Wednesday 18 May 2022

South Africa's Top Ten esports schools

Oakhill School is dominating South Africa's rankings for esports.

The club ranking as used by Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) takes into account the participation of every single athlete that participates in MSSA's Provincial and National Championships.

Not only does the ranking server as an efficient tool for the Educators to judge the performance of their school, athletes, and themselves, but it also instils in the participating schools a sesnse of pride in that they are all helping their school to be recognised as the premier school in the country for esports.

It is true that schools that have stronger clubs that have more athletes consistently playing across a number of titles do better in the rankings. The greater depth of a school club often helps the club do better in the rankings, but more than that, it helps the club to be more sustainable. 

The dominence of Oakhill School, Hoërskool Klerksdorp, and Northcliff High School is testament to the Educators in charge who have encouraged, enabled, and promoted the learners above and beyond what is normally required. All three such schools have effective esports programmes that ensure sustainability of the school club and excellence in game play.

Of course, the SA Schools Championships (11 & 12 June 2022 and 25 July 2022) as well as the NWU Online Schools League (starting on 25 July 2022) will be crucial to see just which school walks away with the honours of being officially ranked as the best esports school in the country.

The current rankings are as follows:

1Oakhill School
2Hoërskool Klerksdorp
3Northcliff High School
4Crawford College Lonehill
5Hoërskool Middelburgh
6Curro Roodeplaat
7Jeppe High School for Boys
8Monument High School
9Curro Klerksdorp
10Katlehong Technical High School

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