Friday 4 October 2013

Maybe Mannion does not have the gamers at heart!

I see that Mannion of Lazygamer has had another swipe at the MSSA.

You just have to laugh!

It is now abundantly clear that Mannion does not understand how sports work.

Mannion is under the delusion that sports bodies are run by the different governments...

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

If he actually read anything about how sports are run, he would note that the sports bodies do not allow government control and interference.

That is why even the South African government backs off when FIFA tells them not to investigate SAFA.

To put it in a nutshell, the international body is a private association which has as members national federations (which are private associations).

An international test match is when the international body calls it a test match.

It is that simple – even Mannion should understand it!

And then of course, they raise the issue of the MSSA taking legal action against Lazygamer.

On that subject, Mannion on 4 October 2013 states:

No official legal case was ever put forward”.

So, then what is Mannion's 'beef'?

Is Mannion just jealous that the MSSA is accomplishing things that no-one else can do in South African gaming.

In fact it is quite heartening to see how many gamers expressed their distaste at his article.

Time will tell what Mannion's true ulterior motives are....

I don't think any of them have the gamers at heart at all....

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