Friday 20 September 2013

He just babbles!

I had a response from Gavin Mannion where he stated, “I hope you know that I don't care what you think the law is, sources are private so deal with it.” in response to my statement “ "I hope that he knows that since his blog is not a registered newspaper that he cannot provide any protection to his sources."


I can now see why Webster asked him to get legal advice.

It obviously wasn't a threat, it was advice.....

Sources for a blog are never private. I cannot believe that one man thinks that he is now above the law.

In fact, Mannion seems to make all sorts of accusations in his blog. If they were true, why does he not list the sources and why does he not take action.

It is my opinion that Mannion has not really sorted out in his own mind where he stands on developing eSports as he also stated, “You dear sir are the problem not the solution. I hope you take over the MSSA in December as you'd provide us with thousands of articles about how badly things are being run and how corrupt the system has become.

His statement shows that even though he does not much like me, and he mentions me as the problem, yet he WANTS me to take over as it will give him articles.

So, all he wants is to write articles, not to fix anything, just write articles – presumably as long as it sells....

Is this not corrupt behaviour? Is it not corrupt to make a living off what you see as wrong? I think that it may well be.

Mannion too states that the system is corrupt.

Hmm, that is a first, democracy is a corrupt. Lol

Oh, I get it, he would prefer to be seen as the 'community's voice' where he sees and knows all... Surely if he was concerned, he would be advocating people to stand for the positions offered to right the wrongs, not hoping to see it fail.

In my opinion Mannion does not truly have any gamer's interests at heart.

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