Wednesday 28 June 2017

Transferring allegiance.

A team proudly wearing club livery.
We all know the gamers that flit from team to team as if they were bees collecting pollen from your prize blooms in the garden.

In many organised sports there are clear 'windows' in which transfers may occur.

Certainly there is such a period in esports in Europe and Asia.

But what of South Africa? How does it work in South Africa, and more importantly, how is it regulated by the official controlling body - Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA)?

In MSSA, a player may only ever represent one club at a time. The club that the player represents is the club that has  registered the player first. So, let's presume that a player starts off the year playing for a school club, and through his own ability improves enough for a private club to offer him/her a position.

The school club has to release the player. Such is done by advising MSSA, and then such player may be transferred.

However, once  transferred, such player is no longer able to represent his/her school and will be excluded from all school events.

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