Saturday 24 June 2017

How many clubs may a player represent?

Gamers representing their club - SAHETI
Gamers in South Africa are renown for just leaving one club and then going to join another. So much so that in some unaccredited leagues and competitions, it is not unheard of to see certain players changing teams at least three times a year.

This, of course does not happen overseas where strict contractual obligations limit and prohibit such actions.

But how does it work in Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA)?

The basic rules covering transfers is covered in MSSA's Constitution. The Constitution sets the 'ground-rules' for MSSA and is the source document to which all members should turn when in doubt.

According to such constitution, any Registered Player may only be registered as representing one affiliated member at any one time. It is the club that submits the details of the player to MSSA, and it is the club that handles all entries.

Thus, a player may only represent one club at a time, and it is the first club that the player joined.

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