Monday 9 May 2022

MSSA welcomes TuksEsports back into the fold.

Maryke Kennard (TuksEsports) in action at IeSF's 7th World Championships

TuksEsports, after a short absence, has returned to the fold.

The University Club has an impressive list of athletes who have earned Protea Colours. Such athletes have all represented South Africa, and TuksEsports, with distinction.

Such athletes who have represented South Africa in New York, Jakarta, and Seoul are:

Name of playerEsports titleClub/Team
Francois MoutonHearthStoneTuksEsports
Johan Uys (2 awards)League of LegendsTuksEsports
Johan van BredaLeague of LegendsTuksEsports
Kennard, Maryke (2 awards)League of LegendsTuksEsports
Stringer, VasudevLeague of LegendsTuksEsports
Tilley, CameronLeague of LegendsTuksEsports
Barry WestHearthStoneTuksEsports
Kgothatso MoeraneTextingTuksEsports
Natalie WitoslawskiTextingTuksEsports

Mind Sports South Africa's President, Colin Webster, has stated, "The entire MSSA is delighted to have TuksEsports back in the fold. There is no doubt that TuksEsports has already made a huge contribution, and will continue to do so".

Letladi Lekolwane, TuksEsports Manager, added, "We are the TuksEsports Club and our main focus is to compete in a variety of leagues and competitions to get our name out there. 

The bigger picture is to develop an esports culture through universities across the country and create our own league for students to compete. It is our vision to include high school players into our Club and leagues. We have incorporated Neuroscience in our Club, which we believe will help our club members develop quicker and more calculated reactions, promote memory and fine motor skills, as well help them understand how their brain works in different situations."

TuksEsport Chairperson -  Frédéric Augustyn
TuksEsports Manager - Letladi Lekolwane

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