Friday 30 June 2017

Use of reserves in MSSA's Online School League.

Tyrone Green - National  Schools' Director.
On 23 June 2017 Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA) announced the closing date for entries for MSSA's online inter-school league.
All schools intending to participate must note the rules concerning the use off reserves have been amended.

The decision comes on the wake of a great deal  of input made by Tyrone Green (MSSA's National  Schools' Director) who was chiefly concerned about the sustainability of such  school teams over the five  week period over  which the league would be  played.

On presenting his findings to MSSA's MANCOM, the Board agreed to amend the current rulings to favour the school teams that need to use reserves.

The use of reserves in the online school league should also have the added benefit of further developing additional gamers.

Such rules now read  as follows:
Reserves may be used as follows:
1. In team games such as CS:GO, DotA 2, and LoL, the Team may use up to three reserves. All players of the Team shall qualify for provincial colours as long as such player has played in at least two complete matches.

2. In team games such as VainGlory, the school may use one reserve per Team and that all players of the Team shall qualify for provincial colours as long as such player has played in at least two complete matches.

Selections of the SA Squad Captains: League of Legends.

Capetonian Brandon Fester.
In the past Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) would only select the actual esports team required for the event for which the team is required.
After due consideration and discussion, MSSA has decided to increase the number of Registered Players selected to form the national esports squad. Selecting a squad has a number of benefits as it allows MSSA to experiment with different combinations in order to ensure that South Africa can proudly field the best possible team from the Registered Players that had participated at MSSA's National Team Trials.

Without doubt the most important, and central figure, of the squad is the Team Captain.

Thus MSSA agonizes over who should be selected as the Team Captain. The Team Captain shall lead the official South African League of Legends Team to IeSF's 9th World Championships - Busan.

So much has to fall on the shoulders of the Team Captain, such as morale, discipline, roster, leadership, and so forth. 

However, MSSA has at last reached a  decision on the Team Captain who is to lead South Africa's Protea League of Legends team.

The team captain selected is none other than Brandon Fester of the VexxedPhoenix Gaming Club from Cape Town.

Brandon “Brafester” Fester’s history in competitive eSports started four years ago where he captained a team of friends, with the goal to be the best. His determination and passion helped his teammates, and opponents, grow as players and people, but his leadership is what ultimately pushed him to the top.

He is currently captain of the Goon Squad, the current DGC champions and strongest team in the country for League of Legends. He too promotes growth and development in his communities and organisation.

He is currently working on improving his individual skill and preparing his teams for various League of Legends tournaments. On being informed of his selection to the position of Team Captain, Brandon stated, " This has officially become the best and most important day of my life. I can think of nothing more prestigious than representing my country, let alone captaining the side!

Thank you for the strength and support! I too have high hopes for the team and future of South African esports on all fronts. I shall do my best to ensure we can not only meet expectations, but exceed them where possible!" MSSA is proud of its choice in Brandon and looks forward to his term as National Team Captain for League of Legends.

Thursday 29 June 2017

Why do MSSA championships rotate?

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) as a body corporate has always believed in taking events to its members.

In order to develop gaming to its full potential, it is not enough to hold events where it is the most convenient, and where it is the most profitable to do so. There must be a profound attempt to ensure that events are held in every nook-and-cranny in order to give everybody the opportunity to participate, compete, and even excel.

Thus even MSSA's National Team Trials rotate around the country. MSSA has seen its National Team Trials held in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, and Witbank.

However, National Team Trials works a little differently to Regional, Provincial, and National Championships.

Any club within a Region may offer to host the Regional Championship in the region in which it is based.

Similarly, any club within a province may offer to host a provincial championship.

Working on the same philosophy, any club based anywhere within the political boundaries of South Africa may offer to host the South African National Championships.

Of course the club offering to host must have the infrastructure to host the event. It is no good to offer to host and not have 3-phase power or a solid internet connection.

Through this policy of rotating championships, every club can get a piece-of-the-pie and deliver a quality event to its members.

Thus over the years, MSSA has seen its pride, the SA National Championships, played in Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Pietermaritzburg, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Stellenbosch, and Witbank.

2017 will see the S A National Championships hosted by Fakkel School in Sasolburg.

SA School Championships - 29 & 30 July 2017

Oakhill School's DotA 2 esports team - Mr Project 
Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) started its South African School Championships (SAS) back in 1996. 

Although the championships back then only concentrated on board games and wargames, the championships has over the years also been broadened to include eSports.

It has over the years, been a great source of unearthing the talent that has driven many of the senior national teams.

Many top gamers at school level have been enlisted into National Team duty – and have done very well!

One only has to remember players like Vincent Lane (St John's College), Andre Tonkin (Krugersdorp High), David Webster (Sandringham High), Pierre Lotter (Paul Roos Gimnasium), Angelo stathoussis (Somerset College), Dominic Bauer (Eden College), Conradie van Heerden (DF Malan), Jason Batzofin (St John's College), Elishia Retief (Hoerskool Linden), Gabriella Isaacs (SAHETI),Dillon Justus (DF Malan), Simon Zandstra (Rondebosch High), and Jessie Joubert (Rondebosch High).

All of the above have performed at the highest levels both here and abroad, and all of whom have done South Africa proud – very proud indeed!

The Annual South African National Championship shall be played on 29 & 30 July 2017.

The championship also counts as the MSSA's National Team Trials for MSSA Junior Protea Teams.

Registrations will close on the 18 July 2017.

Players who wish to compete in any of MSSA's Championships are advised to complete their annual registration forms so that they may register as Registered Players as soon as possible. Late entries will be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

All gamers are reminded that the South African National Championships is an open championship. In other words any registered player is entitled to enter the championship – no matter where they live, or their category of membership. If you have any queries, please contact the MSSA.

Championship Details:

Hosting Club
: Oakhill SchoolUitsig Street, Heuwelkruin, Knysna 6571
Venue: Oakhill SchoolUitsig Street, Heuwelkruin, Knysna 6571
'Phone: +27 44 382-6506
: 29 & 30 July 2017
Game Entry Fees: FREEEntries: Clubs must use the entry form on Google Drive to enter their players.Computers: Bring your own. Please ensure that all game updates are done prior to arrival. No updates shall be done at the event. Schedule: As below.
Board games titles to be played at 2017 School National Championships

eSports titles to be played at 2017 School LAN National Championships

Saturday StarCraft II League of Legends HearthStone Tekken 7
Sunday CounterStrike: GO FIFA '17 DotA 2 VainGlory

Wargames to be played at 2016 School National Championships
SaturdayAncients - DBM 3.2
SundayAncients - DBM 3.2

Games begin at 9H00 on both days and shall end at 18H00.

Rules and Regulations: All Rules and Regulations are available from the MSSA. Players are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with the Bylaws and all Period Specific Rules. If any Player wishes to provide advice regarding the drafting of the Period Specific Rules they are encouraged to contact MSSA who will take all comments into account.

The following Medals may be awarded at the Championship:
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd placeFor both male and female, as well as for both High School and Primary School
Colours and National Team Trials:
  • Junior National Federation Colours: All Players that win all of their Matches at a National Championship will earn Junior National Federation Colours.
  • Provincial Colours: All Players that who score within the top 50% in a specific Period at a Provincial Championship, and who also score within the top 50% at a National Championship in the same period and in the same year, will earn Provincial Colours.
Please note that times may be changed to take into account load-shedding.

Mortal Kombat X rankings: Rion Nelson hangs onto his #1 spot.

Number 1 ranked Mortal Kombat X player in South Africa - Rion Nelson of Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog, Witbank.
MSSA's 14th Free State Championships saw some interesting developments in terms of the esport title of Mortal Kombat X  rankings. 
Joost Loftus (Masters of Mind Sports) continued with his upward climb with Leoné Loftus, and Phoenix Janse van Vuuren in tow.

However, Joost was unable to gain the necessary points to dethrone Rion Nelson (Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog) from pole position.

With MSSA's 2nd Fezile Dabi Regional Championships about to be held on 1 July 2017, Joost may just find enough victories to snatch the number one spot from Rion.
We'll  all just have to wait and see...
The full rankings, which shall be used in MSSA's 2nd Fezile Dabi Regional Championship are:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1Rion Nelson17Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog200.4
2Joost Loftus17Masters of Mind Sports199.5
3Kyle Chan Some17Northcliff High School176.3
4Jan-Hendrik van Aswegen17Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog171.4
5Gawie Fick17Fakkel School169.7
6Leoné Loftus17Fakkel School169
7Michael van Meyeren17HTS Witbank165.9
8Phoenix Janse van Vuuren17Fakkel School160.9
9Connor Chaplin17Northcliff High School158.4
10Mark Morobane17Curro Klerksdorp157.4
11Sune van de Merwe17HTS Witbank152.8
12Kelvin Yang16Northcliff High School148
13Doreen Els17Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club147.3
14Aidan Chaplin17Northcliff High School143.7
15Theunis van der Merwe17Curro Klerksdorp140.4
16Pieter Lourens17Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog137.8
17Jean Kruger17HTS Witbank137.3
18Leonard Loftus17Masters of Mind Sports134.9
19Leigthon Howells17Cambridge High School134.4
20Jared van Biljon17Curro Klerksdorp133.4
21Alastair Williams17JCS Academy131.3
22Beon Bronkhorst17JCS Academy131.3
23Hugo Venter17Fakkel School128.5
24Armand Botha17Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog128
25Mxolisi Lukhele17Amplified Rebellion127.9
26Tumelo Sesinyi17Curro Klerksdorp122.1
27Pheello Maphumane17Fakkel School121.7
28Wernich ‘Panda’ Botha17JCS Academy120.9
29Luhan Stoltz17Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog120.1
30Kit Rawlings16Northcliff High School120
31Kabelo Mametele17Fakkel School119.9
32Tebogo Hlasa17Fakkel School118.5
33Bonga Zwane16HTS Witbank114.3
34Kyle Turnbull16HTS Witbank114.3
35Logan Ortner16Northcliff High School114.3
36Mellie Nienaber16Fakkel School114.3
37Pheelo Maphumane16Fakkel School114.3
38Ruan Visagie16Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog114.3
39Rynardt Engelbrecht16Fakkel School114.3
40Tumi Mohosho16Fakkel School114.3
41Wesley David16Maritzburg College114.3
42William Rawlings16Northcliff High School114.3
43William Kruger16Fakkel School114
44Gareth van Straten16HTS Witbank112.6
45Mpho Ntsala16Fakkel School111.2
46Riaan Kruger16Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog109.1
47Sibusiso Nabileyo16Fakkel School109
48Chris Marie16Fakkel School108.8
49Korben Roos16HTS Witbank107
50Bongwe Mpugwa17Curro Klerksdorp106.3
51Robyn Gertzen17Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club106.2
52Logan Ortner17Northcliff High School105.7
53Alwyn van Wyk16Maritzburg College105.1
54Armandt Welgemoed17Curro Klerksdorp104.9
55Gomo Hdlozi16HTS Witbank104
56Kaitlyn Creighton17Masters of Mind Sports104
57Brandon Watts17Northcliff High School102.5
58Michael Masikeng16Fakkel School101.3
59Michael Retief16Old Edwardian Wargames Club100
60Reginald Mofokeng16Fakkel School100
61Tania Brown16All Stars100
62George Griffiths16HTS Witbank99.8
63Jacobus Direko16Fakkel School99.8
64Kahliso Malepe16Fakkel School99.3
65Tshepo Matitwane17Fakkel School99.3
66Wihan van Wyk16Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog99.3
67Lesedi Motale16Curro Klerksdorp98.8
68Joshua Jansen van Vuuren16Northcliff High School97.5
69Joel Van Wyk16Maritzburg College95
70Learvene Winkler16Maritzburg College95
71Riana du Plessis16All Stars95
72Rynard Cockeran17Masters of Mind Sports95
73Tumi Jourdan16Northcliff High School95
74Damien Avis16Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog90.3
75Kristen Cockeran17Fakkel School90.3
76Angelique Taljaard17Fakkel School85.8

Other rankings are: