Thursday 22 June 2017

What happens when a player is suspended?

From time-to-time players may be suspended for having transgressed Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA's) rules which are laid down in the Constitution, Regulations, and various bye-laws.

But what does being suspended mean?

A number of players have, in the past, expressed the view that once they are suspended, membership ceases.

The view expressed above is not true. Only a player  resigning from membership, not renewing membership, or being expelled results in the cessation of membership. 

To be expelled from membership is a big deal, and requires arbitration, disciplinary meetings, and resolutions - all of which must be done in terms of the PROMOTION OF ADMINISTRATIVE JUSTICE ACT 3 OF 2000 (PAJA).

Suspension on the other hand is a corrective measure where the player is allowed to remain a member, but is unable to participate in the affairs of MSSA.

And that can be quite far-reaching, as MSSA's rules read as follows:
While under suspension no affiliated member, Registered Player, Associate Player to whom the suspension applies, will be allowed to take part whatsoever in the affairs of MSSA, or any of its affiliated members.

Should an affiliated member or any Registered or Associate Player be engaged in any of the aforementioned fixtures prior to suspension, then upon suspension such member/player shall be debarred from continuing to be so engaged. 

However, should contraventions not be rectified within three months from the date of suspension, membership will automatically terminate and such registration of such player will also be terminated. 

A full calendar year shall elapse before an application for membership may be submitted or registration forms for such player may be submitted. Such member and/or player remain responsible for all obligations towards MSSA that may be outstanding at the date of termination of membership or registration.

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