Friday 4 October 2013

Flawed tournaments?

On the Do Gaming site, Magiel de Lange (better known as [DvG]enjoy commented in the article “StarCraft 2 DGC Groups Revealed” the following on 27 September 2013:

yup, that's how I also have it but at this rate the people running the comp have made some funny calls so I wasn't sure. No admin gets back to any queries that I have logged about the way they run this sc2 comp.

if I was coolermaster I wouldn't be happy to spend so much money on a comp that runs for about 9 hours on the Friday night when no one is watching.

Having a single elimination top 8 tournament means all games will be played on Friday and this means Saturday will only see 4 players duke it out for 1st to 4th.

Sc2 having the most registered teams(1 only) this is sad to see the attention to detail DGL have gone about using the sponsors money to water it down to a point that its not even worth talking about.”


This is exactly what happens when a tournament is run by an organisation outside of the national set-up.

There is no bigger vision and there is no observance to national rules that protect the gamer.

De Lange talks about watering the tournament down, but is it really 'watered down'. The tournament does not lead anywhere.

Sure there is R6,000.00 for first place, but that is just pocket-money. The money that you win will not help you develop yourself as a pro-gamer, it will just barely cover your expenses.

And where does the competition lead?

Nowhere, that's where!

It is not as though the competition counts towards the exclusive national team trials at which gamers are selected to go overseas.

In fact, in 2012 PandaTank wisely chose the National Team Trials over the DGC. It was far more important for PandaTank to go to the IeSF and to be noticed.

I personally have a problem with group stages for developmental championships as they are easy to manipulate to give you the outcome that you want.

The group stages must be absolutely random or work to a very strict ranking system.

Either way, the groups for the StarCraft II DGC seem to be an agreed grouping. The way I see it is that PandaTank and StatiC will be playing for 1st and 2nd place, with Skiblet and Shase playing for 3rd and 4th.


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