Monday, 17 February 2020


img - IESF 2020 Esports Referee Academy is underway

Such is the interest in International Esports Federation’s Referee Course, that only days after IESF issued its request for member National Federations to submit candidates, nominations poured in.

Ramil Aliyev (President of Azerbaijan Cyber Sport Federation) has already called IESF’s Referee Course sas a “beautiful opportunity”, and Amanda Pakade (President of Mind Sports South Africa) has openly stated that the South African body is inundated with applicants who wish to attend.

IESF is only able to offer the referee course due to the continued support of  City of Busan and the Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency (BIPA).

For more information, please contact IESF through

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Bidding farewell.

Amanda Pakade (MSSA President) with Amone Bekker.
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) was way ahead of the curve when it created its Athletes' Representative position to sit on the Board way back in 2005.

The person who holds this position has to represent the aims, wishes, and desires of the gamers in order to ensure that the players are not overlooked in the decision-making process. Such Player Represenntative, must therefore owe greater loyalty to the players than to any club affiliation.

Unfortunately the incumbent, 
Amoné Bekker, is unable to see out her duties dur to personal reasons.

MSSA is sad to see her depart, but realises that it is necessary, as she would not be able to fulfill her duties from a far-and-distant country.

Those who have held, and excelled in such office are:

  • Amoné Bekker (Valhalla)
  • Jason Batzofin (Old Edwardian Mind Sports Club)
  • Jonathan Newman (Matitzburg Griffins)
  • Amanda Pakade (nee Kwaza) (University of Johannesburg)
Amanda went on to become MSSA President, and Jason Batzofin, went on to become Chairperson of International Esports Federation's Players' Committee.

The position can thus be seen as a stepping stone to greater things.

MSSA will thus co-opt a person to serve in the position, until elections are held at MSSA's 2020 General Meeting.

The criteria to stand for the position of Athletes' Representative are:

  • The Player's Representative shall have Protea Colours, and
  • The Player's Representative shall have represented South Africa in an International Competition, and
  • The Player's Representative shall not be over 30 years of age at the time of such election.
MSSA therefore requests all those interested in standing for such position to please contact MSSA at by 28 February 2020.

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Monday, 10 February 2020

For four years in a row...

Noelene du Toit (Educator-in-Charge of Northcliff High School's Esports Club) awarding learners awards for excellence in esports.
Success is often dependant on pure guts and staying power. Often those with oodles of pure talent are not as successful as those who with greater drive, ambition, and determination are willing to put in the work year-in-and-year-out to make a success.

Of course, the results of schools may fluctuate from year-to-year as learners come and go, but if the administration of the club is sound, the club should hold its own.

Thus the achievement of Northcliff High School is quite remarkable.

Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA) Online School Championships is the first championship of the year, and represents the ability of the schools to gear up for thhe gruelling competitive year ahead. The points earned by the various schools in this first official championships, sets the ttone for the rest of the year as schools fight for the honour of being named, and known as, the best esports school of the year.

The remarkable achievement of Northcliff dominating MSSA's Online School Championships for four years in a row is previously unheard of. The result is testament to the hard work, dedication, and excellence of those few, but happy few, educators who put the best interests of their learners first.

The top ten schools for the past four years: 

PosName of schoolPosName of schoolPosName of schoolPosName of school
1Northcliff High School1Northcliff High School1Northcliff High School1Northcliff High School
2Oakhill School2Paul Roos Gimnasium2Paul Roos Gimnasium2HTS Witbank
3Hoërskool Randburg3Empangeni High School3Parklands College3Hoërskool Wonderboom
4Monument Park High School4Hyde Park High4Westville Boys4Parklands College
5Sasolburg High School5Fairmont High School4Empangeni High School5SAHETI
6Curro Grantleigh6Curro Grantleigh6Grey High School6Cedar House School
6High School Zwartkops7Helpmekaar Kollege7Northwood Boys7Protea Heights Academy
8Redhill High School8Curro Aurora8Bishops College8Hoërskool Lichtenburg
9Hoërskool Klerksdorp9Curro Mount Richmore9Helpmekaar9Oakhill
10Empangeni High10Monument Park High School10SAHETI10Maritzburg College

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Results of MSSA's 10th Annual Online Championships for High Schools

Northcliff High School grabbed the 'lion's share' of titles at MSSA's 10th Annual Online Championships for High Schools.
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) held its 10th Annual Online Championships for High Schools on 8 February 2020.

Teams from aroundd the country gathered at schools, or at previously approved locations, to fight for glory and honour.

Judging by the winners  of each gamee title, it is becoming clear that certain schools are beginning to take ownership of the title. The schools are blessed with hard-working and dedicated educators who give up their own time to ensure the success of the school and the learner.

It is interesting that with the educator moving from SAHETI to Redhill, success has followed the educator, which further re-inforces the belief that without proper management, the team has even greater odds to overcome.

Another encouraging feature is that more provinces saw teams being awarded High School Provincial Colours. With five (5) provinces seeing colours being awarded, it is clear that Gauteng and Western Cape provinces no longer totally dominate esports in South Africa and that there is a more general standard of excellence than ever before.

It should be noted that Provincial High School Colours are awarded immediately to the members of the team who win each and every game that they play in such 10th Annual Online Championships for High Schools.

The members of the teams that have finished in the top three also immediatel qualify for 2020 National Team Trials. It is at such National Team Trials that MSSA shall select its team to attend International Esports Federation's (IESF) 12th World Championships - Eilat.

The winners of MSSA's 10th Annual Online Championships for High Schools are:

TitleTeam nameClubColours
Clash Royale (Male)Dale SpolanderNorthcliff High SchoolGauteng High School Provincial
Clash Royale (Female)Suene du ToitNorthcliff High SchoolGauteng High School Provincial
CounterStrike: GOHBSRedhill High SchoolGauteng High School Provincial
DotA 2Pr0NHSNorthcliff High SchoolGauteng High School Provincial
FIFA'20 (PC)Andreas PhotiouSasolburg High SchoolFree State High School Provincial
FIFA'20 (PS4)Blake GovenderOakhill School
League of LegendsTeam GLCCurro GrantleighKwaZulu Natal High School Provincial
Street Fighter V - MaleTheunis van der MerweHoërskool KlerksdorpNorth West High School Provincial
HearthstoneGray CravenCurro Aurora
PaladinsFiB Dragons JNRMonument Park High SchoolWestern Cape High School Provincial

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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Call for candidates for IESF's Referee Course.

Johan van Breda (ZAG Academy) in action at MSSA's National Championships.
International Esports Federation (IESF) has a vision to standardise esports and its ecosystem in which it finds itself. As such IESF established an ‘International Referee system’. Supported by 

Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency (BIPA), IESF has achieved great  strides in this arena and has been able to, as a result, add value to esports championships world-wide.

In 2016 Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA) candidate (Thomas Brown)  participated in the first international referee workshop in Yinchuan on 12 May 2016. Thomas went on to be the first South African to referee a major esports event in Beijing in the Olympic Tennis Stadium.

Thus International Esports Federation (IESF) have requested its member federations to submit candidates for its 2020 Referee Training Course to be held from 24 to 28 February 2020 in Busan, Korea.

The curriculum has been developed by IESF together with game publishers in an effort to ensure that it meets the highest standards. 

Candidates for IESF’s International Esports Referee program are nominated by member federations until Wednesday, February 12th (KST).  Successful candidates will be announced on Friday, February 14th (KST) by IESF.

Thus all Registered Players who are currently qualified as MSSA umpires who are willing to be considered for selection must provide the following to the Board by 10 February 2020:
  1. Number of national championships refereed by the candidate, and
  2. Proficiency in English

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

MSSA's Inter-club ladder rules

Northcliff High School in action.
Rules allow Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA) inter-club ladder to be played on Regional, Provincial, and National levels for all categories.

Thus a club like Northcliff High School, could theoretically become the City of Johannesburg, Gauteng and SA National ladder champions for both schools and senior ladders.

Of course that would require a number of games to be played, but who would shy away from playing games?

Teams entering the ladder may pick-and-choose who they want to challenge. In theory a team could go from being unranked to being the top ranked team.

The ladder is thus be a great deal of fun, and will, no doubt, help teams prepare for LAN championships and National Team Trials. In turn, teams will be further prepared for the international circuit.

The rules are:

  1. All affiliated clubs shall be invited to participate.
  2. Initially teams shall be listed in order of ranking.
  3. Inter-club tests may be held in each period.
  4. Inter-club test matches may be held on Regional, Provincial, and/or National Championship levels for schools, university, and/or open as well as for the categories as per LAN championships.
  5. If held on a Regional level, then such Regional Director shall be responsible for the notation of challenges, the collation of results, the write-ups of results, and the lodging of dates on MSSA’s Calendar.
  6. If held on a Provincial level, then such Provincial Director shall be responsible for the notation of challenges, the collation of results, the write-ups of results, and the lodging of dates on MSSA’s Calendar.
  7. If held on a National level, then such Gaming Representative shall be responsible for the notation of challenges, the collation of results, the write-ups of results, and the lodging of dates on MSSA’s Calendar.
  8. All teams shall only consist of Registered Players.
  9. Clubs may enter any number of teams.
  10. Results shall be submitted to the Management Board before 9H00 the day after the test was held.
  11. Any team may challenge any other team in the same ladder.
  12. The Chairman of the relevant BOC must be copied in on all challenges.
  13. The challenged team has five (5) working days (for esports), and twenty-one (21) working days for board gaming and figure gaming, to respond and play the match.
  14. A team that is challenged as per the above rules that does not play the game within five (5) working days (for esports) and twenty-one (21) working days for board gaming and figure gaming, automatically defaults and counts as having lost the match.
  15. A team challenged during any official MSSA event while both teams are participating in such event, and are paired by the umpire to play against each other, must play such challenge.
  16. The winning team takes the place of the losing team, if the losing team is listed higher.
  17. It the winning team is listed higher, the winning team remains in its current position.
  18. If the losing team is listed higher than the winning team, the losing team drops one position on the listing.
  19. The highest listed team, per period, at the end of the SA National Championships is given the title of SA LADDER Champions.
All results must be submitted to