Wednesday 30 September 2015

It's all about the money!

I am always amazed at this time of the year with all the gamers claiming to be 'professionals'.

For the vast majority of gamers nothing could be further from the truth.

However, this year a youngster bragged to me that 'gaming owes him a living'!

Really! How?

Nobody is owed anything in this world unless there a clear indication/contract by the other party that there some form of payment to be made in lieu of services rendered.

The act of a person who willingly becomes involved in a sport does not create that contract, unless such person is employed to play for his/her employer.

If there isn't a contract stipulating employment, then that gamer is just an amateur.

That is if the gamer is playing for a non profit organisation.

I am of the opinion that due to the definition of the word 'remuneration' in the Basic conditions of Employment Act, that gamers who are playing for companies are being paid remuneration when they earn prizes of any form. This has serious implications for the company and the gamer alike.

Obviously the company will have to comply fully with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

For the gamer though, it means that he/she will have to enter into a contract in which his/her conditions of employment are stipulated.

Thus it stands to reason that only the gamers that play for companies of a profit making venture (like bvd, ventus, and the like) are proper professional gamers and possibly entitled to all the benefits that the Act allows.

Gamers who do not receive remuneration for the gaming, however, are not professionals and whether or not they earn prize money, are amateurs.

However, may be wrong, and if I am, I would like to know why.

Tuesday 29 September 2015

Lubabalo does well at the 2015 WCDF GAYP Qualifying Trials

Lubabalo Kondlo 
The WCDF held its 2015 edition of its Go-As-You-Please Qualifying Trial in Knighton, Wales, from 21 to 24 September 2015.

The MSSA had nominated Lubabalo Kondlo (from Port Elizabeth) for the event, and Lubabalo was ready to give it his all.

Unfortunately, Lubabalo had a poor start in the first two rounds, but quickly made up for it by the enjd of the fourth game on the second day. At the end of the second day, Lububalo found himself yapping at the heels of the leaders.

By the end of the sixth round on the third day, Lububalo found himself in tie first place.

Lubabalo maintained this position to the end of the championships when, as WCDF president Dr Richard Beckwith puts it, "On tie-breaker calculation, Michele Borghetti (Italy) won, and Lubabalo was 6th.  Nine players were separated by one point.".

Thus the championship was extremely close, with Lubabalo losing out only on a tie-breaker.

Sunday 27 September 2015

MSSA/MWEB 2015 National Team Trials

Nathan Anderson in 2014 Protea kit
The MSSA/MWEB 2015 National Team Trials held on 26 September 2015 at THE HIVE in Montecasino went off without a hitch.

Yet, even before the doors were open, players had already assembled outside of the venue in the quaint reconstruction of a Italian town - complete with police car...?

The team from Fish Hoek all looked terribly dapper in their provincial colours. Nathan Anderson was also among the early arrivals resplendent in his 2014 kit.

Maryke Kennard - captain on the Tuks League of Legends
Nathan has represented South Africa in 2013 (Bucharest) and in 2014 (Baku) and was chomping at the bit in order to be selected to once again represent South Africa in Seoul.

The next group to arrive was a League of Legends team comprised mainly of Tuks students and lead by Maryke Kennard. The team arrived almost in wedge-formation with Maryke at the front and the rest in tow.

Gamers are encouraged to select their own teams from all the players who have qualified for Trials. Thus teams that play at Trials are not always the same as the teams that qualify. Team captains are thus able to fine-tune their teams by using players who have qualified for such Trials.

Players also turned up from six other clubs, and in total 4 provinces were represented at the Trials.

Ryan Boyes, eSports Chairman, immediately took charge of the Trials, and as soon as the mandatory welcome was given the administration of the event was finalised.

The trials were hotly contested with surprising results in most games which drew gasps from officials and players alike.

Thus at the end of day, exhausted gamers and officials departed from the venue.

The process now begins for the committee to analyse the results, select the team, submit the entry to the IeSF, and award Protea Colours.

As soon as the MSSA is able, the selection shall be made public.

Thursday 24 September 2015

Maryke leads Tuks' League of Legends team into National Team Trials

Maryke Kennard
Maryke Kennard has successfully lead her Tuks League of Legends team to victory at the 2014 MWEB South African National Championships, 2015 MWEB Gauteng Provincial Championships, and the 2015 MWEB Mpumulanga Provincial Championships to make her one of the most decorated players in South African gaming history.

Maryke has received Gauteng Student Provincial Colours, Gauteng Senior Provincial Colours, SA Student National Federation Colours, as well SA Senior National Federation Colours.

Now Maryke has her ambitions set on obtaining Protea Colours and leading her team to victory at the National Team Trials to be played at The H.I.V.E. at Montecasino on 26 September 2015.

Not only does Maryke lead her team, but also is responsible for the running of the Tuks Mindsports Club.

Will there be a team to successfully challenge the Tuks team? Well, we'll all have to wait until Saturday evening to know the answer to that question, won't we?

SRSA's 2015 Indigenous Games

Despite the millions of rands expended by SRSA on the 2015 Indigenous Games, the games went off barely being noticed by the press and citizens of South Africa.

SRSA's website advertising the event captured 0n 24/9/2015
The games were apparently held somewhere up in Pretoria from 18th September to 24 September (according to SRSA's website).

Theoretically, in terms of the law, SRSA is supposed to run the championships strictly to the National Federation's rules.

But do they?

As far as I am aware, SRSA and MSSA are at odds over the event. SRSA apparently does not use accepted rules and as such gamers that participate in SRSA's event are excluded from recognition for Morabaraba at Regional, Provincial and National level.

A sad state of affairs.

From POWERFM's website
However, back to 2015. I then see today that the dear Minister (Fikile Mbabula) was interviewed on "POWER98.7" on 17 September 2015, wherein he stated " the City of Polokwane  hosting the week’s long programme of events from the 20th to the 24th of September 2015."

So, if you are interested in going to watch this spectacle, where would you go - Pretoria or Polokwane?

And when does it start? A two day difference is really quite a lot!

I suppose at least they got the final date correct - I mean that is when they will have their award ceremony and of course, no doubt, the usual closing ceremony.

It is always interesting to see how taxpayer money is 'spent'.

World Draughts-64 Championship 2015 in St. Petersburg

Official logo of the 2015 IDF World Championships
World Draughts-64 Championships 2015 among men and women (Russian and Brazilian version) will be held in St. Petersburg (Russia) from 02 of October (day of arrival) to 11 of October, 2015 (departure day). Organizes of Championship are International Draughts Federation IDF with the support of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of St. Petersburg and the Ministry of Sports of Russia.

Strongest players of the world from forty-seven countries representing 4 continents: Europe, Asia, Africa and America will take part in the competition.

For the victory in the championship will fight Russian players - the current world champion Nikolay Struchkov and 7-time world champion Gavril Kolesov (both from Yakutia), winner of the World Mind Sports Games 2008 Oleg Dashkov from Samara, multiple world champion, the first world ranking - Sergey Belosheyev (Evpatoriya) and other strongest players. Among them are champions and winners of the world championships in different years Andrey Valyuk (Belarus), Ion Dosca (Moldova), Gennady Shapiro (Germany), Arno Uutma (Estonia), Eugene Kondrachenko (Belarus), as well as young, but already declared themselves players - European champion 2014 Igor Mikhalchenko (Belarus) and 3rd place of the previous World Championship Vladimir Yegorov (Russia, Tula).

Surprise of the championship can become talented African players - 18-year-old nugget Enock Makoka Banda (Malawi) and experienced Mvaaza Sakala (Zambia), as well as the first number of Jamaica, 26-year-old Andre Thomas. We look forward to the confident game of the multiple champion of Brazil, the winner of World Youth Championships Marcelo Francisco.

In women, the favorite of the tournament is the current World Champion Zhanna Sarshaeva from Russia, Astrakhan. The competition for she will make the world champions in different years Elena Skovitina from Moldova and Julia Makarenkova from Ukraine, European champion 2014 in blitz Sofya Morozova from Russia, Kaluga, rapidly progressing young players - Daria Fedorovich and Vera Hvaschinskaya from Belarus, Nika Leopoldova from St.Petersburg.

Geography of participants in female championships expanding rapidly. In the upcoming championships for the first time try their hand a representative of the South African Andrea Bosch. We hope that the participation of African players in major Draughts-64 competitions will cause a large surge of interest in the draughts sport in Africa and new stars will soon shine on the Draughts horizon!

St. Petersburg has a long Draughts tradition and great experience of the Draughts competitions of the highest level, including the European and World Championships. World Championship 2013 and European Championship 2014, which was held in St. Petersburg, served as a great impetus to the development and promotion of the Draughts on the traditional 64-cell board in the world.

Fans from more than 170 countries around the world watched the events in Draughts-64. We are confident that the time will come when the representatives of all these countries will meet at the largest draughts forum for the Draughts games!

Saturday 19 September 2015

Bidding for the 8th e-Sports World Championship 2016

MWEB Protea eSports Team watching Barry West playing Hearthstone in Baku, Azerbijan
There is no doubt that a lot of work goes into hosting and organising a major eSports event. In that way, eSports proves that it is no different from other sports in terms of preparation, logistics and effort.

To the outsider it looks so easy. The event is there, the teams arrive, the games are played.

However, the events can also be monumental 'stuff-ups' where venues are double-booked, equipment does not arrive on time, there is not enough ventilation, and so forth.

MSSA knows just how difficult it is to host a big event, In fact MSSA has already hosted four World championships and has had to deal with many last-minute issues.

MSSA too has sent a team to every one of the IeSF's championships.

MSSA can only but applaud all the hosts up to date for putting on seemingly seamless events. However, events are like ducks swimming on a pond. It all looks peaceful, but under the water those webbed feet are churning away.

The events that IeSF have held to date are:
IeSF Challenge
TaebaekSouth Korea
IeSF Grand Final
Daegu, South Korea
3rd IeSF World Championship
Andong, South Korea
4th IeSF World Championship
Cheonan, South Korea
5th IeSF World Championship
6th e-Sports World Championship
7th e-Sports World Championship
Seoul, South Korea

However, it should be noted that any/all members of IeSF are able to bid for “8th e-Sports World Championship 2016”.

But to do so, the National Federation has to comply with the following documents:

1.      Host City Bidding Application Form
2.      Letter of Intent:
3.      Letter of Guarantee: 
4.      Event Organization Agreement as signed by proper authority (or may contact IeSF for negotiating conditions before signing it).

However, the date for the submissions is fast running out as all the bids will be considered by IeSF at its Annual General Meeting.

It's sad, but when you consider the requirements, South Africa is just not capable of hosting an event of this nature.

Friday 18 September 2015

Misconceptions about the MSSA Inter-school online championships!

Fairmont High School in action
At a recent LAN I overheard two gamers chatting.

The one said, “I realise that the MSSAis dedicated when organising events. Yet in my personal reserved opinion , I find certain factors in the guidelines to be potentially handicapping to a team performance”.

How do they handicap performance?” replied the other.

By having school teams shall play from schools or from other approved venues, whether their own or shared”, the first speaker replied.

But would that not ensure that all teams are equal?”, replied the other.

That is not the point”, replied the first speaker who went on to state, “The school's internet may be used by the hostels and careless teachers which would cause poor network performance and latency resulting in all 5 members of the team being handicapped, where as if all members were allowed to participate own residence, this could be avoided, and even if 1 or 2 members have problems with their connections, its at least not all 5 members. And to have a teacher present, why?

Driving home from the LAN I ruminated long and hard on the conversation.

It is clear that the two gamers do not actually understand the purpose of the MWEB Inter-school online championships.

The first point is that the MSSA is attempting to get schools to see eSports as an official sport. Just as in the case of rugby, when matches are to be played, the groundsman marks the field and no other use of the field is allowed. So it is with eSports, when recognised by the school, when the games are played, only the team has use of the internet.

In fact, such is the impact of the eSports teams, that many of the schools participating in the Inter-school online league have upgraded their internet connections to help their teams.

By having the team sit at the same venue too has many benefits. Instead of gaming being relegated to bedrooms where gamers sit on the most comfortable chair in the house, have and endless supply of food and drink, and play in isolation, the team has to deal with a competition type environment.

The team is there for all to see – headmaster, educators, and fellow learners. The team becomes more visible, and becomes newsworthy. Media actually knows where to find the team in order to do articles about their performance. Through following this programme, gaming becomes far more visible to the general public.

The team also has increased possibilities to improve their game. By playing together in the same venue, the team can further develop and learn. After the game, the team can actually discuss what went right, what went wrong and what they should do in future games.

By playing in residences, gamers are relegating their game to be only a recreation.

The fact that so many top schools have bought into the system shows how well the Inter-school online championship has ticked all the boxes and has met governing body approval.

It is also essential to have an Educator present. This is an official championship. The championship is recognised by every level of government and delivers provincial and national colours.

The Educators are there to act as referees as well as to ensure that the school's brand is not harmed.

The teams are officially representing the school after all!

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Proposed changes to the MSSA/MWEB Schools League.

Fish Hoek High School DotA 2 team receiving S A National School Colours
It is a long held belief by the MSSA that the only way of getting South African gaming onto the same level as other international teams is to fully develop gaming at school level.

The raw talent, coupled with the enthusiasm, dedication and desire of the gamers at school level bodes well for future South African National teams as long as the talent can be unlocked and developed in a positive manner to benefit the gamers and enable the gamers to reach their full potential.

In order to fully enable the gamers, there has to be improved coaching as well as greater competition among the teams.

There is no doubt that the more competitive games played, the better the average standard of play.

It is vital that the average standard is improved as only when the average standard is raised, can the top levels of gaming also improve.

MSSA is also of the opinion that for a team to improve its standard, a team should play at least 24 competitive games a year.

Competitive games must also be played in controlled environments in order fully train the gamer for international competition and create the correct mind set for competitive play.

Thus MSSA is considering adding the following to the existing Calendar of Events.
  1. Provincial Inter-School Championships.

    On 20 February 2016, MSSA will run Provincial On-line Championships for schools.

    All games shall be played between schools from the same province to determine the provincial champions.

    School teams shall play from schools or from other approved venues, whether their own or shared. Thus, the effects of load-shedding shall be minimised and the competitive culture shall be reinforced.

    As an example, Northcliff may elect to play from the same venue as Hyde Park. In this way, a greater camaraderie ins engendered as well as the work-load is shared by the Educators.

    This system too relieves the inordinate work-load placed on Educators. Instead of Educators having to chase up teams over a period of over 5 weeks, the entire championship is done on one Saturday from 9H00 to 18H00.
  1. South African National LAN Championships.

    Such championships is scheduled to be played in Cape Town on 30 & 31 July 2016.

    It is planned that directly after play the top teams shall be selected to play against test matches against other nation's school teams.

    Thus the SA National LAN Championships shall afford gamers the opportunity to earn SA National High School Colours as well as Junior Protea Colours.
  1. South African On-line Championships.

    Such championship shall be played in the same manner as the on-line provincial championships except that any school in South Africa will be able to participate.

    Again such championship shall be played on one Saturday with schools playing in a controlled environment.
Thus the three championships added to the calendar of events shall add a further 15 competitive games per title.

When added to the existing calendar of Regional, Provincial, and National championships, it should be relatively easy, and cheap, for gamers to reach a total of 24 competitive games which will increase the overall standard of play.

Monday 14 September 2015

Even more questions about MSSA answered!

1.) How does MSSA, help grow eSports in your country?

The short answer is that MSSA helps to grow eSports in SA through having gained acceptance as a sport by all the relevant governmental and non-governmental authorities.

Through such recognition eSports qualifies for funding from national, provincial and local government as well as from the national lottery.

The accreditation, although visible in the form of Protea Colours has had other far reaching effects as well. As a result of the accreditation, the MSSA is able to run official school championships and have official clubs established in schools. Not only that, but MSSA has assisted the development of official eSports clubs at university which has resulted in a number of gamers be awarded with sports bursaries at such universities. The accreditation has also lead to a greater public awareness as well as greater media coverage.

Through being a legal entity, the rules used govern eSports in South Africa have also created stability for the titles and for the gamers alike.

2.) Exactly how do you let teams qualify or proceed to become a representative of South Africa?

Selection of national teams is a year long process in South Africa.

Players from any team that is affiliated to a member club that finishes in the top 3, or top 20% (whichever is greater), at a Provincial or National Championship automatically qualify for National Team Trials. Since MSSA runs LANs in 6 out of the 9 provinces, many South Africans are afforded the opportunity of qualifying for Trials with little cost to themselves. Not only that, but MSSA runs on-line championships which too count towards qualifying for National Team Trials. To further reach all the outlying areas in South Africa, the MSSA allows the winner from any Regional Championship to attend the National Team Trials. There are 56 Regions in South Africa which consist of some of the most remote areas. Thus there is no excuse for anyone to not participate as the MSSA has made it as easy as possible to play in an official championships.

Selection of Provincial Teams is done very differently. The nine Provincial Directors are responsible for the selection of the Provincial Teams according to the rules established by the Provincial Boards of Control.

3.) If a strong amount of community members (e.g 80%) wishes that some changed be made to your organization, would you accept it?

MSSA is a properly constituted association. As such it is accountable primarily to its own members. The vague groups that claim to be the 'community' are often faceless and those speaking do not have the right or authority to speak on behalf of others as they have not been elected to do so.

Every committee member in the MSSA has been elected to be there and should any change be required, the membership is quite capable of doing so. In fact MSSA is the most democratic institution in South Africa as all member clubs have voting rights at all General Meetings, and all member clubs have the right to propose Registered Players for positions on any MSSA committee.

Therefore MSSA will not tolerate outside interference whether it be by government, or non affiliated individuals.

4.) What lies in the future for South African eSports? Do you see some great teams competing at the next Big event (e.g Dreamhack 2015, or ESL Katowice)

MSSA believes that SA has a bright future in eSports.

MSSA has sent teams overseas every year since 2005 except for 2008. In 2008, MSSA, instead of sending a team overseas, brought SK Gaming's CS1.6 and DotA team to South Africa in order to further promote gaming.

However, MSSA encourages any/or all clubs to also participate in the privately owned and run events. Clubs that are affiliated to the MSSA can use National Lottery funding for this purpose.

MSSA also helps clubs to get across to these events, for example, in 2013, MSSA obtained deferred exams from the University of Cape Town for two eN team members so that they could attend the ESWC.

MSSA believes that unless South African teams play in more overseas events, the standard in South Africa will not improve. Unfortunately overseas travel is an expensive endeavour, but MSSA is committed to getting more players overseas in line with further developing the game at home.

5.) Where does your support and funds come from to help you host local events? (e.g sponsors or subscription fees)

MSSA works on a system of registration and entry fees which does not bring in much money due to how little is charged. The rest of the funds that the MSSA receives comes from sponsorships, donations and grants.

One of the most loyal of MSSA's sponsors is MWEB.

6.) What is your employees or volunteers experience with competitive eSports?

MSSA does not have employees. All the officials are volunteers who dedicate their free time to the development and growth of eSports. Thus all those involved in the eSports Board of Control have a great deal of experience in eSports. Remember all officials are voted in - members would not vote in a person who is not knowledgeable in their field. While a person holds a position, there is also an upward learning curve as the officials have to deal with a greater degree of administration as well as the playing of the various titles.

Sunday 13 September 2015

Answering more questions about MSSA

As usual there is a lot of hearsay doing the rounds generated by a few gamers who have somewhat ulterior motives as well as sometimes being quite malicious.

There is more than one gamer who pretends to be in the 'know' who claims to be in contact with MSSA, and then spouts the biggest load of rubbish.

Nevertheless, there are gamers who have very real queries. Such queries are always answered and MSSA feels that such queries, and answers should be made public. Replies such an e-mail written by a conscientious gamer are as follows:

  1. How long it will take to create a club?
    It will take as long as those establishing the club need to agree with consensus on the constitution and to elect their office-bearers at the inaugural General Meeting, and write up the minutes of such meeting. This may be a lot faster, or slower, than most realise as it is only dependent on the purpose and dedication of those involved.
  2. How long it will take to become affiliated?
    The Management Board may grant membership until ratified by a General Meeting. The Management Board normally meets once a month, but in exceptional cases will meet more often. Especially where it is critical that membership is given to include new members so that they will be included in events, the Management Board will schedule additional ad hoc meetings. However, all gamers should note that 5 days notice must be given for a Management Board Meeting which means that their is a cut-off for new memberships before any MWEB sponsored MSSA championship.

  3. May a team attend National Championships without attending a provincial championships?
    This often creates confusion. S A National Championships are played in December of every year. The 2015 edition shall be played on 12 & 13 December 2015 at HTS Witbank .

    National Team Trials are different to the S A National Championships and are used to select the teams that then officially represent South Africa.

    Any affiliated team may enter the S A National Championships.

    Only players that qualify to enter into Team Trials may do so. To enter Trials, a player has to finish 1st in a Regional Championships, or finish in the top 3 or top 20% (whichever is greater) of a Provincial or National Championships. The current National team automatically has entry into National Team Trials.
  4. Would it be possible to qualify with a reserve then replace him with another player for National Trials?
    No. Players are invited to Trials not teams. However, that is why the MSSA holds both LAN and on-line championships in order to give everyone a chance of qualifying. Also because teams have a year over which to qualify, a team can pick which events that it wants to attend. So, if Trials are held this year on 28 April 2015, then all MSSA events between 29 April 2014 and 28 April 2015 count towards qualifying for Trials. 

Rules for the DBM 200 AP Ancients Championships

The Old Edwardian Wargames Club will be hosting an Ancients 200AP championship as part of the MWEB City of Johannesburg Regional Championship on 17 October 2015.

The winners of the female and male sections automatically qualify for the 2016 National Team Trials.


  1. The rules to be used are DBM version 3.2 and the official clarifications. The 2nd edition Army Lists and current errata to the lists issued by the authors. The current IWF Clarifications and Guidelines for fair play, together with the MSSA scoring system and the current IWF Army List Interpretations. We will also be using revised terrain rules (see details below).
  1. Any army from the books specified may be chosen.
  1. The cost of all generals is halved, rounding up (Reg C-in-Cs & Sub-Gens cost +10ap instead of +20ap,  Irr C-in-Cs, Sub-Gens & Reg Ally-Gens +5ap instead of  +10ap & Irr Ally-Gens +3ap instead of  +5ap). No army may have more than 2 generals that can PIP-swap.
  1. Army lists must be submitted allocating all elements including baggage to a command. They must specify the number of element equivalents and demoralisation levels for each command and for the whole army. The total army size must not exceed 200 AP. All maxima and minima (including generals and baggage) in the lists are halved, rounding up (so each army has 3 baggage elements). The list must indicate:
  • the climate, aggression factor, year, geographical region, general where relevant and all double based elements. Once an army list has been submitted

  • it may not be changed or altered other than to correct any errors. Players may only correct their errors by making reasonable changes to their list. It is not allowed to completely re-write the list, and the list checkers decision on this is final.
  1. Army lists must be submitted for checking in advance and must be received by the List Checker not later than the date specified on the notification of the event. A penalty of 2 victory points per round, for each round of the competition (at any venue), may be imposed for late submission of lists. Any incorrect list discovered after a game has commenced (after set up dice have been rolled) must be corrected prior to the next match.
  1. Players must fully define their troops as they are placed on table.
  1. Table size is 48" x 36" and players must supply their own terrain pieces.
  1. Terrain must be to an acceptable standard, and umpires will have the discretion to remove unsightly items. For the purpose of measuring the size of and placing terrain 50p is considered to be 1/2" instead of 1", i.e. all area features are half-size.
  1. Players must be present and ready to start the match at the appointed time. Where a player has a reasonable excuse for arriving late the match start will be delayed by up to 10 minutes. After which time the effected player may be awarded a win. No player will be awarded more than one bye for any reason.
  1. If a player resigns from a game at any stage after the first set up dice have been rolled
    their opponent will be awarded a win.
  1. Matches will continue until the end of the defender's turn in the current pair of bounds when time is called. Time will be called after 1 hour and 45 minutes. Players
    may always commence games earlier than the stated time by mutual consent
  1. The event will be adjudicated by umpires.
  1. A modified Swiss Chess system will operate throughout the competition.
  • The draw for the first game is as per MSSA Seedings.
  • The draw in all other rounds is based on the Swiss Chess System.
  1. The timetable for each venue unless specifically notified is as

  • 08:45 hours: Check in
  • 09:00 hours: 1st Round
  • 11:00 hours: 2nd Round
  • 13:30 hours: 3rd Round
  • 15:30 hours: 4th Round
  • 17:30 hours: Prize Giving

Friday 11 September 2015

Jhb Regional Championships: 17 October 2015


11 Ninth Avenue, LOWER HOUGHTON, 2198
Tel: 011 728 7335


The OLD EDWARDIAN WARGAMES CLUB is hosting the MSSA's MWEB Johannesburg Regional Championships at the Old Edwardian Society, 11 Ninth Avenue, Lower Houghton, Johannesburg, on 17 October 2015 for the following games:
  • Ancients figure gaming - 200AP - as played to DBM 3.2 rules
  • Brazilian Draughts
  • FIFA '15 - PlayStation 3
  • Morabaraba
Please note that the winner of a Regional Championship automatically earns Regional Colours and entry to National Team Trials.
The championships shall start on at 9H00. Players must register by 8H30.
The championship shall be completed by 18H00 and prize-giving shall be done directly after the cessation of gaming.
This championship is open to any Registered Player.
Entry fees are: Ancients figure gaming R60.00
Brazilian draughts R30.00
FIFA '15 R60.00
Morabaraba R30.00

Special requirements are:
Ancients Brazilian Draughts FIFA '15 Morabaraba
  • Must have your own army
  • Must submit your army list by 15 October 2015
  • Players may use two variations
  • None. All equipment shall be provided by the Old Eds Wargames Club
  • None. All equipment shall be provided by the Old Eds Wargames Club
  • None. All equipment shall be provided by the Old Eds Wargames Club

Female Male
  • Medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in senior category only.
  • Regional Colours for 1st place.
  • Medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in senior category only.
  • Regional Colours for 1st place.

Fees must please be deposited into the Old Edwardian Society's account, which is:
F.N.B. - Killarney
Branch Code 256-205
Account Number 62071433115

Monday 7 September 2015

Western Cape Provincial Team for League of Legends

The 2013 Protea team that attended the IeSF's World Championships – Bucharest all came from the Western Cape.

However, there is a new team on the block.

The team from South Africa's largest Multi Gaming Organisation (MGO), Knights Mind Sports Club, totally dominated at the recent MWEB Western Cape Championships that were held on 22 and 23 August 2015.

The team waltzed through all of their opponents to finish as the Western Cape Championships.

It is therefore no surprise that such team has been selected to be the official Western Cape Provincial Team to represent the Western Cape in all of the MWEB Online Inter-Provincial Test Matches.

The members of the Western Cape Provincial FIFA '15 Team are:

Nicolls Andrew Knights Mind Sports League of Legends
Rose Taylor Knights Mind Sports League of Legends
Smith Liam Knights Mind Sports League of Legends
Smith Matthew Knights Mind Sports League of Legends
van der Merwe Jean-Pierre Knights Mind Sports League of Legends