Thursday 24 September 2015

World Draughts-64 Championship 2015 in St. Petersburg

Official logo of the 2015 IDF World Championships
World Draughts-64 Championships 2015 among men and women (Russian and Brazilian version) will be held in St. Petersburg (Russia) from 02 of October (day of arrival) to 11 of October, 2015 (departure day). Organizes of Championship are International Draughts Federation IDF with the support of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of St. Petersburg and the Ministry of Sports of Russia.

Strongest players of the world from forty-seven countries representing 4 continents: Europe, Asia, Africa and America will take part in the competition.

For the victory in the championship will fight Russian players - the current world champion Nikolay Struchkov and 7-time world champion Gavril Kolesov (both from Yakutia), winner of the World Mind Sports Games 2008 Oleg Dashkov from Samara, multiple world champion, the first world ranking - Sergey Belosheyev (Evpatoriya) and other strongest players. Among them are champions and winners of the world championships in different years Andrey Valyuk (Belarus), Ion Dosca (Moldova), Gennady Shapiro (Germany), Arno Uutma (Estonia), Eugene Kondrachenko (Belarus), as well as young, but already declared themselves players - European champion 2014 Igor Mikhalchenko (Belarus) and 3rd place of the previous World Championship Vladimir Yegorov (Russia, Tula).

Surprise of the championship can become talented African players - 18-year-old nugget Enock Makoka Banda (Malawi) and experienced Mvaaza Sakala (Zambia), as well as the first number of Jamaica, 26-year-old Andre Thomas. We look forward to the confident game of the multiple champion of Brazil, the winner of World Youth Championships Marcelo Francisco.

In women, the favorite of the tournament is the current World Champion Zhanna Sarshaeva from Russia, Astrakhan. The competition for she will make the world champions in different years Elena Skovitina from Moldova and Julia Makarenkova from Ukraine, European champion 2014 in blitz Sofya Morozova from Russia, Kaluga, rapidly progressing young players - Daria Fedorovich and Vera Hvaschinskaya from Belarus, Nika Leopoldova from St.Petersburg.

Geography of participants in female championships expanding rapidly. In the upcoming championships for the first time try their hand a representative of the South African Andrea Bosch. We hope that the participation of African players in major Draughts-64 competitions will cause a large surge of interest in the draughts sport in Africa and new stars will soon shine on the Draughts horizon!

St. Petersburg has a long Draughts tradition and great experience of the Draughts competitions of the highest level, including the European and World Championships. World Championship 2013 and European Championship 2014, which was held in St. Petersburg, served as a great impetus to the development and promotion of the Draughts on the traditional 64-cell board in the world.

Fans from more than 170 countries around the world watched the events in Draughts-64. We are confident that the time will come when the representatives of all these countries will meet at the largest draughts forum for the Draughts games!

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