Tuesday 24 October 2023

Nominations for MSSA positions

According to MSSA President, Colin Webster, MSSA's constitution allows for greater upward mobility than any other South African National Federation.

Only Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) runs accredited, and official, regional, provincial, and national championships and leagues.

Serving on Mind Sports South Africa's Management Board is not for the faint-hearted as there are many tough, contentious, and some unpopular, decisions to be made on a continuous basis.

It is during these times when Board members have to stand up and be counted, times when you know that it is the right decision, albeit not a popular one. It all comes down to ethics.

Even bearing all the above in mind, the work is done gleefully by a core of volunteers who seek no reward other than seeing the various disciplines and games grow, and watch the athletes attain their full potential.

Every club may nominate athletes for the Board, and since retiring officers are not automatically made eligible for re-election, even retiring officers need to be nominated by a member club in good standing, if the following criteria are met:
  • A member club has nominated the Registered Player on the prescribed form, and
  • The Nomination Form and Letter of Undertaking has been submitted to MSSA on or before 1 November 2023, and
  • The Registered Player is fully-paid-up for the 2023/2024 year as at the date of nomination, and
  • The club nominating the Registered Player has paid its affiliation fees for the 2023/2024 season on or before 1 November 2023.
However it should be noted that only athletes who meet the following criteria may be elected on to the Management Board:
  1. Have served a full term on the Management Board, or
  2. Have served a full term as Provincial Director (2 year terms), or
  3. Have served two full terms as Regional Director (1 year term), or
  4. Have served two full terms on a Board of Control (1 year term), or
  5. Have earned at least ten (10) Protea caps, or
  6. Have served three years on the club committee of which they are currently a member.
All elections are done on a staggered basis, so, although the Management Board consists of 18 members, only 7 positions may be contested at the 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM). The system of doing the elections on a staggered basis allows MSSA to have a greater degree of stability as the entire Management Board is not able to be elected at any one time which preserves MSSA's continuity and knowledge base.

The positions available on MSSA's Management Board are all 3 year terms and are:
  1. Vice President
  2. Women's Desk
  3. Computer Gaming Representative
  4. Figure-Gaming Representative
  5. National Schools Director
  6. Disabled Gamers' Representative
  7. Players' Representative (To be elected by players participating in SA Nationals)

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The RWC Final

We're thrilled to invite you to join us for an exhilarating rugby final on Saturday, October 28th, at Old Eds Bowling Greens. It's going to be an action-packed day of sporting excitement, great company, and fantastic food and drinks.

Event Details:
Date: Saturday, 28th October
Venue: Old Eds Bowling Greens
Time: 7pm Kick off is at 9pm
Ticket Price: R80 (Kids under 10: FREE)

Ticket Information:
Secure your spot at this exciting event by purchasing your tickets now. You won't want to miss this thrilling rugby final.
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Join us for a night filled with cheers, camaraderie, and the electrifying spirit of rugby.

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you have any questions or need further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us contact Lauren Borchers on +27 82 509 0120 with any questions.

Let's come together to celebrate the rugby and make this a night to remember!

Issued on behalf the the executive committee.

Results of MSSA's NWU 14th Annual School League - 2023.

As usual the support given by North West University has been crucial to promote esports in South Africa.

For 14 years, without fail, Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has run its Online School League. While MSSA remains indebted to ASUS as the first sponsor of such league in 2010.

However, with MSSA's partnership with North West University (NWU), since 2019, the league has been elevated to new heights.

2023 also saw MSSA's NWU Annual School League remain the richest official school league in the country.

Not only can learners earn much needed funds for their school esports, but one such expert learner earns a fantastic bursary to the value of R30,000.00 to assist in his studies at the prestigious North West University.

Esports allows all schools to play on an equal playing ground as public and private schools battle it out against each other. 

With esports, gone are the days of wealthier schools dominating sports as esports provides a cost effective system for any school, whether in Cape Town or in Beit Bridge, to compete against each other without the huge travelling costs incurred by the more traditional sporting codes.

After fierce and gruelling competition between learners from around the country, the winners are:

TitleClubName of player/teamProvincial Colours awardedPrize awarded
Clash of ClansHoër VolkskoolWilliam BrinkNorth West High Schools
Clash RoyaleHoërskool KlerksdorpMarnus van der MerweR30,000.00 bursary to study at NWU plus R1,000.00 prize money
Pr0NHSNicholas Davies (Captain)Gauteng High SchoolsR6,000.00
James ShirleyGauteng High Schools
Colby JonesGauteng High Schools
Drew TittleyGauteng High Schools
Reshaan GoolamGauteng High Schools
eFootball - FemaleDawnview High SchoolMikara NokrajGauteng High SchoolsR1,000.00
eFootball - MaleDawnview High SchoolRelebogile NkadimengR5,000.00
FIFA 23 - PremierHoërskool KlerksdorpTiaan KoenNorth West High Schools
League of Legends
MiddiesDylan PutekMpumalanga High SchoolsR6,000.00
MiddiesKenn du PlessisMpumalanga High Schools
MiddiesPatrick NelMpumalanga High Schools
MiddiesLu-Zelle KrugerMpumalanga High Schools
MiddiesLeson VisagieMpumalanga High Schools
Mobile Legends Premier
Pr0NHSKennedy Cassells (captain)Gauteng High SchoolsR6,000.00
Beverly MakhafolaGauteng High Schools
Tylon Law HughesGauteng High Schools
Robyn WadsworthGauteng High Schools
Emily BlakeGauteng High Schools
Rocket League - FemaleMiddiesKarli RoodtMpumalanga High Schools
Rocket League - Premier - 1 v 1Hoërskool KlerksdorpNathan StrangeNorth West High Schools
Rocket League - Premier - 3 v 3
MiddiesNgwazi Mathebula
middiesNathan Jacobs
MiddiesCampbell Mclean
Pr0NHSTai Kafwimbi (Captain)
Pr0NHSSipho Ndzumo
Pr0NHSMayuran Naicker
Streetfigther VHoërskool KlerksdorpMarnus van der MerweNorth West High SchoolsR6,000.00
Sportsmanship AwardMikara NokrajDawnview High School
Best schoolTie between Hoërskool Klerksdorp and Dawnview High SchoolR4,000.00 (to be split equally)

All players finishing in the top three places have all rightfully earned a place in MSSA's 2024 National Team Trials should such athletes still be registered learners in the 2024 season.

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Thursday 12 October 2023

2023 North West Online Championships to be held on 14 October 2023.

Jonathan (CactuarKiDD) Brown and Mogammed (Rido) Hendricks at Iasi, Romania where they represented South Africa for Tekken and eFootball respectively.

he hunt is on for the 707082024 National Protea Esports Teams. 

To have a chance to qualify for selection, players must be members of an affiliated club and qualify for National Team Trials at a MSSA event.

Mind Sports South Africa's (MSSA) annual North West Online Championships are well known for the ferocity of the competition and high standard of play.

MSSA's 2023 North West Online Championships represent the last chance for many aspiring Protea Esports Team members to earn a berth in the coveted National Team Trials (NTT) to be held 2024.

In order to participate, players must be registered for the 2022/2023 season.

The championship shall be held on 14 October 2023.

Game titles to be played are:

Period/genreTitlePlatformAge restrictionPlayers
CODMMobile184 v 4
CS GOPC165 v 5
PUBGMMobile184 v 4
FIFA '23PS5, and all platforms compatible with PS5 for cross play121 v 1
eFootball 2023 (Konami)PS5, and all platforms compatible with PS5 for cross play121 v 1
Rocket LeaguePC and Console121 v 1
Rocket LeaguePC and Console123 v 3
Sim racing – Assetto Corsa CompetizionePC121
DotA 2PC125 v 5
Clash RoyaleMobile121 v 1
League of LegendsPC125 v 5
Clash of ClansMobile121 v1
Mobile Legends Bang BangMobile125 v 5
Tekken 7PS5, and all platforms compatible with PS5 for cross play161 v 1
Street Fighter 6PS5, and all platforms compatible with PS5 for cross play121 v 1
CardHearthStoneVarious121 v 1

Players are to acquaint themselves with the rules apropos substitutes and loadshedding.

Tournament Structure:

As per the MSSA's rules, being:

  • If less than six teams, the championship shall be a Round Robin Championship
  • If 6 to 10 teams enter the championship there shall be four rounds as played to the Swiss System
  • If 11 or more teams enter the championship there shall be five rounds as played to the Swiss System


  • Any team consisting of players who are Registered Players affiliated to a MSSA member club may enter.


  • Entry is R100.00 per Registered Player.
  • Only fully-paid-up Registered Players may participate in this event.
  • Entries must be submitted by midnight 13 October 2023.
  • To enter, the club must complete the Google Drive document. 
  • The entry form may be found on Google Drive. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_ERR6815uVjSMu4t5KkRxYqGJ_AA88kkz31qRgksASc/edit#gid=287696184
  • Clubs are to download the entry form, completed the downloaded form, and e-mail it to Mind Sports South Africa. 
  • Photographs of players must accompany the entry.
  • Only entries submitted via email and on Excel shall be accepted.


Medals shall be handed over to winners at the next MSSA LAN that they attend. 


  • PREMIERMedals shall be awarded to the first three teams.
  • UNDER 24: Medals shall be awarded to the first three teams that have not won a Premier medal and which are comprised entirely of students currently registered at any officially recognized University.
  • SCHOLARSMedals shall be awarded to the first three teams of learners currently registered at any officially recognized school, provided they have not received any Premier medals. 
  • PREMIER: Medals shall be awarded to the first three teams.
  • UNDER 24Medals shall be awarded to the first three teams that have not won a Premier medal and which are comprised entirely of students currently registered at any officially recognized University.
  • SCHOLARS: Medals shall be awarded to the first three teams of learners currently registered at any officially recognized school, provided they have not received any Premier medals.


  • Protea Colours: Only Players that are selected to represent South Africa in International Championships may earn National Colours if the Protea Colours Board's criteria are met.
  • National Colours: All Players that win all of their Matches at a National Championship will earn National Colours.
  • Provincial Colours: All Players that win all of their Matches at a Provincial Championship will earn Provincial Colours. All Players who score within the top 50% in a specific Period at a Provincial Championship, and who also score within the top 50% at a National Championship in the same period and in the same year, will earn Provincial Colours.


        • The championship shall be played on: 14 October 2023
        • The first round will start at 10H00. Players shall be given 60 minutes to complete each round.
        • Players playing 3 v 3 Rocket League shall be given 1.5 hours to complete the round.
        • The championship is accredited as being of the same status as a provincial championship. 
        • The championship shall be used for the awarding of provincial colours;
        • The championship shall be used for the awarding of medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in Premier, Under 24, and School categories;
        • The championship shall be used for the ability to qualify for National Team Squad.
        • All medals shall be awarded to the recipients at a MSSA LAN championships.


        • Umpires may only be contacted over Skype on the day of competition. Any communication not on the Skype channel shall not be entered into.


        • All games shall count towards the National Ladder.

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