Tuesday 15 September 2015

Proposed changes to the MSSA/MWEB Schools League.

Fish Hoek High School DotA 2 team receiving S A National School Colours
It is a long held belief by the MSSA that the only way of getting South African gaming onto the same level as other international teams is to fully develop gaming at school level.

The raw talent, coupled with the enthusiasm, dedication and desire of the gamers at school level bodes well for future South African National teams as long as the talent can be unlocked and developed in a positive manner to benefit the gamers and enable the gamers to reach their full potential.

In order to fully enable the gamers, there has to be improved coaching as well as greater competition among the teams.

There is no doubt that the more competitive games played, the better the average standard of play.

It is vital that the average standard is improved as only when the average standard is raised, can the top levels of gaming also improve.

MSSA is also of the opinion that for a team to improve its standard, a team should play at least 24 competitive games a year.

Competitive games must also be played in controlled environments in order fully train the gamer for international competition and create the correct mind set for competitive play.

Thus MSSA is considering adding the following to the existing Calendar of Events.
  1. Provincial Inter-School Championships.

    On 20 February 2016, MSSA will run Provincial On-line Championships for schools.

    All games shall be played between schools from the same province to determine the provincial champions.

    School teams shall play from schools or from other approved venues, whether their own or shared. Thus, the effects of load-shedding shall be minimised and the competitive culture shall be reinforced.

    As an example, Northcliff may elect to play from the same venue as Hyde Park. In this way, a greater camaraderie ins engendered as well as the work-load is shared by the Educators.

    This system too relieves the inordinate work-load placed on Educators. Instead of Educators having to chase up teams over a period of over 5 weeks, the entire championship is done on one Saturday from 9H00 to 18H00.
  1. South African National LAN Championships.

    Such championships is scheduled to be played in Cape Town on 30 & 31 July 2016.

    It is planned that directly after play the top teams shall be selected to play against test matches against other nation's school teams.

    Thus the SA National LAN Championships shall afford gamers the opportunity to earn SA National High School Colours as well as Junior Protea Colours.
  1. South African On-line Championships.

    Such championship shall be played in the same manner as the on-line provincial championships except that any school in South Africa will be able to participate.

    Again such championship shall be played on one Saturday with schools playing in a controlled environment.
Thus the three championships added to the calendar of events shall add a further 15 competitive games per title.

When added to the existing calendar of Regional, Provincial, and National championships, it should be relatively easy, and cheap, for gamers to reach a total of 24 competitive games which will increase the overall standard of play.

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