Monday 1 January 2018

IESF in co-operation with Sthlm Esport Awards

Stockholm's Grand Hôtel.
Swedish media group Metro Nordic and its owner Custos Group, the largest shareholder in Johnston Press, one of the largest multimedia organisations in the UK, launches Sthlm Esport Awards which will be an international esports gala to be held in Stockholm in 2018.

Sthlm Esport Award will be held to celebrate the world’s greatest esport stars of the year. Hosted by Metro Media House in association with esport-agency Orlando John and with the support from International Esport Federation, IESF, industry players from around the world are invited to attend this gala dinner followed by a glittering award ceremony, where the world´s most prominent eSport-profiles are rewarded in different categories.
As the international federation of esports, it is extremely exciting to be part of this big project. Together we break new ground on the international esport scene. - Magnus Jonsson, Board member, IESF

Sthlm esport Awards are to be held on the 3rd of September 2018 in the historic premises of Grand Hôtel, located in the heart of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The gala will be held in direct connection with the Counter Strike tournament Dreamhack Masters, which will move to Stockholm next year.
It’s about time that our digital athletes get the attention they deserve. Just like the film, television and music industry, the fast-growing esport industry needs a gala to celebrate its stars - Christen Ager-Hanssen, CEO Custos.

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