Monday 2 May 2022

R65,000.00 in prizes for esports league


MSSA President, Colin Webster, is proud to announce that NWU has increased its commitment to esports. 

North West University (NWU) has been the proud headline sponsor of the only official school league for esports since 2019.

Over the years NWU's commitment has remained firm as demonstrated by NWU continuously increasing the prize package offered in the only official online school league for esports.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is equally proud of its association with NWU and has tenaciously promoted the league throughoutt the country since its inception in 2017. Having been started in 2017, the MSSA Online School League predates all others - even the unofficial ones...

The NWU Online School League is thus not only the only official school league for esports in South Africa, but offers:

  • Over eight game titles, 
  • School Provicial Colours,
  • The opportunity to qualify for National Team Trials, and
  • R65,000.00 in prizes.
The increase from R50,000.00 (as in 2021) to the new amount of R65,000.00 will no doubt be met with great jubilation among the participating schools.

The final distribution of the bursary and prize monies will be announced in the next couple of weeks.

It must be remembered that only schools affiliated to MSSA may participate in the 2022 NWU Online Schools League.

For further information, please contact, or WhatsApp 078 069 3089.

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