Wednesday 7 June 2023

Excitement is at an all time high for African Regional Championships.

IESF's African Regional Qualifiers will determine which teams will participate in Romania in August 2023.

With International Esports Federation's (IESF) 15th World Esports Championships (to be held in Lasi, Romania) fast approaching, African National Federations are to play their regional qualifiers in order to determine which teams will qualify for the spectacular 15th World Esports Championships to be held in Lasi, Romania.

Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) is one of the few national federations to have participated in every single IESF World Championships. 

IESF has divided Africa into three regions in order to take into account the poor infrastructure in Africa in order to ensure the best possible results and experience.

MSSA's National Team Manager, Johan van Breda, is confident that MSSA is putting forward its strongest esports team in the history of MSSA.

Johan stated, "The team is more than prepared, and it is likely that 2023 will see MSSA send its biggest team ever to IESF's 15th World Esports Championships".

The schedule for the online African Regional Championships is:

IESF African Regional Qualifiers
DateEsports titleMatchTime CEST
7 June 2023Mobile Legends Bang BangSA vs Namibia16H00
11 June 2023DotA 2SA vs Namibia12H00
12 June 2023PUBGMSA vs 11 nations12H00 - 18H00
14 June 2023CS:GO - FemaleSA vs Namibia19H00
18 June 2023CS:GOSA vs Mauritius16H00
19 June 2023CS:GOSA vs Namibia16H00

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