Thursday 24 September 2015

SRSA's 2015 Indigenous Games

Despite the millions of rands expended by SRSA on the 2015 Indigenous Games, the games went off barely being noticed by the press and citizens of South Africa.

SRSA's website advertising the event captured 0n 24/9/2015
The games were apparently held somewhere up in Pretoria from 18th September to 24 September (according to SRSA's website).

Theoretically, in terms of the law, SRSA is supposed to run the championships strictly to the National Federation's rules.

But do they?

As far as I am aware, SRSA and MSSA are at odds over the event. SRSA apparently does not use accepted rules and as such gamers that participate in SRSA's event are excluded from recognition for Morabaraba at Regional, Provincial and National level.

A sad state of affairs.

From POWERFM's website
However, back to 2015. I then see today that the dear Minister (Fikile Mbabula) was interviewed on "POWER98.7" on 17 September 2015, wherein he stated " the City of Polokwane  hosting the week’s long programme of events from the 20th to the 24th of September 2015."

So, if you are interested in going to watch this spectacle, where would you go - Pretoria or Polokwane?

And when does it start? A two day difference is really quite a lot!

I suppose at least they got the final date correct - I mean that is when they will have their award ceremony and of course, no doubt, the usual closing ceremony.

It is always interesting to see how taxpayer money is 'spent'.

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