Thursday 8 June 2017

Nadine Swart is SA’s top female Tekken Player

Nadine Swart at MSSA's recent 2017 Mpumulanga Championships.
MSSA’s 16th MpumulangaChampionships held at HTS Witbank on 27 & 28 May 2017 delivered some interesting results.

Not only were there more female entrants to the Tekken fame title than in any other championship in South Africa, but, such competitors showed that their standard of play had improved in leaps and bounds.

South Africa now has now got 13 female Tekken players officially ranked.

All four of the top players come from various clubs based in Witbank. Which is testament to Morizane Boyes commitment to growing and developing esports among women.

Nadine Swart heads the table after many years of playing second fiddle to Morizane Boyes (who represented South Africa at IeSF’s 6th World Championships – Baku).

This is truly a case of the student becoming the master.
Pos Name of Player year Club Points
1 Nadine Swart 17 HTS Witbank 196.8
2 Sune van de Merwe 17 HTS Witbank 161.6
3 Doreen Els 17 Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club 157.4
4 Morizané Boyes 17 BNKR 153.6
5 Kaitlyn Creighton 17 Master of Mind Sports 124.6
6 Robyn Gertzen 17 Teutonic Knights Mind Sports Club 114.8
7 Amanda Kumalo 16 Fakkel School 113.5
8 Andrea Bosch 15 Fairmont High School 110
9 Angelique Taljaard 17 Fakkel School 100
10 Leoné Loftus 17 Fakkel School 97.5
11 Dana Coleman 15 BNKR 96.9
12 Twane Martins 15 BNKR 95
13 Elize Crouse 15 Fairmont High School 95

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