Saturday 5 September 2015

Western Cape Provincial Team for DotA 2 announced

During the MWEB Online Inter-Schools Championships, the 'DotA 2' teams from Fish Hoek High School and Parklands College tussled for first place. However, the final result ended with both Fish Hoek and Parklands tied for first place.

Tying for first place did not satisfy the competitive nature of the Fish Hoek High DotA 2 team, and thus, in the Western Cape Championships, the high school team demonstrated just how good they are.

At such championships the team romped home to first place while utterly defeating all the teams that stood in their way.

The solid teamwork and leadership allowed the Fish Hoek DotA 2 team end on a perfect score.

Thus the MSSA, after due consideration has selected the Fish Hoek team to represent the Western Cape in the MWEB online inter-provincial test series.

The team is young, but it is believed by the MSSA hierarchy that such school teams are the way forward in developing South Africa's future players.

The main threat to the Western Cape team is that of Gauteng. The team from Gauteng is made up of the Tuks Mindsports Club, and such team from Tuks is considered by many to be South Africa's Protea team-in-waiting.

It is hoped that Fish Hoek will rise to the challenge, and with the whole of the Western Cape cheering them on, continue with their undefeated streak.

The members of the Western Cape Provincial DotA 2 Team are:

Batt Leo Fish Hoek High School DotA
Boethger Dylan Fish Hoek High School DotA
Jansen Reuben Fish Hoek High School DotA
Spring Julian Fish Hoek High School DotA
Waters Travis Fish Hoek High School DotA

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