Thursday 3 October 2013

Broken promises!

I have just seen on the DGL website that Danil “Dendi” Ishutin is no longer coming out to rAge.

I was amazed to see how quite everybody is on the matter.

No outrage, no despair – nothing!

Makes me wonder if anybody out there even reads the Do Gaming page any more.

But more importantly, it shows how unfairly a very small group of gamers treat the MSSA.

Since 2005, as the MSSA claims, they have sent a team every year overseas except for 2008 when the MSSA brought the mighty SK Gaming DotA and CounterStrike teams to South Africa. See for Loda's romantic adventure with a giraffe.

The 'community' was up in arms over the MSSA's decision as many gamers (very short-sightedly) felt that the money should be spent on prize money rather than bringing the SK heavy-weights to South Africa.

I feel the MSSA did the right thing.

Bearing in mind that the MSSA is a private association that is sponsored by companies, and does not generate profits of its own from trading, you can only realise how difficult it must be for the MSSA.

Yet, the MSSA has never once reneged on a promise to either send a team overseas, or to bring a team here.

Yet still, a very small cadre of discontents complain.

But what the Dendi affair does tell me is that it is not so easy to bring players here or to send them over there.

The fact that the MSSA consistently does it on a shoe-string budget tells me that the MSSA has the will, the drive and the commitment.

(The photo of SK comes off the MSSA's facebook page: )


  1. Except that in this case, it wasn't the DGL who had anything to do with Dendi coming to South Africa, it was Megarom and Steelseries who brought him out, and only for the specific reason of publicity. DGL just reported on the issue.

  2. Dear Ben,

    I do not recall stating that DGL was bringing Dendi out.

    But thanks for clearing it up anyway!