Sunday 21 January 2018

Gauteng's Umpiring Course.

Participants at MSSA's 2018 Gauteng Level 1 Umpires' Course.
On 20 January 2018, MSSA held its Gauteng Level 1 Umpires' Course at the Old Edwardian Society in Lower Houghton.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) shall be holding such courses throughout South Africa during the course of the year in order to enable as many people as possible, who are willing to become accredited umpires, to do do so.

The next such course shall be held in the North West Province. As soon as  the date and venue has been set, all member clubs shall be advised.

Those that received their Level 1 certification at the Umpires' Course that was held in the Gauteng Province are as follows:

Name Club
Johan Van Breda ZAGA
Jessie Joubert  ZAGA
Marisa van der Westhuizen  ZAGA
Bernice Botha  ZAGA
Garth Schoeman  Knights Mind Sports Club
Terence James Allwright Old Edwardian Wargames Club
Cobus van der Wath  Fakkel School
Henry Colin Fakkel School


  1. Any idea when there will be an umpiring course in Cape Town? (venue, date, time, etc.?)

  2. I believe that it will be in July. As soon as the details are made available, MSSA shall advise all of its members.