Tuesday 27 June 2017

Latest StarCraft II rankings released.

King David Victory Park learner, David Morris (Blue Dragon E-Sports) receiving gold at the Free State Championships.
The StarCraft II event at MSSA's 14th Free State Championships saw the Morris brothers shoot up  the rankings.

The unseeded Devon Morris (Blue Dragon) with only one championship under his belt, shot into 6th place. His older brother, Stefan Morris - also of Blue Dragon - continued his upward move to finish in 3rd place in the ranking.

After the prize-giving at MSSA's 14th Free State Championships, Devon was  interviewed. The interview shall be screened on MSSA's Channel on Tuluntulu.

The Pretoria based 'Blue Dragon E-Sports' club as a whole is showing its strength and now dominates  the official  ranking having garnered the top six positions.

The rankings for StarCraft II are now:

PosName of PlayeryearClubPoints
1Edwin Williams17Blue Dragon186.1
2Pieter Piek17Blue Dragon168
3Stefan Morris17Blue Dragon154.9
4Marc Magon17Blue Dragon153.6
5Joshua Goldin17Blue Dragon141
6Devon Morris17Blue Dragon133.9
7Daniel Froneman15Maritzburg College126.6
8Gideon Hefer16Knights Mind Sports Club126.6
9James Lu15Northcliff High School126.6
10Kelvin Yang15Northcliff High School126.6
11Lourens de Jager16Blue Dragon126.6
12Marcus Alberts16Blue Dragon126.6
13Morizanê Boyes15BNKR126.6
14Rowan Hammond15White Rabbit Gaming126.6
15Aidan Smale17Old Edwardian Wargames Club124
16Ivan Cura17Blue Dragon123.2
17Carl van Staden16Blue Dragon120.4
18Darren Clark17Northcliff High School110
19Dominique Magon17Blue Dragon110
20Keaton Roux17Blue Dragon107
21Damien Avis16Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog100
22Jarod van Biljoen15Curro Klerksdorp100
23Nathan Anderson15Knights Mind Sports Club100
24Riaan Kruger16Hoërskool Generaal Hertzog100
25Chad Schuleman17Blue Dragon96.3
26Angelique van Venrooy17Blue Dragon95
27Stephen Brooks15Tuks Mind Sports Club84.4
28Dana Coleman15BNKR75
29Dewalt Oosthuizen15BNKR75
30Erna Wedemeyer16Blue Dragon62
31Brandon Ypenburg15Northcliff High School56.3

Other rankings are:

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