Wednesday 31 January 2018

Rankings for the Street Fighter V esports title.

Leonard Loftus now heads South Africa's official rankings for Street Fighter V.
As per my article on Tuesday, 30 January 2018 apropos the Results of MSSA's 2018 Fezile Dabi Championships for Mortal Kombat XL, Street Fighter V, and Tekken 7 which  was hosted by JCS Academy on 27 January 2018, MSSA's Fezile Dabi Championships had a net increase of participation of 11% over the previous year.

The growth in participation is visible in the increase of players that are now ranked for the Street Fighter V esports title.

Added to the fact that MSSA now allows any gamer, whether registered or not, to participate in a Regional Championships, the participation levels at such Regional Championships is expected to increase dramatically.

The full list of all senior rankings for the Street Fighter V esports title is as follows:

PosName of PlayerYearClubPoints
1Leonard Loftus17Masters of Mind Sports172.3
2Joost Loftus17Masters of Mind Sports171.8
3Mxolisi Lukhele17Amplified Rebellion167.7
4Alasdair Donaldson17Knights Mind Sports Club157.6
5Benniel Botha17Fakkel School132.6
6Armand Botha17Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog131.1
7Leone Loftus17Masters of Mind Sports128.1
8Brian Lin17Masters of Mind Sports128
9Wynand Janse van Rensburg17JCS Academy125.9
10Titus Loyiso17Fakkel School125.4
11Ruan Hoffman17JCS Academy124.8
12Marchelle van Niekerk17HTS Sasolburg120.5
13Suzaan van Jaarsveld17Masters of Mind Sports116.4
14Kyle van Biljon17Articon115.4
15Alex Esterhuizen17Vexxed Phoenix114.2
16Bronwyn Williams17JCS Academy114.2
17Carl McNeill17Cape Town Mind Sports114.2
18Chantél Cronjé17Fragcon114.2
19Conor Kisbey-Green17Maritzburg College114.2
20Doreen Els17Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club114.2
21Edward Cronjé17Fragcon114.2
22Gawie Fick17Fakkel School114.2
23Nadine Swart17HTS Witbank114.2
24Phoenix Janse Van Vuuren17Fakkel School114.2
25Rianco Brits17Fragcon114.2
26Theunis van der Merwe17Curro Klerksdorp114.2
27Stephan Moetetsi17North West University - Vaal114
28Yu-Hsien Lin17North West University Vaal114
29Aaron Mulligan17Maritzburg College110
30Sune vd Merwe17HTS Witbank109.7
31Jualine van Rooyen17JCS Academy109.2
32Robyn Gertzen17Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club108.2
33Kaitlyn Creighton17Masters of Mind Sports107.8
34Gordon McCormack17JCS Academy104.5
35Jarred Smith17JCS Academy104.5
36Nkwe Makaleng17Non member104.5
37Clareus Phillips17Non member100.3
38Gearè Botes17Cape Town Mind Sports100
39Cindy-Lee Strydom17Fakkel School99.8
40Alicia Els17JCS Academy99.3
41Dominique Janse van Vuuren17Fakkel School99.3
42Maryka Grobler17PHS95
43Angelique Taljaard17Fakkel School90.3
44Armandt Welgemoed17Curro Klerksdorp90.3
45Tshedza Mosheleni16Fakkel School90.3
46Mercia de Frye17Fakkel School85.8

Other official rankings produced by MSSA are as follows:

Reminder: 31 January 2018 is the deadline.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) shall be holding its 1st Executive Meeting on Saturday, 24 February 2018 directly after the end of play.

Thus all member clubs are invited to submit any matters that they feel need to be addressed by MSSA's Executive Committee by the end of business of Wednesday, 31 January 2018.

The Executive Committee consists of all members of the Management Board, and one nominated member from each affiliated member.

Thus every member club has its opportunity to participate in the affairs of MSSA.

It should be noted that the Management Board is accountable to the Executive Committee, and that the authority of the Executive Committee is only second to that of MSSA's Council.

An agenda will be produced by 2 February 2018 and circulated to all member clubs, which shall be accompanied by a proxy form, so that each and every member club will be able to have its say.

HTS Sasolburg learner, Jeremy Seremak, streaks into the lead.

Jeremy Seremak at MSSA's Fezile Dabi Championships.
There is no doubt that the rankings are a great method for evaluating play.

Remarkably enough, MSSA's 2018 Fezile Dabi Championships is only the second such championship in which Jeremy Seremak has participated.

The first championship in which he participated was MSSA's 31st South African National Championships, left him ranked 8th in the country.

Now with his win at MSSA's 2018 Fezile Dabi Championships, Jeremy has wrested the title of being the top ranked South Player from Protea Team Member, Alasdair Donaldson.

It will indeed be interesting to see what happens when Jeremy once again faces Alasdair in battle. Who will win through? Only time will tell.

The full list of all senior rankings for the Tekken 7 esports title is as follows:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1Jeremy Seremak17HTS Sasolburg212.1
2Brian Lin17Masters of Mind Sports181.2
3Alasdair Donaldson17VexxedPhoenix179
4Christopher Fenton17JCS Academy175.8
5Yu-Hsien Lin17North West University - Vaal172.8
6Mpho Ntsala17Fakkel School170
7Gawie Fick17Fakkel School158.1
8Mxolisi Lukhele17Amplified Rebellion158
9Sekele Komape17Tom Naudé152.8
10Charlize Seremak17HTS Sasolburg147.4
11Paulosi Makhuba17Fakkel School144
12Hlani Khaile17HTS Sasolburg143.4
13Dewald Gerber17HTS Witbank142.9
14Marchelle van Niekerk17HTS Sasolburg142.8
15Pieter Lourens17BNKR139.3
16Jan Hendrik Van Aswegen17Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog136.5
17George Griffiths17HTS Witbank135.4
18Leighton Howells17Cambridge High School135.1
19Ewan van Eden17HTS Sasolburg128.5
20Darryl Bruce- Smith17HTS Sasolburg128.1
21Michael Janse van Rensburg17HTS Sasolburg128
22Pieter Oelofse17HTS Sasolburg128
23Tetelo Mphahele17Tom Naudé127
24Kaitlyn Creighton17Master of Mind Sports125.9
25Tsedisi Thwala17JCS124.5
26Thabiso Mosia17Fakkel124
27Junior Mpembe17Fakkel123.2
28Sune van de Merwe17HTS Witbank122.6
29Reinier v Wyk17JCS Academy122.5
30Jualine van Rooyen17JCS122.2
31Titus Loyiso17Fakkel122.1
32Alastair Williams17JCS Academy117.4
33Angelique Taljaard17HTS Witbank114.4
34Austin Lee17Northcliff High School114.4
35Baber Abbas16Knights Mind Sports Club114.4
36Beon Bronkhorst17JCS Academy114.4
37Bradley Niewoudt17Masters of Mind Sports114.4
38Bruce Burke17JCS Academy114.4
39Carl McNeil17Cape Town Mind Sports114.4
40Connor Chaplin17Northcliff High School114.4
41Doreen Els17Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club114.4
42Duncan Correira17JCS Academy114.4
43Gordon McCormack17JCS Academy114.4
44Gregory Haripersad16Maritzburg College114.4
45Harkus Crause17JCS Academy114.4
46Hugo Venter17Fakkel School114.4
47Jacques Rossouw17Fakkel School114.4
48Jada Whitaker17Tom Naudé114.4
49Jonathan Schneider17Non member114.4
50Joost Loftus17Masters of Mind Sports114.4
51Keanu De Waal17Tom Naudé114.4
52Leonard Loftus17Masters of Mind Sports114.4
53Leoné Loftus17Fakkel School114.4
54Luan Joubert17BNKR114.4
55Mark Morobane17Curro Klerksdorp114.4
56Matthew van der Merwe16Fakkel School114.4
57Mellie Nienaber16Fakkel School114.4
58Michael Masikeng16Fakkel School114.4
59Molepa Magashoa17Non member114.4
60Moloti Magashoa17Non member114.4
61Morizané Boyes17BNKR114.4
62Nadine Swart17HTS Witbank114.4
63Paula Loftus17Masters of Mind Sports114.4
64Pheello Maphumane17Fakkel School114.4
65Phoenix Janse van Vuuren17Fakkel School114.4
66Rion Nelson16Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog114.4
67Robyn Gertzen17Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club114.4
68Ronin Brookes17Sasolburg High School114.4
69Ruan Hoffman17JCS Academy114.4
70Ruan Visagie16Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog114.4
71Ryan Gathita17Curro Klerksdorp114.4
72Rynhardt Engelbrecht17Fakkel School114.4
73Shaun Coetzee16Fakkel School114.4
74Tertius Nel17HTS Witbank114.4
75Tshepo Matitwane17Fakkel School114.4
76Waldo Joubert17BNKR114.4
77Yadav Maharaj17Maritzburg College114.4
78Wernich 'PANDA' Botha17JCS Academy114.2
79Aidan Chaplin17Northcliff High School114.1
80Jarred Smith17JCS Academy112.8
81Khanyisa Sibanda17JCS Academy111
82Ruben v d Merwe17HTS Witbank110.2
83Keagan Gunkel17Maritzburg College110
84Rudi Taute15All Stars110
85Merice Ferreira17JCS Academy109.9
86James Griffiths17HTS Witbank109
87Evan van Eden17HTS Sasolburg108.8
88Mpumi Madeou17Curro Klerksdorp106.1
89Luhan Stoltz17HGH Witbank105
90Deon Robbertse17North West University - Vaal104.8
91Quinton Massey17JCS104.8
92Kerwinn Harischancke17Maritzburg College104.5
93William Kruger16Fakkel School104.5
94Wynand Janse van Rensburg17JCS Academy104.5
95Andre van Vollenstee16HTS Witbank104.4
96Franco Janse van Rensburg17Masters of Mind Sports104
97Tyrique de Bruin16Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog104
98Armand Botha17Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog103.3
99Xavier Ferreira17JCS Academy101.3
100Kristen Cockeran17Fakkel School100.3
101Eben Coetzer15HTS Witbank100
102Logan Ortmen16Northcliff High School100
103Brandon Merrington17Maritzburg College99.8
104Khahliso Malape16Fakkel School99.8
105Joel van Wyk17All Stars99.3
106Owen Lotter16Affies Sasolburg99.3
107Cale Barry17Uplands College98.8
108Keanu de Waal17Tom Naudé98.8
109Durandt van Dyk17JCS Academy96.2
110Alwyn van Wyk16Maritzburg College95
111Berginkgosi Lukhele17Amplified Rebellion95
112Martin Dippenaar17HTS Sasolburg95
113Simoné Otto17Tom Naudé95
114Ayanda Kumalo16Fakkel School93.3
115Phengo Madzivhandila16Masters of Mind Sports90.3
116Bradley Duckham17Maritzburg College85.8

Other official rankings produced by MSSA are as follows: