Saturday 5 September 2015

Western Cape Provincial Team for CounterStrike: GO announced

Already the Gauteng and Mpumulanga Provinces have played against each other in the MWEB online inter-provincial test matches in DotA and CounterStrike:GO.

At such test matches, Gauteng beat Mpumulanga in both titles.

However, with the completion of the Western Cape Championships on 23 August 2015, the MSSA has finally selected the team to represent the Western Cape in such online test series.

The team is none other than the team that represented Rondebosch Boys High at the Western Cape Championships.

Although the team is young, the standard of play, and the cohesion of the team has convinced the Selectors that this team will be more than a match for those as fielded by the other provinces.

It is believed that the only real threat to the Western Cape Team winning the series is the team fielded by Gauteng. The Gauteng team also doubles as the current Protea Team.

The members of the Western Cape Provincial Team are:
Gild Sam Rondebosch Boys CS: GO
Joubert Jesse Rondebosch Boys CS: GO
Olivier Alex Rondebosch Boys CS: GO
van der Merwe Robert Rondebosch Boys CS: GO
Zandstra Simon Rondebosch Boys CS: GO

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