Wednesday 14 June 2017

Soweto's first esports club is accepted into membership: Ekasi Esports.

Ekasi Esports
The latest club to apply, and be accepted by Mind Sports South Africa into membership, is Ekasi Esports.

Ekasi Esports is the first accredited esports  club in Soweto.

The founders, and current club committee members, Gabriel Ramokotjo, Mpho Tladi, and Smilo Katlegob Gosa have big plans for the club.

The three are determined to see esports to become a viable alternative to other sports in Soweto, and are driven to bring the technological advantages associated with esports into Soweto in order to benefit the lives of all.

The club too intends  to become a hub in order to allow schools in Soweto to have access to MSSA's online championships.

Allied to the above ideals, the club too sees itself at the forefront of transformation, and is determined to ensure that esports becomes truly representative.

These are big ambitions for truly wonderful people.

MSSA will be there with them as the club turns its dreams into reality.

The enthusiastic committee of Ekasi Esports.

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