Friday 18 October 2013


My blog on transformation certainly seemed to open an ant's nest!

Over 2,000 people read the blog, and over 65 people submitted comments.

Sadly few could be published as most contained, hate speech, racial slurs, cursing, and some just did not have anything to contribute.

Not a response suggested HOW to deal with the issue. All just stated that the idea was wrong!

Please read the following two sites:

Both sites make it clear that this is a government initiative.

It is going to happen!

The MSSA under Webster has used a system which he claims has been effective. I just think that his system is weak and any system needs to be 'accelerated' to give more results and faster.

Cricket has started a policy of introducing two players of colour in each club team this year. There is not the uproar there, because they know it has to be done.

Read the links.

Then if you have a better idea on how to reach the goals set out in the score card, suggest them.

Those are the only replies I will publish!


  1. I agree with this! Its the most fair way of getting the best players out there!

  2. I gave away 4 old computers to the sons of the people that work at my office. These computers were ok for their day, but can't run current games. They would also need internet! So enough capital is an issue.

    I am all for more colour in leagues, we have a "lekka koolie" in our team, but at this point in time the sad fact is, there just isn't enough talented players of colour. Hopefully in the future that will change with exposure. It will take some time before the effects of apartheid wears off. Gaming online is evident of this.

    I think most of the gamers are against transformation if it is forced upon them. To force transformation means to force weaker players into the team.

  3. What you really should be thinking about is how to get people of colored into gaming, then maybe we as the Majority gamers can start to Scout for talent on the competitive scene. You know there isn't any shortcuts when it comes to gaming... we can't as team managers and leaders fulfill if there isn't any colored people to choose from btw...