Saturday 19 September 2015

Bidding for the 8th e-Sports World Championship 2016

MWEB Protea eSports Team watching Barry West playing Hearthstone in Baku, Azerbijan
There is no doubt that a lot of work goes into hosting and organising a major eSports event. In that way, eSports proves that it is no different from other sports in terms of preparation, logistics and effort.

To the outsider it looks so easy. The event is there, the teams arrive, the games are played.

However, the events can also be monumental 'stuff-ups' where venues are double-booked, equipment does not arrive on time, there is not enough ventilation, and so forth.

MSSA knows just how difficult it is to host a big event, In fact MSSA has already hosted four World championships and has had to deal with many last-minute issues.

MSSA too has sent a team to every one of the IeSF's championships.

MSSA can only but applaud all the hosts up to date for putting on seemingly seamless events. However, events are like ducks swimming on a pond. It all looks peaceful, but under the water those webbed feet are churning away.

The events that IeSF have held to date are:
IeSF Challenge
TaebaekSouth Korea
IeSF Grand Final
Daegu, South Korea
3rd IeSF World Championship
Andong, South Korea
4th IeSF World Championship
Cheonan, South Korea
5th IeSF World Championship
6th e-Sports World Championship
7th e-Sports World Championship
Seoul, South Korea

However, it should be noted that any/all members of IeSF are able to bid for “8th e-Sports World Championship 2016”.

But to do so, the National Federation has to comply with the following documents:

1.      Host City Bidding Application Form
2.      Letter of Intent:
3.      Letter of Guarantee: 
4.      Event Organization Agreement as signed by proper authority (or may contact IeSF for negotiating conditions before signing it).

However, the date for the submissions is fast running out as all the bids will be considered by IeSF at its Annual General Meeting.

It's sad, but when you consider the requirements, South Africa is just not capable of hosting an event of this nature.

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