will be turned onto him to see just how he meshes with this well-structured team.

Thus every other team at MSSA's 37th Gauteng Provincial Championships will have its work cut out for themselves as they feel the full force of a team that has the experience of two World Championships under their belt.

It is going to be so exciting...

Details of MSSA's 37th Gauteng Provincial Championships are as follows:
  • Board gaming:
  • Esports:
  • Wargaming:
Championship Details:

Hosting Club: 
Curro Aurora, Puttic Road, Sundowner, Randburg
Entry date: 18 February 2019
Date23 & 24 February 2019

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